How Much Will David and Jenelle Earn for Their Ex-Files Spinoff?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle has been all atwitter recently, suddenly turning a pro-MTV leaf and promoting "the ex-files" which is apparently coming soon on MTV. Now, given the recent anger that Jenelle was spouting toward MTV about how she felt they were exploiting her family, this news is certainly interesting.

Although we still think the Ex-Files will be limited to one episode or a very short series, many are suggesting it will be an actual series.

But here's the more fascinating question: How much are David and Jenelle getting paid to film their new reality show and just how did they reach an agreement about even filming the series since it was just yesterday that Jenelle was talking about quitting social media altogether over all of the unnecessary exposure?

First of all, it's clear that Jenelle and David are the breakout stars of Teen Mom 2. Actually, Babs is the true breakout star.

But, Babs goes along with Jenelle. So we hope that the "ex-files" will give Babs some more screen time.

Jenelle's anger seems to be real - so we believe that when she had a fit about how David was portrayed on the show, she meant it.

But we also believe that MTV knows Jenelle is part of the reason that Teen Mom has turned into such a cash cow.

And we're guessing that when she had a meltdown, producers approach Jenelle and David about a spin-off, tempting them with a reasonable salary.

So how money are we talking here? Given that the teen moms have been reported to be earning $300,000 per season of the show, we wouldn't be surprised if Jenelle and David were earning as much as $600,000 for the spinoff.

After all, can't you imagine Jenelle and David negotiating like 5-year olds and shouting angrily, "double or nothing!"

One thing is for sure, we can't wait for ths trainwreck to hit the boob tube.

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