How Much Trouble Is Jenelle In With the Storm in North Carolina?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is stuck in North Carolina right now and it appears she's been giving her fans live updates about how she's been doing. Of course, Jenelle being Jenelle can't seem to think about anyone but herself.

It appears that Jenelle has been asking her fans to pray for her after she lost power yesterday. Seriously? More people have been affected by this situation than you!

One has to wonder why Jenelle would even both to but herself in a situation where her childrens' safety could be threatened. After all, authorities have actually asked residents to make a mandatory evacuation from the area. 

It's not unusual for Jenelle to do the most reckless thing. So much so, in fact, that we can think of a number of situations right off the top of our heads in which Jenelle voluntarily put her kids in harms ways. Witness the recent situation with Jace being exposed to a strangers' road rage and Jenelle wielding a gun.

Or Jenelle ands Babs arguing ardently ALL of the time around Jace. Or Kaiser having to deal with David's wrath.

It's very like Jenelle to put herself in a bad situation then make public pleas about her fans having sympathy for her. 

We have a feeling this isn't the end and if the "laaaaaand" gets flooded we're sure to hear a lot of social media posts about it. 


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