How Much Is Kail Getting Paid for Her Spin-Off Show?

kail lowry

Kail has recently been talking up a storm about her spin-off show, something to the tune of "Kail and the Chaos," so it's clear that she and the producers recently settled on something, whether it's salary, production credit or other perks, it's not clear.

But in any case, the bigger questions here are:

1. Will Kail continue on Teen Mom?

2. What will be Kail's salary on the spin-off

3. Will MTV be heading the show?

Spin-offs do usually remain on the same network.

Witness all of the recent permutations of "90 Day Fiance." And we strongly suspect that Kail has parlayed her recent education into an opportunity to serve as producer. But our last question remains unanswered; how much could Kail be earning?

Given that Kail and the rest of the teen moms are already commanding $300,000 per season of Teen Mom 2, we suspect that Kail may have negotiated an even nicer package for herself with her spin-off. And we bet this isn't the end of the entrepreneurial side of Kail.

In fact, we have a strong feeling that Kail is about to write another book and is probably in the midst of exploring, surprise, surprise, a kid's clothing line.

Sheesh, at least you can't say that these Teen Moms aren't taking advantage of their newfound fame.

<a class="image-credit" href="">Instagram post by Kailyn Lowry • Oct 15, 2017 at 11:54pm UTC</a>