How Much Did Jenelle Get Paid for This Promotional Shot?

Jenelle Evans

Have you checked out Jenelle's Instagram lately? She's been promoting a product called "Shake It Baby" which supposedly helps women who have just given birth lose the baby weight. But her promo shots for this product are hilarious!

We've never seen Jenelle looking so fake, trying to make the world believe that she got her flat tummy using this product. Look folks, there's a reason that Jenelle had a whole fight with David about going to the gym.

It's clear that this girl works out and she got that tummy the good old fashioned way.

But just why is Jenelle making such a fool of herself with the photos of her using this product? We're guessing Jenelle is getting paid quite a bit to use "Shake It Baby" and so she makes sure to put out exactly what the company is demanding from her.

How much could Jenelle be getting paid? Considering Jenelle has gone up to having nearly 3 million Instagram followers, we're guessing quite a bit! In fact, according to the Economist, Instagram users with 3-7 million followers can command as much as $75,000 per sponsored post.

Say what?!!!

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