How Much Could Mackenzie Mckee Make To Replace Farrah?

mackenzie mckee

By now, you've all heard that Mackenzie Mckee is likely to be replacing Farrah on Teen Mom OG.  

There's no doubt she's thanking her lucky stars that she's gotten that gig, as it will be a huge windfall like it was for Briana. Not only will she get the salary she's getting from TM, but she's also going to have a lot more luck selling her Body By Mac videos.

And the added followers on social media alone can be extremely lucrative.

Right now, she can make around a thousand dollars for a promotion post on Instagram (like all of those tea ads).  However, with follower numbers like Kail, she could make 5-10 times that.  

But what will Morgan Freeman be paying Mckee?  Nobody knows yet, but there are estimates out there suggesting that Mckee will earn $20,000+ per episode.  That's around $250,000 per season with specials.  And of course, that will increase fast over the years.


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Mackenzie (Douthit) Mckee on Instagram: “#ad New year, new tummy? Yep… the girls over at @flattummyco know what’s up. The Shake It Baby program is loaded with 20g of plant based…”