How Much Are Teen Moms Getting Paid on Instagram to Promote Products? The Answer Will Shock You!

jenelle evans

Anyone notice that the Teen Moms have recently all started to promote products on their Instagram?

Whether it's Kail and Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 or Maci from Teen Mom OG, these moms have gotten another past time in between pregnancy and giving birth to children and that's making money through social media endorsements.

Whether it's products for your teeth ,your face or your extra weight, these moms are increasingly promoting away.

And it seems there's a formula for success here too.

Once the teen mom have started promoting products on social media, they also begin to write their books and launch their clothing lines. So how much are these moms making per social media endorsement?

Interestingly, the answer lies on the number of followers that the teen moms have, the social media site, and the company whose product they're endorsing.

For instance, a following of 3-7 million on a social media site like Instagram can command up to $75,000 for a large brand product, according to the Economist.

Now, many celebrity endorsements come with the tag "#sponsored" or "#ad" and we've noticed that none of the teen moms are usually adding these to their endorsement.

Could it be that's simply not part of their contracts or they're not actually getting paid? Something tells us these moms have gotten wind of the fact that it's only worth it to talk about products if they're getting paid.

And considering Jenelle posts her email for bookings in her byline of her Instagram name, it's pretty clear she's turned herself into quite the businesswoman.