How Many Babies on Teen Mon Now? We've Lost Count!

andrew glennon

This year saw the birth of Amber's son and Bri's daughter.

Now, it appears not only will Chelsea be having a baby but Javi will be adding to his brood. So how many babies are going to be featured on Teen Mom now?

When Simon's Farrah's ex, first started spewing gossip about how the teen moms are contractually obligated to have kids, we wonder at how preposterous this sounded.

But, now, it appears, that this seems closer to the truth than we realized.

Why on earth are all of these Teen Mom stars having so many babies? And why do they all seem to do it after being with their partners for only a few months?

The answer to this may lie in what else Javi had to say about the baby:

“We are gonna find out the gender and have a gender reveal planned with Linc,” he said. “We have a solid plan of when she is coming to Delaware! As of now we’re enjoying this first one before we even think of anymore kids.”, i

Oh boy. Of course these two have to make sure to set up a sponsored party. And of course, where there's sponsorship, Javi stands to make some money. So is it possible that that on this show, babies are always part of a publicity stunt? It does seem interesting that everyone on this show seems to get pregnant just when filming is going on.

Or maybe everyone on this show is always pregnant. Either way, it's clear the TEen Mom stars have a lot to gain from pregnancy.

Makes us sad to think about what's gonna happen to all of theses kids once they make it past the age of 5.




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