How Jace Really Feels About David

Jenelle Evans

Last night on Teen Mom 2, Jace was sitting in the back seat of the car being driven when he decided to tell Jenelle how he really felt about David.

In a surprising moment, Jace said, "I don't want you to marry David...just kidding."

Now, Jenelle responds by saying, "You like David..." and of course Jace replies, "Yeah, I want you to marry David."

The crazy thing about the entire conversation was how indifferent Jenelle looked.

Most moms would be highly concerned if their kid were articulating some sort of feeling about their signficiant other, whether it was a joke or not. But Jenelle looked absolutely flat as she talked about the issue.

The other bizarre thing here is why Jenelle didn't try to further explore where Jace was coming from, instead of just strongarming him into telling her that he did want her to marry David. It seems logical to say something to the effect of, "Jace, can you tell me more about why you'd make a joke like that." Nope, not Jenelle.

She's happy to just the leave the issue as is.

The reality is, there's clearly a lot of information missing here that only Jace's therapist appears privy to. And keeping a kid for his mother is a really big deal, so we have to assume Babs has got some sort of motivation with the whole situation to keep Jace with her.

Another important issue where Jace is concerned is the amount of explosive fighting between Jenelle and Babs that he's exposed to.

Every dropoff turns into a huge battle, and you know Jace is standing right there having to listen to the whole thing.

Jenelle is right, Jace does need a psychiatrist. But not for the reason that she thinks.

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