How Farrah Is Clapping Back at the Haters

farrah abraham

Not surprisingly, after being shamed extensively for posting a shocking video of Sophia on SnapChat, Farrah is clapping back at her haters. So let's take a look at a summary of all of the controversy, shall we?

First off, Farrah began by posting a video of Sophia on social media in which she was dancing around, made up in plenty of makeup in a Calvin Klein sports bra and underwear.

Farrah apparently posted that she and Sophia were "living their best life."

Now, in response to all of the backlash she received, Farrah decided to put a statement out to TMZ, pointing out that she and Sophia had posed for the shot in a public setting. 

As usual, Farrah appears unfazed by all of the hatred towards her and how she's been bringing up Sophia. We look forward to what her mom has got to say about the whole incident. 

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