Hmmm - David Eason is on the Hunt and Goes After Papa Randy

Jenelle Evans

It seems Jenelle's last 911 call has served to inflame just about everybody who's ever starred on Teen Mom 2 and also David Eason.

'Cause ever since Jenelle made that fateful call, people like Kail and Randy have weighed in on what's been going with Jenelle, and David has been on a either a mission to get in good with Jenelle by posting overly salacious comments about how much he loves her OR he's decided to persecute castmembers on Teen Mom 2 through social media.

So let's go through the latest and greatest on David's victims: This time, it appears David has decided to go after Papa Randylicious, calling out Chelsea DeBoer's father.

We find it interesting that Papa Randy is weighing in so much on Teen Mom 2 drama when it's his daughter who really stars on the show.

In any case, according to Starcasm, Papa Randy has a mouthful of therapy for David about the fact that recently, Jenelle informed the world that she needed to have surgery to re-align her jaw:

“Jaws are ‘re-aligned’ after they have been ‘un-aligned."

Per Starcasm, Papa Randy had also said in the aftermath of Jenelle's 911 call:

“David Eason is a tiny, insecure bully of a little man in an adult body. No child should be anywhere near him. Then later:

Toxic traumatic bonding is no cake walk to overcome. One first has to recognize it in themselves. This may take time and professional help. Then separation must occur, this can be the hardest part to stick with. Relapses are common and painful.Learn to love oneself first priority

So of course, David, having the temper that he does, decided to go all out on this one, posting a number of comments in response on his own Instagram page: 

Old man Randy won’t stop running his c*ck sucker talking sh*t about me every chance he gets. Like damn bro do you follow my accounts and sh*t? I know I’m the center of your attention but holy sh*t, just say your a fan already. What’s your screen name so I can block you? I bet he talks to his patients about me when he cleans their teeth baaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa.

“So, Mr. Randy, let me ask you a question punk..when’s the last time you had your jaw re-aligned? Hey punk? Huh? You need to get it straightened up? I’ll do it for ya, free of charge. C’mon down to my dentist office, bud. I can even pull teeth! I ca re-align your jaw.”

While David has since deleted the posts and videos, we have to wonder what was going through his mind that he would post such bizarre statements and threats. 

It's clear that at the end of the day, David Eason has a terrible temper and whether he and Jenelle want to convince the world that he doesn't abuse her or not, he has serious issues with anger management.

If he can learn to keep his temper in check, then that's what will keep him from suffering consequences such as a losing a job on MTV.

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