Here's Why Jenelle's Ambush on Babs Crossed the Line

jenelle evans

Last week on Teen Mom 2, we saw how far Jenelle was willing to go to get custody of Jace back. According to Jenelle, she went over to Babs's house and pounded on the front door, then called the police in hopes of exposing Babs as having been drinking in the house.

Of course, Babs came out and talked to the police and told them she never wanted to see her daughter again.

A bit of background on this: "In Reading Between the Lines," Jenelle claims that Babs had absolutely no reason to seize control of Jace in the first place, when Babs did so after Jenelle had been going out partying a lot.

In any case, here's why Jenelle crossed the line.

First of all, if you ambush a person, they're going to react defensively.

And why wouldn't Babs have acted defensively, when earlier on in the day, David and Jenelle had filmed her while she was in a restaurant out with her grandkids.

Second, what's up with all of the videotaping? If someone is going to snag videotape of you, it's going to piss you off. And sure enough, that was Babs's response to Jenelle.

Finally, we all know that David really gets under Babs's skin. So with him lumbering around, it's going to make Babs a little angry.

Not to mention, Jenelle herself has accused David of drinking too much. So to see him now counter-accusing Babs is just too much.

C'mon Jenelle, is accusing Babs of problems the best you can do to demonstrate your competence as a mother?

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