Here's Who Assaulted Jenelle Evans and Why She Deleted her Social Media

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been all over the media today for the fact that she allegedly placed a call to the police citing an assault.

Then today, all of her social media was deleted. So, is this the end of Jenelle's picture perfect marriage to David Eason? The internet sure seems to be whispering about it.

Let's go over what we know so far: 

The chief of 911 operations who received a call from Jenelle said that Jenelle called 911 reporting an assault. Officer responded and:

"Once they arrived, they advised her proper legal actions to ambulance was called and then cancelled because she said she was going to the ER in a private vehicle."

Seems like someone called "chicken" with that one. We could totally see Jenelle reporting an assault and then calling the whole thing off. But why delete her social media then? 

We additionally know that Jenelle had been having a bonfire with friends who were over and somehow tripped and fell near the fire. 

So who tripped her? Was that David? Is this why Jenelle deleted her social media?

Based on her pattern of deleting social media in the past, Jenelle tends to do this when she feels caught in some sort of a jam or is feeling particularly vulnerable. There may also be a history of deleting her social media when something happens to make David look bad.

So it's possible that Jenelle did call 911 to report an assault by David but then regretted it and didn't want to face the world about it.

So what next? We have a strong feeling that all of this is going to wind up being really hyped on the next season of Teen Mom 2...


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