Guess Who Was 'Crazy High' During Several Teen Mom Episodes?

Guess who admits to having been 'crazy high' during several Teen Mom OG episodes...

Matt Baier spoke to Radar this week and had some interesting things to reveal. Check them out:

What's Matt Baier doing now?

"I live in Vegas now...I competed in the World Series of Poker and did really well. I've won quite a few poker tournaments!"

But he may be back: "I'm sure I'll appear on the show in the future...I don't know how they can write off someone who has been this much of a lightening rod.

MTV was very good to me for three years"

Getting High

Matt says he was high during a lot of the season. "I had a bad relapse this year. I'm taking my sobriety seriously now again.

That needs to be my main focus. I need to stay as sober as possible. I've been sober for the last couple of months. I'm not going to back."

Yeah, sure.

The Bank Account Stuff...

Remember when Amber said that Matt had drained her bank account and stolen her money during the reunion special? Well Matt still insists that didn't happen, and he says she apologized for it.

That never happened...That was the worst time of our relationship. She has apologized to me for it"

We'll see what Amber says about that...

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