Great, another terrible Teen Mom season of Marriage Boot Camp

Jenelle Evans

The Ashley Reality Roundup broke an interesting story last night: apparently, WE's Marriage Boot Camp is now begging Jenelle and David to be on the show.  

A lot of us watched Farrah and Michael and family battle it out on the show a few seasons ago, and it was kind of interesting.

But more recently, they had Amber and Matt on the show, and (at least in my opinion) it got pretty boring -- especially since we knew all of the outcome before the show started to air.

Well, now they're doing it again, says a source for The Ashley

"WE has been hardcore negotiating with them for the last few weeks, but Jenelle and David have already turned down three offers...They keep saying no but WE keeps offering them more money"

They further write that WE really wants Jenelle because they're guaranteed drama.  Well it's nice to know that WE has lower standards than MTV -- the network that brought you 2 seasons of The Andy Milonakis Show.

Nevertheless, for now it seems like Jenelle has turned down the opportunity.

What do you think? Would you watch Jenelle on MBC?

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