Trouble in Teen Mom Paradise

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So remember last week when Kailyn went on a trip to Miami and met up with Teen Mom 3 stars, Briana and Brittany DeJesus, to get some discounted surgery? How could anyone forget that gory mess! Well, the plot thickens just like Kailyn's butt! Jenelle also took a trip to Miami this past week for "business." Ya know, like in the same sense Nathan was on a business trip last season of Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle claims to be in Miami meeting with a ghostwriter for a book that she will be releasing this year and also working on a website she will be launching in February of this year. I'm making her Instagram picture plugging the website the main picture on this article, so that everyone remembers this moment in time when it eventually falls flat or gets abandoned like Farrah's frozen yogurt, Kailyn's interior decorating website, Maci's first clothing line and probably Amber's house flipping.

While she was in Miami with her latest soulmate, David Eason, Jenelle visited local tourist attractions, fought with Nathan over nonsense, ate good food, neglected her responsibilities and traipsed about in a bikini.

Typical Florida vacation stuff for Jenelle, right? Well, she decided to make things a bit more interesting! Jenelle followed in her co-star's footsteps and went to visit Miami based plastic surgeon, Dr. Miami.

During her brief Snapchat consultation with the doctor, Jenelle revealed that she wanted a chin reduction, because she feels her chin is too long. While Dr.

Miami was understanding of why she would feel this way, he was not interested in performing the surgery on her and referred her to a specialist instead.

Not even 24 hours later, Jenelle posted a sexy bikini photo and in the caption she boasted,

"Anyone can work hard enough to get the body they deserve if they work hard enough for it. Honestly to everyone out there, I backed out. I'm staying the way I am. Thanks for all the confidence and support from every single one of you to help make my decision."

Naturally, after everyone's head stopped hurting from trying to decipher Jenelle's creative use of the English language, fans took Jenelle's words as indirect shade to co-star, Kailyn Lowry. In true Teen Mom cast member fashion, Kailyn responded via twitter with the tweet to the left.

Kailyn's good friend, Sterling Black, was quick to add her two cents, while Teen Mom 3 star, Mackenzie McKee, simply praised Kail's new booty.

I guess Kail was too busy guzzling post-op pina coladas and hollandaise sauce to devote too much energy to it.

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If you recall, there was once a time when Jenelle and Kailyn were very close. The girls originally bonded over common life experiences.

They were so close that Kailyn even once bailed Jenelle out of jail! However, during one of the most recent promotional trips to NYC, Jenelle sent out a number of tweets insinuating that there was tension between she and Lowry.

When fans on twitter suggested that the girl work to mend their tattered friendship, Jenelle, always eager to have the last word, responded with this:Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.06.39 AM


photo cred: Radar Online photo credit: Radar Online

On Season 2 Episode 4 of Teen Mom OG, we saw Farrah take Sophia back to the Midwest to spend time with some of Sophia's late father, Derek Underwood's, family. On the episode, we only saw Derek's paternal family and it seems like there was a reason for this! Farrah has never kept it a secret that she has a very strained relationship with Derek's mother, Stormie. Tension between them was showcased on Teen Mom, where Stormie denied Sophia's paternity, but then applied for grandparent visitation rights.

Farrah also wrote about many unsavory interactions she had with Stormie while Derek was alive and revealed that Derek preferred spending time with his father at his house, because of his mother's unpredictable behavior and attitude.

I mention all of this for context, but this is all coming from Farrah's perspective, so keep that in mind. Stormie tells her side of the story here.

Tweets can be deleted, but Starcasm is forever.

After that recent episode, Stormie took to twitter and Instagram to blast Farrah for lying about the undying love Farrah claims she and Derek shared. Farrah tweeted and quickly deleted a tweet in response saying, "I don't falsely inform my daughter.

She knows you stole her from a babysitters house at6months & took me to court.

#criminal." Farrah then posted a screenshot of a story about Stormie from Starcasm on Instagram, and added in the caption, "& you wonder why Debbie is more of a good role model as a grandparent then you will ever be....

Believe me Sophia knows it all #stoplieing." Farrah also sent out a tweet saying that Stormie "kills people," which is a clear jab at Stormie, who bought the alcohol for her son the night Derek was killed in a drunk driving accident.

Stormie's responses do nothing to convince me that her nuttiness is not equal to or greater than Farrah's. Check out just a few of her responses to Farrah:

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.11.27 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.11.53 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.10.54 AM

So apparently Stormie wants to sue Farrah for visitation again and Farrah is allegedly doing drugs. The weirdest part of this all? The fact that there's someone that Farrah IS getting along with! It seem that she and Amber Portwood are square for now and collaborating on business.

Farrah's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, is involved in real estates and flips houses for a living.

Apparently, Simon and Farrah have been advising Amber and Matt on their house flipping venture. I'm glad Farrha believes in Aym and Matt, because one of us probably should...

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And just to make you mad, I'm going to force you to agree with Nikkole on something ;)Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.22.42 AM


"Well, the plot thickens just like Kailyn’s butt!" XD

I love how Jenelle is now anti plastic surgery, unless it's a boob job or lip injections? She's such a liar - she would have had that surgery in a nanosecond if Dr Miami had said he would do it, it was only because she would have to pay that she's now decided that she's above it.

The Farrah drama seems like more of the same from her, but I'm shocked that even she would go so low as to publicly blame Derek's mum for his death - as if she hasn't spent the last six years blaming herself. Also, Farrah, if you're going to use a shady hashtag, can you at least spell "lying" right? How she thought we would believe she had a shot at being a plastic surgeon is beyond me.

I can't remember where I read it, but apparently someone asked Farrah if she was going to do chin-ups to fix her chin. That gave me a good laugh.

*Jenelle. What a typo!

I'm so happy an article was posted tonight! Now I have something to feed the mean and green insomnia monster.

Anyway, I'm not shocked Farrah made a jab about Derek's car accident. She's good at poking wounds. I'm sure Stormie has spent the years feeling like a shit parent..and not being able to see her dead son's only child must be damn painful, buuuuut calling someone skank on Twitter isn't the way to get what you want. Silence is golden. I'm pretty sure baby Sophia was just happy she was at the park, not seeing somebody she didn't know. I can't really say anything though because I would probably call Farrah a skank who took it in the ass for money too if I had to deal with her in the real world. She makes me want to claw my eyes out and soak them in bleach when I just watch her on tv. I couldn't imagine knowing her. Like, I would wonder what I did to have such bad karma.

I wouldn't touch juuuuh-nelle either. She's so gross. He probably knew it would possibly hurt his business if he worked on her. I mean, I wouldn't want to go to a doctor who operated on her. I would want to be tested for STDs just walking into the same building as her. (Okay, maybe I'm dramatic, but who wants Jenelle germs!?) Sorry girl, but a new chin won't make your personality or reputation better. I really wish she would focus more on the two boys she brought into the world instead of all this stupid shit, but she's Jenelle so she won't.

I hate you for making me agree with Nikcunt, lol. She should sit the fuck down and shut up. You're not any better than Farrah!

Ughhhh, guys!! I had such a cool new username made up! Now I can't remember it.


Stormie helped to get Sophia's social security benefits denied, then turned right around and tried to sue Farrah for grandparents visitation rights. Yeah she's right up there with Farrah and Debra levels of crazy.

Stormie was and is a nutjob...dare say a bigger nutjob than Farrah. Yep, Stormie denied Sophia was Dereks, and would not allow a paternity test for the SS. Dereks sister ended up doing the test, and Sophia got the SS she deserved.

Stormie definitely seems like the kind of person who can't see the bigger picture whatsoever. Very immature woman. She makes rants on Facebook and Twitter like a 16-year-old, bought booze for her kid, holds grudges against people for things she was not involved in, is angry at Farrah because of the way she acted as a teenager, expects to be considered Sophia's grandmother when she basically stuck her middle finger up at Farrah after Derek died, blames Farrah (who at the time was a child) for their failed relationship... I don't know. She seems like a very unreasonable person and I don't blame Farrah for not wanting a relationship with her or not wanting Sophia to be exposed to any more crazy than she has to be with Debra. Fuck Stormie, she's an idiot.

I think Sophia still got denied AFTER the paternity test. Apparently even though the DNA stated that she's Derek's kid, there needed to have been acknowledgment from him that she's his. Stormie told the courts that he never acknowledged Sophia as his, so the SS was denied.

amber and the 7 step dwarves (LOL!!) i think the problem was that without acknowledgement any male closely related to derek's sister could be sophias dad. we could say "well derek was the only son!" but the government doesnt really know that- his dad could have offspring unknown to the rest of the family etc

I'm sure that someone has already written this but I don't feel like scrolling through all the comments. Stormie did NOT buy Derek alcohol. Derek's friend who was also in the accident has his mother buy the alcohol. Also the Stormie that is being screenshotted for this article is a FAKE Twitter. I don't know about Facebook but that Twitter is a fake. Is Stormie a psycho in real life? Possibly, but there's no evidence of it from this article. Also you guys all seem to be forgetting Farrah told Derek that she WAS NOT pregnant. Derek died still never knowing if Farrah was carrying his child, and at his funeral his sister got Farrah alone and asked a visibly pregnant Farrah if the baby was Derek's. Guess what Farrah said? She told his sister NO. This was admitted by Farrah herself. If your son died and his ex girlfriend that swore up and down the child was not his suddenly out of nowhere tried to get social security benefits what would you do? Surely you would be somewhat skeptical of a woman that told your family repeatedly the baby was not related to you. I do not blame Stormie for denying benefits so that Farrah was forced to get a DNA test. If she had just agreed then there never would have been proof Sophia was Derek's child.

Oh! It's a FAKE Twitter. That explains a lot. I remember reading the Ashley's book and being very sympathetic towards Stormie, so I didn't understand why this new aggressive version of her suddenly appeared. Thanks for clearing that up.

But where did you see that was a fake account? All I see is starcasm and wetpaint & all of them using these tweets in their stories. Is there a link somewhere I can't find?

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Farrah was doing drugs (besides alcohol which is really just society's accepted drug). The way she slurs her words together sometimes, I dunno. I know even sober she'd be too dumb to string together a coherent sentence, but I'm just saying I wouldn't leave harder drugs out of the realm of possibility.

In all fairness, it's probably hard to speak clearly with those lip injections.

Lmao probably

Farrah is fucking crazy. At least is she IS doing drugs, she might have a half decent reason to explain why she's such a psychotic raging bitch!

I doubt Farrah is on drugs aside from boozing it up at events and whatever, but she'd probably benefit from hanging out with Jenelle one of these days and taking a few hits out of a bong. Girl needs to chill.

I thought the same thing last season. Either her mental state has really been severely affected by the sex tape drama or she's doing drugs. She admitted to doing cocaine before and has been rumored to be an Adderal addict. Wouldn't surprise me. I've known people addicted to addys and some of her behavior is pretty consistent with it.

Geez, you know I didn't think about a potential adderall or cocaine habit. She probably feels like she needs it since she's constantly on-the-go and hustling to the next event or "job". But if she's withdrawing and acting manic it could explain some of her weird-ass mood swings too.

Yep! I especially got the sense of that when she got into that fight with Debra and Heather at the hotel or wherever. She got overwhelmed and immediately locked herself in the bathroom. I thought it may have just been melodrama, but when she came out she was talking nonsense a mile a minute. My friend's fiancé doesn't watch the show, except when I come over and that's the first thing he pointed out during that scene. And every episode since he makes some comment about Farrah seeming high. Sucks because it actually forces me to feel bad for Farrah. But I just really feel badly for anyone who is addicted to drugs, it's such an awful disease.

That's what came to mind when you mentioned that too, she was speeding her brains out and I thought she was just working herself up into a tizzy.

Also I'm sure you caught some of her behavior on Big Brother, right? Christ she was SCARY! Did she seem like she was withdrawing or something?

Yep! Like you said, she's a "busy business woman" who needs the pick-me-up and coke/uppers is EVERYWHERE in the industries she associates herself with. Her stint on BB was just fucking ridiculous, but she seemed pretty normal the whole time to me. I mean, Farrah's version of normal. Which is just really bitchy, confrontational and horrid.
"Some weird fucks are like purposely weird to me and they're fucking weirdos!"

I bet she is a coke head and that's why she doesn't let the staff in her bathroom.

once i was doing so much adderall my DRs thought i was bipolar so yeahhhhhh that could be it lol

I've said it before, look at her behavior and eyes.
There is something going wrong there chemically and it doesn't look like just or only a 'natural' chemical imbalance.

I don't think it's about the sex tape drama, she's in her early twenties, that's the age when most mental illnesses start showing :| I honestly believe she's sick.

Honestly I've been suspecting adderall abuse with her since the last season. I thought the same thing about Chelsea for a couple of seasons of TM2.

Chelsea I'm almost sure has some form of ADD, but what moments in TM2 indicated to you that she was taking adderall?

It was within the first couple of seasons. Just how she flew off the handle super easily, had trouble getting her thoughts together to form a sentence, she lost a lot of weight but didn't really have any tone, etc. Then they had a former friend of hers come forward and saying she was taking adderall.

I mean, take that with a grain of salt, looking back on it, those things could have been anything, not necessarily adderall abuse or any drug abuse really. Sometimes people just have problems dealing with life in general sober or not. Unfortunately I was really bad off on that drug for awhile, and the thought crossed my mind a couple of times. Like I said, could have been anything, but there were a couple of times where I thought "I wonder if this girl could be misusing meds". I could have worded it better.

Farrah though, I would bet money she is using it. Jenelle as well. I wondered about Leah for awhile but anything suspicious on her end can be chalked up to opiate abuse as well. Just my observation. I'm no expert.

Ah yeah the weight loss thing I didn't even stop to consider, I found that weird too. I could be naive but I attributed everything else to just be a part of her space cadet personality.
To be honest, Adderall was popular in my high school and even more so in my senior class. The few kids who were prescribed it passed it out to everyone, but I genuinely thought this was a fad exclusive to my area.
Chelsea is definitely a ditz, but your observations could be on point, especially if there are testimonies.

BTW was the former friend that Megan girl?

Yes, but not Megan Nelson. It was a different Megan. I'm sure you can find it on Starcasm somewhere.

I was originally prescribed Adderall for legitimate ADHD. Only took two 5mg IR tablets twice a day on school days only. After I graduated, I figured out in higher doses I could lose a lot of weight and fast forward a couple of years and I have a script for NINETY 20mg IR tablets to be taken 3 times a day. I've never been overweight, but I had a history of anorexia from a very young age, and the doctor prescribing it to me knew that. It wasn't his fault I abused it but at the same time I'm sure there was a safer option for somebody that had already been in a treatment facility for anorexia. But at the end of the day, it was absolutely my fault and my responsibility. It is a more widespread problem then you'd think. It's great for losing weight, studying, etc. But its very dangerous when misused.

I also have a talent with spotting painkiller addicts because of my sister. I'm convinced my younger sister is the twin of Jenelle Evans that was adopted off after birth. Seriously, 15 minutes with her and you'll see why I say that.

Lots of juicy tidbits here! Thanks Tomlin ??
And whoever posted the links from the Tumblr of Kail ??? (I can't remember your name)
Thank you! I'd be disappointed though. She still has A chin. The other few thousand are gone. But there is one!

"I don't falsely inform my daughter." Ummmm... why is Farrah informing Sophia of anything with regards to Stormie? A 6 year old does not need to know about the battles of her batshit crazy mother and her white trash equally crazy grandmother. Once again, Farrah seems to have forgotten that Sophia is her daughter, not her friend or her therapist.

On that note, Stormie has some nerve. You don't screw your granddaughter out of social security benefits and then claim that you have the right to have a relationship with her. And you're obviously missing brain cells if you think the way to gain visitation is by publicly calling the child's mother names. Farrah is immature in engaging in social media battles like this, but Stormie is twice her age and her behavior is beyond alarming.

Jenelle... take those implants out and then come preach. Instead of "working hard for the body she deserves," she should work hard to give her children the mother they deserve. But we all know hell will freeze over before that ever happens.

Is anyone else really shocked that Juhnelle wanted her chin reduced instead if her beef flaps? Those are in some serious need for reduction...not her chin.

Weird as it is, I don't see Jenelle as the kind of person willing to go though a labiaplasty in public. I'm positive she likes attention, but I notice her attempting to gravitate away from controversy as of late (even if she's not doing a very good job of it). She doesn't really know how to be classy, but she's trying harder these days to appear more "wholesome" and "normal", even if she's doing it wrong. She's predictable in the sense where she's always stirring the pot or in some awful relationship drama or embarrassing herself on twitter or hooking up with idiots, but I don't doubt that she wanted to go the "more classier" route and avoid calling attention to her vag.

ugh i hate when people make me defend jenelle- her vag is normal. there is nothing wrong with it. to get surgery on it would be so fucking dumb

and btw i know there will be comments "i miss the old TMJ where we could talk about jenelles vagina without people being offended blah blah blah" you can still talk about it. when it comes to teen mom stuff there is very little i find "offensive" but this one just bothers me because it's dumb. there is nothing wrong with it! if youre going to insult do it well

Whoa whoa whoa hey I didn't say anything about her vag lol. I'm just saying she probably didn't feel like opting for it because she's either not insecure about it or she didn't feel like calling attention to it and having her bits photographed and documented everywhere, ala shameless and one-card-shy-of-a-full-deck Briana who just doesn't give a shit about anything. In any case, the last thing Jenelle should worry about is her appearance, lol.

i was responding to the original comment- not yours!!!

Farrah is irrefutable proof that if you're surrounded by crazy, you become crazy yourself. No wonder she's such a negative person -- her support system was garbage, and still is. Farrah doesn't know how to be anything but angry and resentful, just look at the people who've been in her life the past eight years. Downvote away, but if I were a grown-ass woman like Stormie, I wouldn't dare call the mother of my late son's child a "skank" on social media, no matter how much bs she slung at me. Farrah made some low-blows that are pretty tasteless and uncalled for, as usual (as is her MO) but Stormie should get off twitter and stop making an asshole of herself. She's not improving the situation.

I find if funny that Farrah is always accusing people of being negative, when she is the one who is always negative. She has a lot of hurt and anger built up inside and it all comes hurling out whenever someone says or does something that sets her off.

Farrah has a hair-trigger reaction to everything and anything that evokes some sort of emotion within her that makes her feel the slightest bit of discomfort. It's an obvious defense mechanism. As for her accusing everyone around her of being negative, that's her little preemptive strike to take the heat off of her so she doesn't have to feel that she's the one with the problem. "You're negative, aaaand, I'm walking away" (or some variant of it), and she often pegs Deb with that even if she's not saying anything that might come across to the viewers as being manipulative or "negative". Plus, she's used to being surrounded by crazies.

I'm convinced there has to be some deep, dark reason for Farrah's behavior. I wish she would just come out and admit whatever it is and deal with it productively instead of bottling it in and denying there is a problem. I have never liked her, but these last few years, I have started to feel sorry for her. She needs to step out of the public eye and focus on getting some real therapy. But, we all know that won't happen. She is addicted to the fame and spotlight. She will not go down without a fight.

On a side note, I think all the tattoos on Kail is gross. I don't mind a few tasteful and meaningful tattoos on anyone, but her's is a bit too much and just plain nasty IMO.

My beef with Kail's tattoos are not because of what they look like or even the placement, it's the unimaginitivity of them -- They're like Adam Lind's bro tats. I won't put it past her that she only got them to perpetuate her whole MO of being "not like other girls". My beef with Kail isn't that she chose the most unfeminine and biker-gang-esque tattoos in the book they provide at the local shop, and for the record; I love tattoos, but everything she does just feels so cookie-cutter to me -- almost like she thinks they give her some kind of street cred or points for individuality. At least Jenelle got tattoos she liked/felt like they had meaning to them. You like what you like, though.

I agree. I think the only reason Kail got all those tattoos is because she thinks they make her look rebellious and so, so enlightened. Nothing is genuine with her. Everything is personally manufactured and some conscious step to make herself look less like some white girl from small town Pennsylvania. The mermaid proclamations. Her claim that she's half-Guatemalan, which only came out after she got into some hot water for her racist comments (and I heard that she's more racist online, though I don't follow her accounts so I can't say for sure if she is). Constantly reminding the world about her less-than-stellar childhood with her alcoholic mother and her absentee, padlocked-fridge father. It's all an act. The more she puts on of it, the more insecure she looks.

"Ingenuine" is a perfect word for Kail. She wants an identity so badly and I can't blame her, but she reminds me of a 16-year-old going through a new "phase" every year. Also, I'm pretty sure Kail is not half-Guatemalan, probably an eighth but there's no way she's half.

Also, lol, someone called her out on Twitter this week for calling someone "boo" as an insult, and they responded to her with "Getting a bigger booty ain't gonna make you ethnic, boo"

CCB 100% thank you!

Everything she does is "look i'm different" "look i overcame my shit past" "look even with all i go through look at all i accomplish"

Its a constant parade of look at me but the second someone says something she doesn't like, SHE HULK

side note: it rubs me the wrong way the she kept Lowry, after marriage. If you have a difficult family past and no unity wouldn't you want to share a name with your husband and child? the family you chose

Maybe I'm a little defensive about this because I am inked neck to ankle and I get a lot of people who say " Oh you'll regret those when they aren't a fad" or " that's not a very pretty tattoo" . My general response is "Neither is your face" or "well it's a good thing you didn't get them tattooed on you then isn't it?"

I'm not saying anyone has to like what Kail has tattooed nor do you have to like the reasons behind why she did it but I think she deserves props for not running to some backwoods garage tattoo shop and getting inked by some hillbilly with three teeth left and goes by the name "Skrblz" and gets paid in natty ice like Jenelle and Adam did. Her ink is clean and solid and pretty well done. DO I like her tattoos? Not my style personally but I'm the last person to give someone crap about their body art.

@Bitch-uva-Daughta Agreed -- Mind you, I'm all for making the personal choices you desire and feel comfortable with, and we now live in a time where women don't necessarily NEED to change their last name if they aren't up to it (in fact, I've seen some men take on their wive's last names, or hyphenate) and the dawn of the 21st century has brought about some changes and alterations to the standards and traditions and whatnot. I'm cool with that.
What I'm personally a little weirded out by was just that Kail decided to just stop wearing her ring and go back to Lowry as opposed to her boasting Lowry-Marroquin, and her subsequent behaviors not being very, uh, spousal. It just seems like those two are married to keep up with some sort of deal or agreement. I don't get it. Do you like your husband or not?

@jennhatesyou Sorry, I'm hoping I didn't offend. You absolutely have a point about picking on someone for their personal choices regarding their appearance, I was more so attempting to make a point about Kail's cultural appropriations and poseur-esque approach to things she has surface-level knowledge or flighty interest about, but she'll write a preachy and defensive chapter in her book about why she hates religion and people who don't follow her beliefs.

As for tattoos, I think they're cool, and much like plastic surgery -- your body, your choice and everyone can get bent if they have an issue with that. As for me, I made a personal choice to not get tattoos and I remain the only person out of my group of friends without one, but that doesn't mean I don't want them. I just don't really care for needles, lol.
Believe it or not, I face judgment for that too, so I guess I can be a little defensive about not having any myself since I'm a member of the New England Hardcore and Metal scenes and have been so for about 8 years, and I was ostracized in my circles for not having them nor piercings! It also kinda hurt my feelings every time I'd date a guy and they'd talk about tattooed girls and kinda try to push me to get tattoos or some sort of body mod, it's like what, am I not good enough? Don't friggin' date me then, jeez.

Point is, yeah, be yourself and do what you like, but I just don't feel like Kail is getting all her tattoos to be herself. If she is, all the power to her.

Kailyn got those tattoos to make a statement. She wants to be a rebel and in her mind, rebels get tattoos. That's just my opinion anyway. Everything she does reeks of "Look at how different I am!"

They're better-looking than Maci's gigantic back tattoo---you know, the notebook paper and the word Bookout with the "o"s replaced by cupcakes. That thing is just so badly done.

I got a tattoo when I was 19. I still love it and don't regret it, but I can hide it. My sister in law has tattoos all over her body. I love hers. My best friend also has visable tattoos, as does my fiancé. It was just always drilled in my head that you couldn't get a good job with visable tattoos and piercings. I know a lot of employers are relaxed when it comes to that stuff, though.

Yeah, my folks tried to tell me that too! "THEY WON'T HIRE YOU WITH TATTOOS ALL OVER YOU BLAH BLAH BLAH", until I noticed my primary care physicians, dentists, doctors, lawyers, even a few of my teachers or professors -- gee, they have tattoos! And they're plainly visible. So what?

I don't think employers actually discriminate against that kind of thing anymore, this is not the world our parents grew up in. Honestly, it may depend on what kind of tattoo you have, I know a dude who has a tattoo of a man with a hatchet in his hand (#justjuggalothings) on his neck. Mind you, he works in construction, but he's making more money than I am, that's for damn sure. It all just comes down to what kind of work you're looking for anyway.

If I were hiring someone for, say, a customer service job, I'd just make sure their tattoos weren't crazy offensive or obscene if they were apparent or obvious, otherwise I'd just mandate that your giant tattoo on your chest with the guns and middle fingers that says "FUCK THE POLICE" could be please covered at all times if you were hired, thank you. Other than that, who cares?

Dr. Miami, no worries, nobody offends me these days :) Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and I wasn't alluding to that people weren't being nice, I was just giving mine

#justjuggalothings hhahahaahhaahah yes!! ICP tats lol

Jeez, how did I forget about Maci's back tattoo? Between that, Kailyn's cherry blossom back piece, Amber's belly tattoo of Leah's face, and Jenelle's seal / cheetah on her hip, which is worse?

I think Amber's Leah tattoo is the worst. It's so weirdly placed and must make sexy time super awkward. Imagine Matt lifting up her shirt and there's Leah's badly drawn face staring blankly up at him. Bleck.

Even worse is that when she was still with Gary, it was his own kid staring at him. Puke!

I'm not surprised Jenelle backed out of plastic surgery as soon as she had to pay for it. I guess she doesn't want it bad enough. Also, I love how Kail was eating and drinking shit right after her surgery. Shouldn't you watch what you eat after you get a tummy tuck? Isn't hollandaise sauce too fatty? I don't know much about that kind of operation, so I'm really asking if she's breaking the rules.

Farrah and Stormie are two sides of the same crazy coin. I honestly think neither is better than the other. It seems like Sophia's only hope for a normal life lies with her paternal grandfather and step-grandmother. Maybe she can run away and live with them as soon as she's able to---like, at the age of twelve.

Is it possible that Simon can rip off Amber and Matt in some way? It seems like they really don't know what they're doing and it'll be easy for somebody unscrupulous to make them pay more money than they should or get paid and not do squat.

I don't really know the rules regarding tummy tucks and what not, but I do know that my mother in law had one about 10 years ago and then continued to eat unhealthy afterward and not excercise as much as she should have been and ended up gaining weight back and now she her stomach is like twice as big as it was before the tummy tuck. It ses to me like kail just jumped on the bandwagon with this whole thing without actually researching anything first or talking to the right people about upkeep and what not. And the whole thing about her drinking cocktails afterward, I mean I could b wrong but I'm sure most (good) doctors recommend you don't consume alcohol for a while after a major surgery, but then again just like all these girls none of them ever make good decisions about their health r otherwise.

I think Kail claimed that the pina colada had no alcohol in it. But a non-alcoholic pina colada still has a of sugar in it, right? So she's still drinking something that's totally unhealthy right after a tummy tuck.

lol Kail is missing the point. Treating yourself on occasion is fine but the tummy tuck isn't a fix-all and doesn't entitle you to do whatever you want post-op. Alcohol has calories, as does sugar and "virgin" cocktails.

Briana is whining every other day on twitter about how much she wants Chipotle, like why did you guys even bother? Where's the discipline with these people? (I'm one to talk, I can't stay on a diet to save my life but at least I can admit it)

I wonder if Dr Miami told her what she had to do to maintain the tummy tuck.

theres a shot glass in her tumblr pic.. next to her margarita LOL. non alcoholic shots?

She's absolutely breaking the rules. You're only supposed to get those procedures if you've tried everything you can with exercise and diet and those aren't working. She can't eat crap and expect to lose weight. I got lipo a few months ago because I'd been working my ass off for years and only my stomach wasn't changing so strangers started asking if I was pregnant. It's because of people like Kail who take the easy way out (and gain it all back because they don't change their lifestyle) that I've had to feel ashamed and hide my surgery from everyone.

Yeah I actually had a few piña coladas this past weekend and when I woke up the next day I was so bloated even my hands and fingers were swollen as I was like what the...? And everyone kept saying it was cause of all the sugar and sodium that in cocktails. So yeah even a Virgin piña colada is proabaly not that great for you especially after having major surgery to make you thin, lol

Also the reason I think kail wasn't seeing any results after all the working out she was doing is because she wasn't eating healthy. She probably just thought that if she was working out so hard that she coul just eat whatever she wants, I see a lot of people do that and they usually don't change or see any results because that's just not how it works. You have to put healthy clean food into your body after workin out in order to get results or else your just maintaining and not actually making progress. She really just took the easy way out cause I think she just likes to pig out, but she's gonna learn sooner or later that even with surgery you still need to eat clean and healthy or else she will be right back to her old self and all that surgery will be a waste.

i hate to take farrah's side but stormie def doesnt make herself look stable in those tweets......

According to this isn't stormies real twitter can we get that confirmed?

If this is one elaborate troll, I'll eat my words.

I wondered the same thing. But either way, Farrah is responding to that account. That's why I figured it was legit.

The @stormieclarke1 on Twitter only has one tweet calling out MTV for the wrong name. The second twitter account that starcasm used (@stormieclark1) has 20 tweets. The first one calls Farrah a skank. The IG that Farrah pointed her comment to (@stormieclark1) does not exist anymore (if it ever did).

So I was scrolling through lastweekonteenmom and somebody said that Catelynn and Tyler have a bedroom set up for Carly at their house. WTF? Is this really true? Do they still think she'll come visit them for summer break when she's old enough? Or that she'll move in with them when she turns eighteen? I think it's so, so creepy that they have a fucking bedroom for this child who hasn't been theirs for nearly seven years and doesn't regard them as her mom and dad. Catelynn said in her Facebook Q&A a few weeks back that, if B&T ever cut off contact, she'll set up a place for Carly in her home and buy her gifts to essentially bribe her back into the fold. I thought she was exaggerating, but I guess she's telling the truth?

It's really creepy that they're still this obsessed. I don't know any birth parents, but is it normal for birth parents to keep an honest-to-God bedroom for the child they placed? I've never heard of that before. I thought the blanket with Carly's giant face on it was insane enough. I'm hoping that's just a rumor, but apparently Tyler admitted to it. It's just crazy that they're still this obsessed almost seven years later. It really does seem like they think that Carly will stop being B&T's as soon as she's an adult and then she can come back to her ~real~ parents and live with them happily ever after.

I realize that this is off-topic, but I wanted to post it here since this is a brand-new article and would receive enough traffic to generate a conversation.

If it's true, that's some extreme, V.C. Andrews level creepiness. Poor Nova, having to live in a house with a bedroom shrine to the better, older sister she was created to replace, or possibly lure back. I hour to God Carly runs for the hills as soon as she is old enough to see what is going on. I truly hope this is just an unseemly rumor....but somehow I could see it being true.

LOL @They tried to make me go to rehab. I mean, C&T are already familiar with V.C. Andrews level creepiness--they were step-siblings and boyfriend/girlfriend at the same time.

Did Catelynn really say that?? If she did, that would be enough for me as an adoptive parent to cut off ties ASAP... major creep alert.

That being said, I doubt they have a bedroom set up for her as of now, because MTV most definitely would have featured it in one of their segments on the show.

Unless they asked the producers not to feature it or kept the door locked. It's still creepy as sin. And, yes, poor Nova. She's going to have one hell of a childhood if Catelynn and Tyler never get a grip---and it's possible they won't if they're still this possessive seven years later.

Yeah, maybe they keep it a secret and that's why it wasn't shown. But if MTV knows about it, let's be real, it would be on the show. The producers are all about ratings, not the wishes of their cast.

Wasn't it tyler who said he would make a bedroom for Carly if he was ever cut off, where he would put all the presents he got for her over the years and all the letters he'd written so that one day if she came to find them he can show her that they haven't forgotten about her?
I don't think they actually have a room made up for her right now

fudge -- I think you're right. That tumblr tends to take things out of context and exaggerate them. I don't think they actually have a room set up, it was taken from Tyler's Q&A.

@ fudge and @dope nod you are both 100% absolutely correct. And that is why that tumblr is dangerous and infuriating. They just take "gut feelings" and half-baked theories and misunderstood headlines and print them as TRUTH. If anyone calls her on it, or asks about it later she might say, "oh, my bad," and say she got it wrong. But by then, the damage has been done. This is how rumors get started, and this is how lawsuits get filed.

@Fudge, you are correct. I enjoy that tumblr because the blogger updates so often, but she does often jump to conclusions. I take everything she says with a grain of salt. However, it's highly unlikely C&T could ever successfully sue her. Believing something to be the truth, as well as, stating an opinion are defenses to a defamation claim in a lawsuit. That blogger seems to believe everything she posts to be true. Defamation is a very hard claim to win.

That's the saddest thing I've ever heard. Those two have issues that time won't heal, and the obsession is snowballing.
Shame on you Bethany "Christian" Services, grief-mongering profit junkies. That place needs to be shut down. Adoption is a difficult and weird thing and all these people do is cause turbulence and salt the wounds.

i mean as long as they are on MTV and give their pro life speeches they will NEVER "move on" in any sort of healthy way. their entire identities are being carly's bio parents. they dont have jobs or hobbies or interests and make their money off it. how can you move on when a producer is asking you every day 'SO DOES THIS MAKE YOU THINK OF CARLY?'

if they want to be healthy they need to quit the show and stop the speeches, but they have no skills so they can. theyve dug themselves a real hole.

I would take everything on that website with a grain of salt. It's good for screenshots of tweets and re-posting other news articles, but a lot of that is unfiltered and unsubstantiated commentary of people who really, really hate the moms. I think if they did have a room set up for Carly it would have been featured on an episode-- especially considering all of the time they film at their house and how un-shy the producers are about bringing up Carly.

lol yeah she said mad shit as FACT that is def just rumors. last week she was saying "jenelle used dustin to press charges against nate" and i was like THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS!!!! lol

True. She's said a lot of things that turned out to be exaggerations or straight-up lies. I just thought it was so creepy that there's even a possibility they have a room set up for Carly at their house. I hope it's not true because that'd be really, really weird and unsettling if it was. Also, Tyler apparently confirmed it, but I have no idea where since I don't follow any of these people on their social media accounts.

Lol my personal favorite was when she and her followers speculated that Nathan might be transgender. Ya know, despite Kaiser looking like he split off from Nathan though mitosis. I guess that may have been a joke, but I didn't get it.

My personal favorite was when the tumbler owner said she would eat a shoe if Nikkole's latest pregnancy turned out to be real. Sure enough, after Nikkole gave birth to Ellie, a lot of people asked her when she was going to eat her shoe. She got super defensive and acted like it was all a joke because she was embarrassed that she had been proven wrong.

She also always knows somebody like a cop or a doctor or a social worker who can back up her claims. It's just weird.

@Leah's Spending Problem

THANK YOU! I'm an attorney, so I get SOOOO frustrated when they speak with seeming authority on legal issues. Not too long ago she/he was blogging like crazy about how MTV was routinely paying off judges to fix Jenelle's criminal issues. Hell no. Judges do NOT care about MTV reality stars, and they sure as hell would not risk federal corruption charges for a payout from MTV. There's no conspiracy because Jenelle hasn't been locked up for life. There's overcrowding in the dockets, plea bargains and for judicial economy's sake, they have to deal. Unfortunately, thousands of people have the same or similar records as Jenelle, they just aren't "famous". We don't have the money or time to lock them away forever. But, I digress.

Yes Sarah! You're so right! When I was young, my dad got into a horrifically nasty fight with his newest wife over drugs while my younger siblings were around. He nearly killed her and she needed metal clamps put in her head to keep her fractured skull together. He ended up getting a plea bargain and did less than four years in prison for putting a woman in a coma. That's less time that Butch did for breaking and entering. The legal system is just like that, some people catch breaks.

Jenelle is... Jenelle. She does awful shit, but most of it is pretty run of the mill awful. Possession, paraphernalia, intent to distribute, breaking and entering, violating probation, aggravated assault. It's all bad. But the petty convictions on their own only carry short sentences that would undoubtedly teach her nothing. I think that with the overcrowding in or jails and prisons, the judicial system is operating more and more like the IRS. They're waiting for you to fuck up big, so that they can really nail you to the wall. Jenelle definitely deserves to do time, but In lose no love when she isn't convicted. It's all going to catch up with her or unfortunately, she'll die.

@sarah1003 Agreed and yeah I don't think people get how the system works entirely, lol. Nobody is gonna lock someone up for life because they're a nuisance misdemeanor criminal. Even if she's been arrested sixteen times, I can't remember if she's even been convicted or considered "guilty" for the majority of those charges.

What do you think will happen with the whole assault on Nathan's girlfriend thing? I believe she didn't take the plea bargain, so if she's guilty she'll probably get probation right?

@Dr. Miami's Revoked Medical License

I'm honestly not sure. Because the "incident" happened in SC, SC (more specifically Horry County) will have jurisdiction. I'm licensed in NC, and our laws are a tad different with regard to sentencing, etc. But here's my best attempt at analysis (based on very limited knowledge-- read gossip-- of the details):

From what I recall about the situation, Jenelle's lawyer requested a jury trial, so either prosecutors didn't offer a plea bargain or Jenelle rejected it. More often than not, however, criminal defense attorneys will "judge shop"-- meaning they'll ask for continuances and/or delay disposition of the offense until they get a judge they like or believe will be lenient. Because of the nature of the charges, simple assault -- water glass thrown?-- I doubt there will be any serious sentencing. Possibly probation, possibly a few active days, but I highly doubt she'll get the maximum.

There is always the possibility the charges will be dropped. It's doubtful at this point, but the case relies heavily on Nathan and Jessica's testimony. If either one of them back out or refuse to cooperate with the prosecutor, the state may not meet to burden to convict (beyond a reasonable doubt) or be forced to drop the charges.

Nathan claims that Jenelle is fervently attempting to persuade him and his girlfriend to drop the charges by any means necessary, and I think the whole car fiasco cemented that they aren't budging by any means.

As for the Jenelle hater crew complaining that MTV is paying the judges off, another thing people conveniently forget is Amber's situation, where she avoided an actual jail sentence forever (probation, rehab, detox, programs) until she actually ASKED for it, and she was doing all sorts of ridiculous shit. It had nothing to do with "celebrity" -- they aren't going to put you in the slammer that quick, no sir.

Hi @Sarah! Good to see another legal mind on here! I'm a 3L and the tumblr's legal analysis is always so ridiculous. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it and can't believe she tries to pass off her legal analysis as legit. Also, I'm taking Family Law this semester and we recently covered child abuse and neglect. Thanks to TM & TM2 I feel I have that part of Family Law down pat!

Tyler was asked on his Facebook Q&A what he would do if B&T ever cut off contact between them and Carly. He said that he'd continue to buy presents and stuff like they do now and keep them in a room somewhere in hopes that Carly would one day come find them again and see that she was never forgotten and that it wasn't C&T who wanted to cut off contact. Still sort of unsettling, but just hypothetical.

It reminded me of people who have a child go missing and continue to keep a place for the kid in their lives, hoping that one day they'll be found.

I wouldn't compare those two situations as the same. The missing kid's parents have no idea where their child is and are holding out hope. Caitlyn and Tyler know where Carly is and willing allowed her to go there.

I had a friend who died in a car accident and.her mom left her room uo.and.will still buy clothes.she thinks would look good.on her. Grief over loss is hard to handle. Cait and Tyler at least know she is.alive

That's kind of what I was getting at. It's weird and unsettling because it's behavior that is incongruent with the situation, ya know?

I would definitely take that with a grain of salt. That girl is wacko!!! She thinks she knows EVERYTHING. Always has a friend who's a cop in horry county, but then a lawyer who lives in Delaware, but also somebodies cousins friend who is roomies with Adam's best friend. Likewut

They talk about the crazy delusional fans, and it's like UMMMMMMMMMMWUT!?!??! What about your pyscho ass who knows everything. I can't think of the word to describe her but she's just so dramatic about shit. Like so KNOWN

It also pisses me off how she's always saying that Kailyn would lose weight if she stopped lifting weights and did only cardio instead - ideally you should be doing both to decrease body fat and increase muscle.
And, anyway, I feel that Kailyn (like most people carrying extra weight) needs to look at her diet first and foremost.

Yeah that girl is straight up nuts. I hate that she thinks she knows everything about everything. The shit she says sometimes is just like, huh? Like saying Jenelle will be dead within a few years. I like the pictures she posts, because I don't regularly check the mom's sm accounts, but other than that, she's usually spitting out garbage.

Er, yeah, here are some other rumors she started without any proof except for social media posts:
1. Kail and Javi are definitely, absolutely divorcing. Look, he tweeted and deleted a picture of her/she never wears her ring EVER
2. Kail and Sterling are lesbian lovers
3. Jenelle is 100% absolutely no-question-about-it pregnant. One week later, she's on the beach in a bikini with no bump & nobody brings it up anymore
4. Nikkole faked her pregnancy with Ellie
5. David is beating Jenelle and blackmailing her into paying his bills. That is what the phone call to the cops was about when Babs came over and was yelling. (Of course, if you're beating up your girlfriend, YOU'RE the one to call the cops, makes sense right?)
6. Kaiser is on the autism spectrum because he is never shown walking or talking in social media posted videos
7. Jeremy has custody of Addie because he posted a bunch of pictures on his Twitter during the span of a week.
8. Kail fucked Sterling's husband causing Sterling to get a divorce. Kail got pregnant and secretly had an abortion. (Right, because she and Sterling are lovers...?)

Ugh, it's all so ridiculous. I mean, the stuff that happens for REAL is ridiculous enough without having to make shit up.

That's all I can think of, but I'm sure there's a bunch more. Anybody else got any more?

@Matt & Amber's

I'm so glad someone else finds her as ridiculous as I do. The stuff about Kail drives me the most crazy. She also repeatedly posts those "blind gossip" items and takes them as absolute truth when they are revealed. Those blind gossip things are as unsubstantiated as the National Enquirer Bigfoot articles.

The thing that I don't understand is how hateful she is towards the show and MTV, despite the fact the show is the ONLY thing she blogs about. She's always 1000000% confident the show will be cancelled. For a while, she claimed she had friends who worked on the crew. Ugh, I can go on for days.

Tyler said that in the Q&A. Catelynn wasn't part of it. He wasn't saying the already have a room set up for her.

That's good to hear. I was worried for a second. It's a bit telling that Tyler has this grand master plan in case B&T ever cut off contact. It seems like he's still upset over the photos thing and the fact that he can't call the shots. I dunno. Ever since their meeting (and Tyler's sort-of realization that they probably don't like him as much), I think he feels pretty insecure about where he stands in the situation and is jealous (?) of the fact that they get to be Carly's parents. The whole "She called me Daddy!" thing also reeks of insecurity and a desperate attempt to prove his importance. Thing is, he's only proven how arrogant he truly is. I don't know how hard it would've been to say, "I don't think Brandon and Teresa would ever cut off contact because we have a lot of respect for each other yada, yada, yada." Again, I don't know. Everything Tyler does just gets on my nerves.

That would be completely over the top, inappropriate, and fucked up. So, I'm going to assume it's true.

Jenelle's website is supposed to be about PARENTING, among other things. Ahahahahahahahahaha, my sides... I'm pretty sure she is more qualified to write about being a fighter jet pilot or the Pope than about being a parent.

Who needs to do crunches! We can all laugh our way to abs this summer by reading Jenelles informative parenting website!!
Step by step instructions on how to avoid parenting a child so that you have more time to spend finding your soul mate #justlikethenotebook

Would love to see the ghostwriters contract.
F.III. Yeah, like, you really can't tell anyone or I will have to do stuff and I don't want to get arrested again.

This "lifestyle and parenting website" might be the strangest, most outrageous thing that Jenelle has done to date.

Lol @Barrier, reminds me a little of Britney Spears' mother doing a book on good parenting and right off the bat, then-teenage Jamie Lynn announced her pregnancy. Whoooops

I think Jenelle is the perfect person to run a website about parenting and healthy lifestyles! And also, Happy Opposite Day!

I read Farrah's book and while I take most things she says with a grain of salt, it did convince me that her insanity is no coincidence. Instead of believing her account about everyone being crazy and divisive except her, I gleaned that everyone in her life is off kilter or just plain off their rocker. Also, found Sophia at a park? Wtf does that even mean? Where was Sophia at a park with Farrah, Debra or Michael? Farrah wasn't close with Stormie and her parents hated Derek, so I doubt they'd be going behind Farrah back to get close to his family. This twitter rampage makes her look even worse that Michael obsessive and incoherent attempts to defend Farrah on Facebook. The time of getting brownie points for calling Farrah out on her shit is pretty much over, because even her own parents know it's pointless to fight with her. Don't get me wrong, Farrah isn't in the right and her behavior is reprehensible. But when you argue with a fool, a passerby may not know who the fool is...

Amber, why would you take advice from a man dumb enough to willingly spends time with Farrah? You don't even like spending time with Farrah!

I think it was the Ashley's book that talks about how Stormie saw Sophia at a park with a babysitter and went up to her.

Okay, that makes much more sense! "Found her at a park" sounded like Sophia was just sitting under a tree somewhere in Iowa lol

uh it was not Stormie that bought the booze, it was the mother of the other boy that was killed in the crash, and she had legal problems because of it, she got a plea deal and got probation. Stormie was never charged with anything because she had nothing to do with it. I'm no fan of any of these people but facts are facts, it's on the internet the crash and aftermath!

I was just going by Farrah's comment.

How painful this all must be for Stormie.

At the risk of hate and many down votes, I'm just going to throw this out there.
I got a breast augmentation when I was 19 (almost 20) after about a year of truly contemplating and weighing out the pros and cons. I was single at the time and had no children, and ended up working my ass off to save the money for it. I've paid everything off on my own. It was a decision I made completely on my own for my own happiness, since I was miserable being 100% flat (like fried eggs flat) before getting the boob job. I don't regret it one bit and I truly am happy and confident with my body since then.
Fast forward several years. I'm currently pregnant with my first, and have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. So I'm obviously not anti plastic surgery in the slightest.
BUT. this is what grinds my gears. I was not 1. a mother to 2 young children whom I abandoned to get the surgery (on ones birthday even) and recovery period. And 2. I wasn't dating some flavor of the month when I decided to have the surgery.

Kail has 2 young children who do not have a full on mom right now (Jenelle did/does too, technically) and I'm pretty sure Gary talked Jenelle into her boob job, if her past Twitter account told me anything. Her decision was out of no where until she hooked up with Gary.
Obviously no one knows the reasons behind their decisions, but I just want to bitch slap both of these douchebags. Hulk Kail, people DO NOT hate on you for getting a fake ass, people hate on you for being a shit mom, missing isaacs bday, bitching about Joe's child support, so on. There is a BIG difference!!!
These girls remind me of mean girls. In the words of Janis Ian, they think everyone is just so jealous of them, when in reality, everybody hates their guts and use their tv time to feel better about their lives and for entertainment purposes. I find it hard to believe Kail gets so much "shade" for choosing elective surgery, it's the motives behind doing it and putting your own selfish needs before your children. These girls just need to be knocked down several notches. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF KAIL!!!!!

That is all. Oh, and cue nikkole's porno in 3...2....

I personally see nothing wrong with plastic surgery. Your body, your business. And I agree that it's the motivation for the surgeries that gets these girls "hate."

As for the jealousy thing, that's just flat out ridiculous. I would take my life and fully functional brain over any one of these girls, and I'm sure most of you feel the same.

Any updates on Leah's custody hearing yesterday?

Oh shit wasn't she going back to get shit overturned? She had some sort of proof that the girlses weren't late, correct? I forgot all about that.

Has she said anything on twitter? I'm guessing if she hasn't said much, then it probably didn't go in her favor.

Oh, looks like they have 50/50 now of the girlses.

"Married couple turned bitter enemies Leah Messer and Corey Simms have finally called a truce in their never-ending custody war, can exclusively reveal.
In yesterday’s highly anticipated West Virginia court hearing, the mother of three, 23, and her 26-year-old ex-husband agreed to abide by a “shared parenting” plan for their 6-year-old twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah.
“Leah and Corey will get equal time with their girls,” a source close to Simms told Radar. “The hearing went very smoothly. They both finally came to an agreement that was best for everyone.”

As Radar previously reported, a judge took primary custody away from Messer and awarded it to Simms in October, leaving the young mom with her girls only on the weekends.
But now, both parents will get a much more balanced time period per week with their daughters.
“Both sides are very happy with the new plan,” the source assured."

Well, shit.

So 50/50 with Corey having primary. Nice try Dawn on selling your daughter out, again.

I'm a bit confused. What does it mean that they have 50/50 custody, but Corey still has primary? Does that mean that only he can make decisions for the girls or something?

Joint physical time but Corey calls the shots.

Someone must have explained to Leah how to calculate 50/50 custody despite only having 7 days in a week. Again.



So does this mean that Corey is no longer required to pay child support?

@Barrier doubt it. The laws with child support are so weird, and they're even weirder down south. Leah doesn't have an actual job or source of income and even though the physical custody time is now equally shared, the courts are going to probably maintain the CS payments so Leah can take care of the kids while they're in her care anyway.
Silver lining with that though: maybe it will give Corey some kind of peace of mind knowing that Leah will have no excuse but to put food on the table for the girlses when they're in her care 3 1/2 days out of the week. Something tells me she's desperate enough for that check that she'd be willing to have her kids go hungry to prove a point. "I CAYYYN'T FEED THE GIRLSES SINCE COOOHREEY TOOK THE MONIES AWAY!"

Lol Leah def went in there with the idea that she was getting full custody. This is technically what Corey wanted from the get-go was down-the-middle 50/50, so, whatever. As long as he has primary it's all good in the hood.

Frankly, I'm surprised she got any kind of custody. I hope it's some kind of mistake or lie, like Amber's 50% custody a month or so ago.

Good for Corey and the girls that he still has primary.
Curious to see where the romance between Leah and TJ will be going now. Maybe they are really done.
Rather see her with a guy that has been awarded primary custody to his kids now. Saves time and energy to find a new D to hop and might have a good influence on her parenting.

i agree with Sober Living

If i were Corey i would cry, Leah is a goddam mess still. What about Addy whats the custody agreement with her?

Tomlin, I ❤️ U and it's not just the wine talking! Sending ? Hun, Matt & Amber & our flipped out sober living home

Two things.

1)These are grown up topics that no 6 year old should talk or know about.

2)What the FUCK does Stormie mean she found Sophia in a park?! That's all kinds of crazy.

Stormie found Sophia with a babysitter at a park and went up to her. She also apparently snapped photos of Sophia and sold them to tabloids without Farrah's knowledge or consent. Farrah's crazy, but Stormie is a whole other mess entirely. A few seasons back, when Sophia was first denied SS, Farrah spoke to Derek's father and stepmother about the situation and Stormie's role in it. The Underwoods had this reaction to Stormie like they knew all about how nuts she was. It sounded like she's been this way for a long time---maybe even before Derek's passing.

Ah, OK. That makes a hell of a lot more sense than the vision I had in my head when I read that! I just pictured baby Sophia sitting in a sandbox by herself and was like WT actual F!

They say sometimes guys are attracted to women who are like their mothers.... so maybe that happened with Derek haha. I'll say this, Stormie sure doesn't seem incredibly mature to be partaking in these public social media fights.

I thought the exact same thing, Awww Haayyyoolll!

@Awww Haayyyoolll: That is 100% accurate! I think sometimes the same goes for women, but then I look at Chelsea's father and Adam... but then again, Adam and Rands kinda look alike sometimes?

Wow! Kails' already back to promoting those stupid waist trainers... Because it's not like she looks the way she does now because of plastic surgery or anything...

Doesn't she Photoshop herself when she's in those trainers to make it look like she lost weight? Why would you need to use those things after just getting a tummy tuck? However, I have heard that those kind of promotions can be automatic, so Kailyn may not have really posted that picture and it just added itself to her account.

This most recent photo doesn't look photoshopped to me. That'd be rather unnecessary since the waist trainer makes you look thinner by sucking you in and defining the waist anyway. And by squishing your internal organs. She put #itssocomfortable. Sure.

You actually do have to wear compression garments for a couple months after surgery to help with the swelling and whatnot. I got the feeling Kailyn took the photo in her waist trainer before surgery though and posted it at a pre-scheduled time like Jenelle used to do.

I saw this last night! i was hoping someone was going to bring it up here!

Someones comment was "Are you for real right now?" and then some chick lost her shit and kept writing ITS MAINTENANCE!

Like really, are you fucking kidding me?!

Karl is slowly turning into my least favorite. I can't believe she missed Isaac's birthday to get freaking plastic surgery.

Word on the street is that Kailyn had Isaac's party sometime before his real birthday for this very reason. She and her friends apparently got trashed at said party. #KlassyKail

It's interesting how during the last season she tweeted "I'm not a drinker" and all the sudden there's been a handful of stories about her being drunk or washing down her pain meds with alcohol