Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 3 Recap

Chelsea Houska


What's up guys?! I'm back again for another Teen Mom 2 recap! But before we get into that, I want to take a second to show some love for our new writer, Rebecca, and our never forgotten old friend, The Girlses! Andrea, Megan and I both have a lot going on in our lives, as do these other writers.

But even with their busy lives they've managed to pick up the slack and inject some life back into the site! You guys are the best and it's awesome being a part of the TMJ community!

Anywho, according to TV Guide, this week's episode will revolve around, "Leah learning the outcome of her custody case; Kailyn and Jo's renewed friendship is threatened by a huge fight; Jenelle introduces her new boyfriend to Barb; and Chelsea being upset by Adam's online behavior." I can't wait to see what you guys have to say in the comments! So let's get into episode three:


Aubree is with Adam's family this weekend and Chelsea is meeting with a lawyer to reevaluate Adam's child support payments. She and a friend are caring for some newborn puppies. During the puppy fun, Chelsea sees a pic of Aubree that Adam posted of Aubree in the bathtub.

You need to take that post down, she is 6 years old not a baby. That's beyond innappropriate." "Kidding me? There's nothing inappropriate. What the fuck?" Chelsea hates, like literally ahtes him.

Aubree eats pizza with her mouth open and continually says "Dad!" while Adam scrolls through his phone.

Over at Chelsea's, she and other Chelsey talk about what a horrible horrible douche Adam is.

Chelsea talks about wanting to re-evaluate child support and thinks showing the judge the pictures will prove that Adam is a bad parent and make him take the photo off of Instagram.

Chelsea went to see a new lawyer, the lawyer agrees that the picture is in inappropriate but tells Chelsea there's nothing the court can do about it. She gets home and chides Cole about eating all of Aubree's snacks all the time. Cole straight up doesn't care and continues to nom on cheese and crackers. I like him now.

Chelsea calls up Randy to discuss Adam. Randy thinks that Adam is an Instagram parent and barely sees Aubree when she's at her grandparents' house.

Chelsea wants the child support to be readjusted and says that Aubree doesn't even want to spend more time with Adam because he just "sits there on his phone the whole time." Because of all that, Chelsea thinks she stand a good chance in court.

After she hangs up, she asks Cole if he was listening. Cole, no one is blaming you if you tune out a good 60% of what Chelsea says.

Aubree's home! Chelsea asks if she got to spend time with her father, but Aubree says that she only got to see him once while she was there. Aubree is acting clingy and refusing to listen to her mother.

Chelsea tries to get Aubree to go upstairs and brush her teeth, but Aubs is not having it.

Chelsea counts to three multiple times to no avail. She eventually has to pick a screaming, red faced Aubree up and carry her upstairs for her bedtime routine.


Isaac is at Jo's, and Javi got to go eat lunch at school with Isaac. We even get to see a cute selfie of Javi and Isaac. Apparently Isaac didn't have a bath and had bed head that he kept scratching at. Kailyn is upset because it reflects back on she and Javi when Isaac looks disheveled.

She decides to text Jo and ask him about the situation. Jo goes on the defensive and think JAvi should worry about his own kid.

Kailyn calmly explains where she was coming from and Jo admits that he was wrong, but feels like he was having the finger pointed at him. For Jo and

Kailyn went to pick Isaac up early on Sunday and all hell broke loose. Kailyn tells us in a voiceover she recorded it all on her phone in case she needs to take legal action. In Kailyn's cell phone video, we see the continuation of the argument. Kailyn was apparently upset that Isaac was not ready to go at 4:30, even though the visitation agreement said 5.

She says Isaac was a mess and Jo wasn't in the room with him when she came in after being told to stay out of Jo's house. Jo cursed Kailyn out and Kailyn took shots at Jo's appearance saying he looks a mess.

Javi ended up getting involved and Jo tells him to worry about his own kid.

Javi says he has to worry about Isaac because Jo doesn't take care of him. After more back and forth, Jo ends up slamming the door.

Kailyn sits down with Isaac to talk about the argument she had with Jo. Isaac heard what went down and Kailyn explains what happened. She tells Isaac that sometimes adults say things they don't mean when they're angry. She tells him that they both love him very much and she doesn't want him to talk to people they way Jo talked to her. The two share a hug.

Over at Jo's, Vee and Jo put little Vivi to bed and go into the kitchen to talk. Jo gets to tell his side of the story. Vee thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, especially in front of Isaac.

Jo thinks that Kail sabotage's the co-parenting relationship they have by constantly picking at every parenting decision Jo makes.

Vee thinks all the negativity from all sides is really unfortunate. Is Vee like no an asshole in some way? I'm not used to that on this show.

At Kail's house it's now time for Kailyn and Javi to rehash the Jo situation.

Here are some gems from the Jo Rivera bash-fest! "Just because you have another baby doesn't mean you neglect your child." "You do more for Isaac than he does! He looks at you and dinner and says he wants to be like you.

What does he have to look up to Jo for?!" "He has nothing going for him." "You don't work, you don't go to school, you don't take care of your house, but you get mad at me.


You'll never guess what, you guys! Like never in a million years! Jenelle has a new boyfriend! Can you believe it?!?!? In this scene, Jenelle dishes to her friend/nanny Jamie. Apparently she met who we all now know is David Eason on Tinder. Jenelle has gotten to meet his eight-year-old daughter and so has Jace. The kids get on pretty well together, which Jenelle thinks is great.

David works full time and likes to fish, hunt and spend time outdoors. David hasn't met but already doesn't like Nathan or even the sound of his voice.

David is reluctant to be on camera, because he's never seen the show. She says he's a man. She feels protective over him and has never felt that way about a boyfriend before.

Jenelle has Jace for the weekend and David has his daughter, so they spend some time together as a family. David is glad that now his daughter has a playmate when she's with him for the weekends. When asked by David's little girl, Jenelle confirms that her favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.

David's daughter then calls him the "best daddy ever." Jenelle also apparently watches Catfish on MTV. When Jenelle asks Jace what he thinks about David, Jace says David let's him have Coca Cola.

I love how Jace refuses to placate them. He then asks if JEnelle and David love each other and of course they do! After all, they've dated for a whole five minutes!

Jenelle takes Jace back to Barbara's house. Babs has taken up vaping! Jenelle introduces David to her mom and Babs is pretty pleasant about the whole thing. She says some very nice things about Jenelle, but of course everything must devolve into an argument. Babs has planned a trip to go see Jenelle's brother in Asheville, North Carolina for Christmas. Jenelle doesn't want Jace to go, but Babs wants everyone to come including Jenelle.

Jen then puts Jace on the spot and asks where he wants to spend Christmas. He says he wants to stay with Jenelle and David for Christmas.

Babs proposes that they split the holiday down the middle, so that Jace can see his uncle and open presents and still do whatever Jenelle has planned.

Jenelle stares daggers at David when he says that plan works for him and Babs is glad he's so agreeable.

She says she thought she'd have to really fight Jenelle over it and Jenelle looks really upset that she doesn't get to fight about it more.

Jenelle is leaving and in her voiceover she says that she can tells that David isn't happy about it.

When Babs tells Jace that they're going to Asheville for Christmas, Jace throw his hands up and says "Yay!" In the car, David is ambivalent about the whole thing, but Jenelle is upset.

Jenelle kind of has a point in all this And she and David talk about how unfair and competitive Barbara is, all in front of David's daughter.

Leah 3
Aleeah kicks off Leah's segment by telling us about the hamster funeral they had earlier that day. After that, Leah launches into an adult conversation with whoever this meth-y looking white dude she's always with is. She says she can no longer live this way. When asked what she means, she says she feels like she's at war with Corey for her children.

They're on their way to drop the girlses off with Corey, but he's supposed to be giving them right back the next day, but that's only if the custody agreement stays the same. After Corey puts the girls in the car and drives away, Leah turns to meth-y guy and says that her girls aren't coming back the next day.

He asks her how she knows that, to which she replies, "I ain't dumb. Something's not right." This was a strange amount of self awareness for Leah. Let's see how long this lasts!

Corey sits down and talks with a buddy about the custody situation. Corey says that Leah's lawyers should be informing her of the news soon. Corey again makes his case for why he's taken legal action and his friend nods and agrees. They seriously could've used a cardboard cutout for this scene and gotten the same results.

Corey says what we've all be thinking and says that they don't reverse custody to the father for nothing. He also says that Leah knows what the issues are, whether or not she wants to admit them.

Over at Leah's, she's nervous about the custody decision and doesn't understand why this is all happening to her. She asks her cousin what life's meaning is without her kids.

Leah learns the big news from her lawyer. As we know, custody has been flipped around. Per the new agreement, Corey can take the girls that day if he wants to.

Her lawyer has already put in a motion to reverse the decision. She gives Leah god advice in saying that things would be best dealt with through Leah and Corey directly.

Leah looks like she's in shock and doesn't say much. She's stoic when she gets into the car and tells her friend who was waiting for her that she thinks the decision is "f*cked up."

Leah talks to a family member about the new orders and Leah gets all yell-y. Leah says that she plans on being non-compliant with the new orders, but whoever this is on screen tells her that isn't going to work.

Leah is defensive and dismissive, but her friend or whatever is being pretty rational about the whole thing saying she needs to focus on herself.

Leah says she feels like this whole thing is a game to everyone and it's her kids who are being robbed.


I can't wait to see Leah's reaction to the custody battle results. I'm rewatching the last few minutes of the premiere and she was trying so hard not to nod off while asking her sister to pick the twins up from school. Judging from how annoyed Victoria sounded, it's probably not the first time this has happened. Corey's reaction is still awesome, though. Dude is over the moon that everything was in his favor.

Omg yes! But then we have to hear her (and her trash family and friends) blame corey and Miranda and say it was all lies.....

Actually watching tonight...if I don't fall asleep. It looks like a good episode!

Hey maybe Leah's truth will come out tonight. Or maybe pigs will fly.

I wish. She's probably going to act like Corey and Miranda lied about her and she's the bestest mom EVER.

Does anyone want to deny that Chelsea has had lip fillers now??

I would never deny it. I cannot stand the new look...she is such a naturally pretty girl and the lip fillers have detracted from that in some way.

I get it that they probably make her feel better about herself but she was just fine without them!

I totally agree

I agree, too. I'm kinda disappointed because she was looking so great naturally. But damn, in that first scene of hers, her lips must've *just* been done.

Yeah, I don't like the look at all either. Not a fan of the Kylie Jenner lip look. I don't get why they can't just let the upper lip be a bit thinner than the lower lip.

Well, Houska Dental now offers derma filler.

holy shit! They actually do! I had to check

Yep. Botox treatments and juvéderm.

So I see what has triggered the iPhone fight.

Javi is such a shit starter.

Issac did look like he rolled out of bed

I think it's a battle that didn't need to be picked, though. Jo and Vee are going through a transition with a newborn in the house. Give them a minute to adjust and cut them some slack, Kail! She made it all about her, when really she could have asked if there was anything she could do to help them now that their hands are fuller.

YES! Exactly.

That was so odd to me. Kail was obsessed with how Isaac's personal appearance made people think about her as a parent. Like I said in my other post, Isaac is dressed to the nines (well, for a little boy) practically all the time. Who cares if he wasn't as well-groomed as she preferred for one day? Get over it, Kailyn.

I completely agree. The issue kail has with that is because her kids are so "cute" they get free clothes if they look lazy she might not get all her free stuff anymore

I'm sure she didn't get Isaac dressed 200% perfect while having a newborn. She needs to chill out!

Mrs Three piece suit on Sunday got dreadlocks. Really Kail? You can never wash every inch of your hair clean with dreads, lord knows what kind of dirt might get caught up in there. You are really making Jo look like a thug this way, how dare you.
Nice and controversial at the moment, nice to get attention and drama, ain't it Kail?
Everybody should be allowed to dress their hair in any way, shape or form, don't get me wrong but she is just doing this to get attention, not because she believes in something.http://starcasm.net/archives/346426
She looks ridiculous by the way.

Unreal(ity) ... Yes I am defending Kail here, but she posted a snap of her getting the dreads put in and they are not real... looks like they were crocheted in. Maybe shes doing it to try out a new hairstyle and it has nothing to do with anyone but herself? A lot of people going through break ups (or soon to be divorce in her case) dramastically change their hair. Either way those can be taken out in like 15 mins and she can still wash her real hair.

I figure there's probably some sarcasm in there in regards to your description of dreads but not sure because internet.


Not only do I work in the mental health field, but I'm a female, so I can say with some certainty that whenever a female dramastically changes her hair, there's usually something major going on.

I just cut off 10 inches of hair so I can further attest to this sentiment as holding some truth ;)

one thing i caught while they were fighting - kaylin says "isaac is up by himself." so i think what happened is everyone was taking a nap while the baby slept, and isaac was unsupervised. i'm not making any judgements on anyone if they do that or not - i personally don't, even though i know my kids know not to bother the stove, turn on the water, etc., i just cannot rest easy knowing i'm asleep and they're awake. so i can understand her being mad about that if that's the case. the comments about his clothes was completely uncalled for.

Even if Jo was alseep Vee said she was nursing the baby while everyone was fighting so Issac wasn't up all alone.

My interpretation of that comment was that Isaac was upstairs playing alone. But regardless, that's not what she was upset about. Right before that she said "My son is a mess!" So I think it was all about appearance once again. My sister is the same way. Appearance means everything to her because she's a terrible person but if she fakes looking clean, happy and put together, she can ignore the fact that she's a crappy neglectful mom and an awful, selfish wife. I assume Kail is in a similar predicament.

I haven't watched the ep yet so I'm not sure what King Kong Kail was upset about this time, but I had to reply because I'm completely with you on not leaving a child alone for any reason. I mean, really, you never know what COULD happen..and those thoughts are scary. Too scary for me to risk.

I had more to the comment written out yesteserday, but I fell asleep and didn't submit it and the page refreshed??

i don't think she would have said he was up by himself if vee was awake nursing. coupled with the fact that she said she had tried to text/call (i would bet she tried vee too when jo didn't answer) i really think the whole house was sleeping and that is what sparked the fight, jo being woken up to kail bitching and his immediate reaction is be pissed off. i mean, i would if i was waking to a bitching ex.

and emily lol - i've done that too.

@Viva so you think Vee was lying? She said "I was nursing the baby when all that (the fighting) was going on."
I took it was he was alone in a room. Also Karl just likes to fight so I'm sure she was looking for a reason to be pissy the moment she walked in.

Word left out there. Not making comments about Vee ANYMORE. For years, that's all that came out of Kailyn's mouth.

I think the last thing people judge Kail for is the fact that she was a teen mom. She's judged for a lot harsher things like shaking her husband's head when she gets upset and possibly being a cheater.

Also, I find it odd that Kail is so concerned with how Isaac's appearance affects her as a parent. He's dressed impeccably more or less every time we see him. Is it really that big of a deal that he has bed head for one day?

Exactly. Issac could've woken up late and instead of making him look like a model Jo made sure he ate.

CCB I thought Karl was about to say that she gets judged for being on Teen Mom, then changed it to being "A" teen mom at the last second.

@MAASLAWB - MEEEEEE TOOOOOO!!! I was kinda shocked to hear her say "BEING a teen mom!!!"

The OTHER thing I was half-expecting was for them to find out Isaac had gotten lice, by the way they kept going on about him scratching his head!!!!!

Same here! Then Javi was focusing on how it was embarrassing for him when Isaac was scratching his head. The shirt didn't really look "pajama-like" to me. It looked like a long-sleeved tshirt.

It's classic behavior for the adult child of an alcoholic, as Kailyn is. You're used to having to cover for your parent and make things seem "normal," but you don't know what normal really is because your family's so messed up. So as an adult you try to create your own "Leave It to Beaver" perfect family so everyone will know how very very very normal and happy you are. I think if Kail could get on top of this tendency with some good therapy, she'd be a happier and more relaxed mom.

I kinda wondered if that was the case with SSVERAL things Kail does//has done.

Exactly!!!!!! She's had no control over her life, so now she must have total control. Then she comes across as a total bitch and feels horrible guilt and self loathing. Take it from someone who knows....

Hmm this just made me realise something about myself. Growing up I didn't have a 'normal' family.. a crazy father.
I get annoyed when my mother babysits my kids and they look a mess when they go to school or when she hasn't combed my son's hair. I don't pick fights about it though, I just make sure I get up earlier and do it myself :')

Yes, this. She has no idea what normal looks like. To her, mess = something is seriously wrong. She probably grew up looking all sad and longingly at the pretty, thin, popular girls with the right clothes and backpack whose moms actually kept shit together at home.

YES YES YES YES YES ive been saying this forever. kail is a CLASSIC adult child of an alcoholic. she needs to go to meetings and fix her life

holy. shit.

I feel like I just left a therapy session. You just opened my eyes to some truth and I can't believe I never saw it before in myself or Kail. Eeeks. Good stuff, I'm glad I read this today!

It's always kind of sad to see kids that are treated as if they're merely extensions of their parents rather than individual human beings. Reflection on her vs Isaac might feel bad if someone says something

And then for getting mad at Jo about how they both look on a Sunday? It's friggin SUNDAY, some people like to be comfortable and relax in jammies, who cares?!?!?! And why was Javi with her anyway, she can't just go get her son on her own? Leads me to assume they were planning to go somewhere after and Kail expected Isaac to be dressed and ready, however if she's gonna show up super early she really shouldn't assume that. On the weekends I would totally let my kids play around in their jammies all day and if we had to go somewhere I would dress them at the last minute so they don't mess up what they're wearing. I would assume Jo would do that as well. Weekdays are busy and crazy enough so I think it's totally healthy to have lazy days. Kail needs to relax. And if she's so worried about what other people think of her perhaps she shouldn't blast people on social media or get plastic surgery via snapchat, etc. Her jealously is clearly making her lash out in bizarre petty ways. Oh no I called her petty ;-)

Yeah, but every day is a weekend at Jo's house. He doesn't work and it sounds like he's not in school so there's no reason to be looking like he rolled out of bed and hasn't showered at 4:30. Newborns are tough, but not that tough. Vee is likely doing most of the work anyway.

@Willwalk Even if that's true its none of Kails business. Im pretty sure Jo is in school, just maybe not at the moment since Vivi was just born. And newborns can be really tough, for all we know Vivi could be colicky or have her days and nights mixed up so no one is getting any sleep. Kail completely lacks empathy though so I don't except her to understand that.

I've never seen Jo in anything other than gray sweat pants and a t shirt, so I can't understand why she's so shocked that Isaac (sp?) was dressed the same.

Is David having pictures of his kids on teen mom against the restraining order stuff or what

"I've been in a good mood lately"
"I met a guy"
Well, Jenelle! I really need a Jenelle-based username... I'm feeling it.

"I feel like I'm dating a man...I'm just really protective of him..."

Did she meet this guy in person first before espousing how he's her new soul mate? Probably not. Par for the course, Jenelley.

That's wayyy to logical besides he has a penis that's all she needs to know he qualified.

I hate how Kaiser never has ANY physical contact. He's always in his crib, playpen, highchair, etc. It's like she honestly doesn't realize he's a human being that needs to be nurtured and educated and read to and played with. I don't have children but he seems a bit behind in development because of her negligence.

I love to hate on Nathan, but he provided that for Kaiser. Sad to say, but I hope he gets primary custody. He's the least bad parent in this scenario.

I agree. Not a fan of Nathan at ALL but he at least seemed to have SOME interest in his son.

Jenelle as a mother reminds me of when I got my Furby and I liked to play with it but when it wouldn't stop talking and would ask to be fed I'd get really annoyed and put it in my closet until I wanted to play with it again. But that was a Furby. And I was 6.

i think he provides that for kaiser when it's convenient for him aka he's not drunk or in a blind rage. i have to wonder how much snuggling he does when he's shitfaced at 2 pm or spending 8 hours in the gym

@spendinb problem. Which is still more time than Jenelle would. I think Nathan drank because he had to be with Jenelle. I hate him. He's a loser. But he does appear to be in a better state at the moment, to care for Kaiser. At least he's in school. and he's training. The girlfriends appears to be ok/normal? We don't hear much gossip about him and his drama is staying off social media. I truly believe that Jenelle brings everyone down with her.

leahs meth pipe- no way was nate just drinking to deal with jenelle. before her he got 3 DUIs and there was an incident wit him driving drunk with his daughter. it's why he doesnt have custody. he has been an alcoholic for a LONG time

Liking Nathan :: Looking in a fridge filled with rotten food deciding which item is safest to eat

I'm glad Kaiser has him.

I hope Kaiser won't develop an attachment disorder ...

Don't worry, His sugary snacks and hot dogs will rock him to sleep at night....

Granted I don't have kids and I know lots of babies are chubby but should Kaiser really be that heavy?

I said the same thing in another thread. He's so neglected, always thrown in a pack-n-play, dumped in his crib, he doesn't seem to be reaching any milestones. And of course, every time he makes any noise, Jenelle is shoving a bottle in his mouth, so yeah, probably a lifetime of obesity on top of all his other problems.
This little POS calling herself his mother is ruining that poor baby.

You'd think he'd be saying mommy or something:/

He is too busy crying his eyes out to be held....

If you look Kaiser was awkwardly being rubbed be Uncle Dave the whole time they were driving in the car. That just really weirded me out and made me feel uncomfortable. Jenelle has know this dude for a matter of days, or possibly weeks at this point...not ok. I'm very worried for Kaiser in this situation

What was the inappropriate pic?

I think maybe it was a picture of her in the bathtub?

If he did then I agree. She's too old for that.

I'm not sure. I assumed going by Chelsea's comments that Adam posted a photo of Aubree in the bathtub or something.

yeah she says it that he posted a pic of her in the tub, stating she's 6 and too old for that.

I respect Chelsea for not saying exactly what it was and especially for not showing it. I feel like she is maturing

RIP little hamster

I bet it was "Mommy's FAVORITE ONE". Just like the kitten.

"What'd you do today?"

"Buried the hamster."

as you do.

Leah stop cussing in front of your girlses

I hate how she talks in front of them. I remember old episodes where she would bash corey in front of them. Like come on, that's their father. Jesus God Leah.

She's still bashing Corey in front of them.

Does anyone else think Leah's new BFF is high af too?

Kaiser's face is ALWAYS dirty. Does Jenelle ever give him a bath?


When he came back from the "kidnapping" incident she believed his hair had been cut because it had actually been washed, so I doubt Kaiser's hygiene is all that good.

Noticed how this time she referred to the incident as "cutting his bangs", which is what it was. They were still pretty long when they showed Kaiser. How dare anyone cut Kaiser's bangs so that they're not in his eyes and obstructing his vision?!

apparently not, she doesn't even wash his face and hands after eating. Or check his diaper before dumping him in bed, still screaming and now covered in food, ketchup, and snot. Can you imagine him rubbing his eyes and getting a face full of the lunch remains that are on his hands? Now he's got the shit in his eyes too. It just kills me to watch these scenes of neglect, and this baby really has nobody to care about him.

Okay that was a very casual serial killer answer... "Buried my Hamster" and nobody pays any attention to it

THANK YOU! Holy hell.

Leah is driving high again! And oh yeah, Leah you are fighting for whats best for the girls. ? SURE.

"Corey needs to worry about HIS time with the girls and not mine!" Jesus God, that's not how coparenting works, Leah. If she were actually taking care of the girls, then Corey wouldn't have felt the need to go to the court and get primary custody. She and her family are still acting like Corey is doing this just to spite her. If that were the case, he probably wouldn't have gotten custody, but he did because he proved that she wasn't a good mom.

She was driving the girls, while texting, while talking about doing whats best for the girls. I can't even.

OMG, that made me die laughing....it's the same exact line that every single one of them say regarding custody!!! That the ex is thinking of THEMSELVES, whilst they, the one talking at that particular time are ONLY thinking of the kid(s)!!!

Yeah, notice how when Corey found out he got primary custody last episode, he focused on how it was the best thing for the girls. Leah always tries to make it all about her. "Corey is trying to take my/our kids away from me!"

@Barrier - Yes! and he speaks about what his hopes and dreams are for their future. Have we heard Leah mention anything about that? I have no doubt that she loves them but she is a survival mode parent trying to get through every minute with them without passing out vs Corey who actively engages them and does things to enrich their lives.

And that brief clip of him fishing with the girlses was the cutest thing ever. His patience with them is quite admirable. Are there more single dudes like him anywhere???

Is it not a crime to drive under the influence of drugs in the US? It stresses me out so much to see her driving the girlses around, looking like she's about to nod off at the wheel.

MTV really should have stepped in and done something, like hired a "friend" to drive Leah around and make sure she doesn't run the car off the road.

I think leah takes anti anxiety meds, like xanax. They are legal, but I think she abuses them. My dr prescribed them to me. I took it once and that was it. Made me loopy and an eerie sense of calm. Horrible feeling, but I guess some people like that.

I remember long ago when " The Real World" was set in Hawaii and Ruthie had an alcohol problem. The producers stepped in one night and refused to let her drive. MTV needs to do the same here and protect those kids.

"I ain't dumb. I ain't dumb."

Well...you might be.

4 for you, Aleeahs Closet!!

I'll be here all week, y'alls!

She ain't dumb but can't admit that she has a drug problem.

Poor blue cat :(

That made me laugh too! I think Leah's dumbness is a big part of her problem: she's actually unable to grasp what her kids need, how coparenting works, or why her behaviors are an issue. When people try to explain it to her, her brow furrows and you can tell it just isn't sinking in. (Remember her inability to understand how she and Corey could divide a 7-day week equally?) I feel bad for her - I think she has a good heart but just doesn't have the mental or emotional tools to deal with her life situation. Having said that, if she would get off the drugses she'd at least have a fighting chance to learn and grow as a mother! Under the influence, there's just no way.

I remember that incident with Rosie. The Real World also would not put up with any type of physical violence. It would be instant termination.

And we get to meet jenelles new guy who is so wonderful and treats her better than anyone ever has and now she is changed for the better and so much happier now....wait, where have I heard that before?

If you're constantly on Tinder, maybe you should rethink your relationship choices. Just sayin'.

Ugh. I hate girls that can't be alone. Ya know, figure out who you are and what you want out of life. The constant self affirmation. Pretty much all the girls on teen mom 2 except for Chelsea do it. Janelle takes the cake and wants to keep it too.

Unfortunately, jenelle only finds happiness in men. I know many people like that. I actually feel for her on that aspect

Not just girls. I unfortunately know a lot of guys like that too. My ex was like that and claimed it was because he wasn't loved as a child and didn't have a family and blah blah blah.

@Jezzy, my mother was/is like that. Even when she was married to my rubbish dad, she always had at least one side piece and got angry and violent if us kids needed to be fed or have clean clothes. I worry for Kaiser because that kind of shit can give you low self esteem and problems with ALL relationships.

It really is quite sad. If these girls only knew how awesome it feels to be independent if only for a little bit. I get so mad at the girls who give up and settle down right away. I know so many. Graduate high school. Try college until they meet someone. Get pregnant. Drop out. Decide to be a stay at home mom since daycare is so expensive. And before they know it they spent their whole lives being cared for by someone else and have no clue who they are, have no education, have zero work experience and don't value money cuz they never had to earn a wage. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against stay at home moms and I dream to be one someday, I just think it's critical for woman to take time getting to know themselves first and really "grow up" so to speak before settling down.

Tweet from Jenelle's new awesome, loving, kind, definitely-not-a-woman-beater BF to Nathan:


I hope he can submit that in evidence for their custody hearing.

Not defending David at all but I think there's like a 75% chance that Jenelle actually got into his account and wrote that. The "Lmao" and smugness give it away.

Agreed Batman... those tweets have Jenelle written all over them.

Classic JE wording..I think Uncle Dave is bad news but, like all past soulmates, I really don't think he cares enough about her/social media to be spending all this time on it..it is Jenelle and her sidekick Ham. David is there for the money and will play along on camera till he gets enough money to high tail it out of there..oh, and part of the deal before he can escape is probably a few minutes of camera time for his incredibly thirsty sisters.

As an update to this, Nathan's friend Josh tweeted that they have evidence that the "Dave" account uses Jenelle's IP address. Not sure if it's her phone's address, or her home network, but it looks like she's definitely got some involvement in it.

How dumb can you be, seriously? She just can't help herself, and has to keep harassing Nathan. I hope they use this in their cyberstalking charges against her.

Blobfish Kail logic: Decrying Jo for not bathing Isaac before school, insinuating he has filthy standards, while digging her sneakered feet into the couch like Dave Chapelle in Rick James skit.

She could've approached that subject in a totally different way, especially when not too long ago she herself had a newborn in the house and Isaac. But that's too much for our little bull in a china shop.

Kailatee is lowkey talking about the "white boys don't dress like that" thing . I hope joe goes in!

"I ain't dumb". Uh, you're driving high and texting at the same time. You aren't smart!!

You don't even have to comment on the texting while driving, the statement "I ain't dumb" proves enough she is!

Her driving makes me wanna punch a hole trough my TV.

Not only was she texting and driving, she was also SMOKING! wtf Jesus, God Leah!

I bet Leah smokes in her house too. She is trash.

LOL jenelle has no shame telling people she find her noble douches on tinder x)

What are you talking about??? They are her SOUL MATES!!! Obvi! lol.

Noble douches. Love it.

Their love story is just like the notebook! Don't you remember the scene in that movie where they meet on Tinder

Nice glasses, Belinda.

what an ugly pair of glasses...

I was so distracted by them.

I was sooooo distracted! I thought were paper for a while

Soooo bad!!!!

I said almost the same thing verbatim to my wife when Belinda and the glasses that she CLEARLY thinks are Really Awesome popped up on the screen.

What the hell is chelseybelinda wearing?!! It looks like 3D glasses frames with regular lenses.

Javi shut up

How dare Jo wear sweatpants on a Sunday. P.O.S.

Jeez jo with a newborn no sleep and a 6 year old wearing sweats! Get your life together.

She acts like kids don't be up on weekend morining watching cartoons while their parent are still in bed. She is so desperate to make Joe seem like a bad father.

Haha, love that username.

How inconsiderate to be in the privacy of your home in comfortable clothing with your new born child!!! WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK OF US AS PARENTS!?!?!?

Now, now, Kail has every right to worry about how people will judge her for the fact that her first child's father isn't particularly stylish. People already judge her for being a teen mom---cut her some slack!

RIGHT? I don't think I've ever seen Jo dressed in fancy clothes unless he was in court. He always wears t-shirts and athletic gear. AND HE HAS A NEWBORN! Excuse the fuck outta him for trying to take care of two kids for the first time.

She showed up early and Isaac's shoes weren't on. That house is a circus. Anyone who can't see that is blind. Javi will tell you the same thing!

Team Jo. As he said, "I'm in my house relaxing." So Kail showed up half an hour early, then was saying Jo needed to start "getting Isaac ready" when she got there. It's not gonna take Isaac half an hour to get ready to go back to her house. Maybe gather up some things he needs to take with him and put shoes on. It seemed like she expected to be able to take him home early.

She also kept saying she only half an hour early.

That's not your half an hour. It's Jo's.

Kail can fuck a duck and Javi's a little bitch. He only gets involved from a distance and not about the important things.

Isaac probably likes being at his dad's, because he can relax.

The Kail can fuck a duck line is making me laugh because my first thought was Javi with his duck lips lmao!

Um Isaac is 6 years old now, he should be in a three piece suit the minute he wakes up...

Doesn't he realize it reflects on Kail?

How ironic that kail can't film herself being rude but only jo.

She's a dumbass. The court will just see her as unreasonable.

So conveniently edited to show Jo's reaction instead of including Kail instigating the argument which she most likely did since she's absolutely evil. I felt so bad for Jo when he was later talking about it with Vee. It's like you knew he was thinking that he still has to deal with Kail for many years to come.

JESUS GOD, JAVI! Not a word about Jo's treatment of Kail, or even trying to get Kail out of there. Just personal attacks.

Fucking great co-parenting right there. AND THERE WAS ALSO A NEWBORN IN THE HOUSE.

What horrible fucking people.

I can not stand Javi or Kail. Those twats deserve each other.

I think this might have collectively been their worst episode ever. And that's saying a lot.

I agree.

If course Kail starts recording after she made her bitchy comments which precluded the argument.

Just like her BS protective order which she got by failing to inform the court that SHE was the one who hit Jo first, and he retaliated by grabbing her arms so she's stop hitting him.

Dude for real! And she had to lecture Isaac about how he shouldn't speak to women the way his dad did yet she's the one who's notably been abusive to her SOs. Disgusting.

Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics - Is the video thing that she recorded part of the same incident above with the hitting? I guess I'm out of the loop.

@ Rehab:

No, the protective order was ages ago. Back in season 1 of TM2 maybe? Just after she left Jo's parents' house

Really, Kail? So Jo is in sweatpants and a T-shirt on a Sunday afternoon and that means he has to get his life together? He has a newborn in the house---he's not going to look put together. Most new parents don't. If Jo ever criticized her personal appearance when Lincoln was a newborn, she would have had a shitfit that we'd still be hearing about. I just don't get it. And then of course Javi has to get involved. The entire fight didn't make any sense. Considering that only the fight was shown, I can't tell if Jo really wasn't giving Isaac to Kail when she asked him to or if she's exaggerating. I'm guessing it's the latter considering we didn't get to see what happened before the fight.

Exactly! We have at home play clothes and going out clothes in our house. At home we wear sweats and big tee shirts or stained (clean) clothes. Clothes not suitable for leaving the house. Kail is insane.

My nephews call then "soft clothes" <3

haha I call them that too, but in french we say : s'habiller en mou !

Wearing sweatpants on a Sunday afternoon sounds like my ideal weekend and I don't have kids. I guess my life is in shambles.

I have three kidses and at my house we have Sweatpants Sunday. It's our favorite family tradition :)

Did Jo judge her for wearing a men's rugby shirt to her ACT in 16&P? Nahhhhhh

Sunday's are always a idgaf about my appearance days. No makeup. Yoga pants and t-shirt and sometimes a bra go be perfect somewhere else Kail.

My house is a bra free zone. Feel free to hang it up with your coat.

I feel indifferent that Jo was in sweats on a Sunday afternoon. I dress like that when I'm home relaxing too. But my God Vee must be an amazing cook because Jo looks super chubby lately. Soon he will be as fat as "frustrating Gary"!

I only ever see them eating out of take out containers. Which is fine, but I was thinking as I watched this that I've never seen them cook.

And there have been MANY occasions when Kail looked awful and she's gonna talk about Jo? Wowzers.

Kail had her whole naked self getting cut apart and fat sucked from her on snapchat. Which is now all over YouTube and anywhere else on the internet you want to search. She is in NO place to tell jo what he should or should be be wearing. At least he has his clothes on. And is being real.

the whole pregnancy with Lincoln she looked rough, and i think Jo only made a slight comment about it when she went to his parents house to pick up Isaac and im pretty sure that's when we heard a rendition of "im too pregnant for this"

Ok, what the hell. Jo and Vee just had a baby. Those newborn first few weeks are HARD. Kail knows this. Can she not cut Jo a little slack? Am I just not seeing why it's a big deal that jo is in his sweatpants at 4:30 on a Sunday? Why is Kail freaking out?

Because when Kail is miserable she needs to make other people feel miserable, too. Pretty standard stuff for our Mermaid Martyr.

She can't cut him some slack because Kail is a perfect specimen and so is Special Snowflake Javi. They neeeevvvveerrr wore sweats right after Lincoln was born.

Can you imagine if Javi wore sweatpants?kail would threaten divorce.

Sweat pants are a no no, but a extra tight Miley shirt is A-OK!

Now he just wears Calvins and snap chats the proof to other women. I know what I would be more pissed about.

And you know cuz Javi wearing basketball shorts and Kail wearing leggings is like totally different than sweatpants.

Can't we just all agree that stretchy waistbands are the future?

I think that argument was stupid. He's at home. You should be able to be dressed casually at home. But I do kind of understand where Kail is coming from in regards to how Isaac looks when he goes to school. A lot of people put blame on the parents for not getting the child ready and whatnot. There are always extenuating circumstances and not everyone can be perfect, but I don't think Kail was being too bitchy to Jo when they were talking on the phone. No one was really "bashing" him.

Aren't sweatpants a matter of personal taste and style? I don't think loungewear on the weekend (or really any day) makes you a bad parent. Like Jo is his dad, not Kail's personal assistant. He has the right to raise his son how he wants too.

The moment I get home my Pajamas or trackies (sweatpants) go on straight away. I get home shower and then that casual wear goes on. I live in an apartment and if I have to take out the rubbish I will do it in my Pajamas ? I will even go to the shop in my Pajamas, only if it is dark of course haha

Isn't Chelsea in sweatpants all the time?

if i am at home i am in my 'home clothes' which are sweats and PJs lol

because when kail comes around its 3 piece suit and tie time, and thats just during the week, during the weekends you better be wearing your satin lapel long tail tux with matching gold cufflinks and monical, top hat optional!AND DONT FORGET TO CURTSEY!!

And after that, join her in condemning those who wear sweats! The clothing of heathens!

I'm reminded of that line form 30 Rock:

Liz: Are you wearing a tux?
Jack: Of course. It's after 6. What am I, a farmer?

Something like that

That was one of the absolute dumbest things I've ever heard. When I come home after working all day, the very first thing I do is get right out of my jeans and put my athletic shorts on. What the hell else am I supposed to wear?! Talk about picking a fight where there isn't one!

I seriously got home from work like an hour ago and immediately switched to yoga pants and took off my bra.

I never stay dressed when I'm home for the day. I go out in yoga pants whenever I'm not in work clothes. I look fine for Walmart, but like, I don't need to impress other random people.

Kail needs Jesus and a pair of comfy sweatpants.

Seriously! I'm already taking my bra off after work as I shut the door behind me.
What did she expect Jo to be wearing, I wonder? Still lol at the entire scene, it was ridiculous. Javi needs to STFU, he's lucky Jo didn't lose his temper at that childish outburst and just march outside and teach Javi a lesson.

Cue Jenelle playing House and Perfect Family...

She had such a smug look on her face when Dave's kid was like "you're the best daddy ever."

All her looks are smug. lol

Dave's daughter sounded like she was reading off of a cue card at gunpoint.

Love how he's kissing Jenelle while driving.

And how they're happy their kids will interact and amuse themselves, without Jenelle and Douche dealing with them.

Graced, my thoughts exactly!!!! The kids babysit themselves, they must be ecstatic

Notice how on Twitter someone asked Jenelle when last nights episode was filmed and she said October...I'm pretty sure they were picking out a Christmas tree. I don't know anyone who buys their Christmas tree in October...

Kail is INSANE! Jo and Vee have a frigin newborn. They don't have to live up to her standards. Her and Javi had his family there (and sill do) most scenes. Javi and Vee are doing it themselves. She gets Jo all riled up (which honestly he is probably on edge from being sleep deprived) and then starts to film. Come off it, you are no victim. I could go on and on.

wearing sweatpants and skippping ONE morning bath vs having multiple blind items of you cheating on your husband, always fighting with your husband in front of the kids and taking off your wedding ring every other weekends ... wonder which one reflects baldy on you and Javi, kail ...

I have talked a lot on this site about how great my co-parenting relationship is with my husbands ex. I'm super blessed that the two of us have found friendship in an unlikely place. Not saying that it doesn't have extreme ups and downs however we manage to stay on track.
Just to provide an example of something that recently happened in our home:
I was sick on Sunday with a cold and opted to lay on the couch all day while my children ran a muck and my husband pretended that he didn't have kids or a wife (he was outside ignoring chaos lol) my SDs mom was due to get her and she hadn't had a bath and I fell asleep. My step daughter is 8, and I have 2 sons whom are 6 & 3. My husband was in the backyard and in and out of the house so the kids easily could have got to him or just as easily woke me. Anyway they were watching a movie and I accidentally took a nap. When the time came for SDs mom to come get her I woke up to SD telling her mom to be quiet I was sleeping and her mom asking her to wake me to say goodbye. When I woke up my step daughters mother had the audacity to actually ask if I was okay & if I needed anything before she left because I looked like hell, then she asked if I wanted her to watch my sons for the evening to give me a break!
Basically what I am getting at is it really wasn't a big deal Kail was just choosing to make it one.

It's nice to hear a story like this after hearing all the horror stories and watching the last 7 (billion) seasons of TM2. Kail only wanted to have a good relationship with Jo & Vee because it'd make her look like she's a part of this cool, edgy modern family (and would piss off Javi), but she's just too bitter and hateful to keep it up for the long run.

High five to SD's mom! Sounds like you guys are a bunch of adults successfully co-parenting and your kids will benefit the most. Kudos to all involved!! I like to think I'd be just like your SD's mom if I were in that position. I love kids (my kids, your kids, street kids, etc) more than anything - even drama ;)

I'm tired. It's giving me anxiety. (Leah's quotes of this season)

She was barely making any sense.

Which pisses me off to no end. I won't pretend I have to deal with the gravity of having a disabled child and two other children, plus two divorces. But I do have an anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder. She will look for any excuse to blame something on her anxiety. I have to fight those feelings every day and I can't just call up a relative and ask them to go to work for me or take care of my dog when I feel like I can't get out of bed. I just have to do it.

Of course, anxiety is the red herring. It should be: "I'm tired. I took too many xanax."

I totally agree!! I have PTSD and an anxiety disorder, so I can totally relate. I don't ever "feel sleepy" from my daily life. I also don't ever abuse my meds.

I feel sleepy from my daily life sometimes, honestly. But only when I'm extremely stressed and depressed. But it's never, EVER prevented me from picking up my kids or cleaning my house or going to work, etc. It's like literally nothing a cup of coffee can't fix, because I'm not on drugs.

I also have anxiety, so I am not being insensitive by saying this but, it seems to be becoming a trend these days to have a mental illness. It seems to be the excuse for everything.

Anxiety and any mental illness can be absolutely debilitating and there were many days I could barely function, but I still had to do what I had to do.

I have a child with a terminal illness & I need anti anxiety meds once in a while plus mdd/bpd but I can keep it together. I felt for her I've been divorced had 1 child then my middle boy that's terminal and my youngest so I know its hard. But ffs. Stay sober so you can enjoy each day. I can't imagine being so high that I am so disconnected. Its hard but even harder if you wallow in self pity.

*steps off soapbox*

I am so sorry to hear about your son, that is terrible!

@Jenellys *hugs*

yeah, if anything my anti-anxiety & depression meds give me MORE energy. they make me feel great and pick me up outta my otherwise debilitating slump. changed my life for the better. she needs to get her shit together and find something that works for her anxiety instead of using it as an excuse all the time. have frequent visits with a med doc to ensure meds are working properly and have them switched/dosages adjusted if not. meet at least once a month with a therapist. this shit actually works if she could wake up, get a clue and stop blaming others for her problems. take some friggin accountability leah. and if you can't stay awake during the daytime to properly take care of your kids you should be seeking help immediately!!!

Thanks :) I'm lucky enough that he is doing really well and has for the last year
Making the most out of each and every day. :P hopefully leah figures it out soon or shell regret the stupor

LOL she bugging over issac just for not having shoes on when the kid was ready anyway and shut up javi with your dreamworks moses looking ass.

*Tyrone Biggums voice* "Y'all got any more of them girlses?

OH man, Leah has such a bad case of narcolepsy, y'all. She's barely even making sense when she talks anymore. Seriously, though, how can Oreo sit there and talk to her like everything is normal? I just want someone to shake her and throw her into a detox program. Probably the only time that ever happened was when Corey called her a "fake ass mom," and that was SO right on.

I thought her eyes moved in a slow weird way a few times...

But she's already been to a detox program! No, wait, that wasn't detox/rehab. It was a 30-day program for her anxiiiiiiiety, y'all. My bad.

That rehab was definitely NOT FOR DRUGS. I can confirm ;)

Is it necessary for Leah to mention she has anxiety EVERY. SINGLE. SCENE?

Anxiety is the name of her drug dealer who she's contractually obligated to mention after she pops her pillses

HAHA I burst out laughing at this. Everyone's comments are killing me tonight

anxiety = T.R.?


And this big ass bear snitching on herself by recording Javi arguing with Issac's ACTUAL father. Dumbass!

...But why doesn't Joe wanna work though?

Would you want to work if you had $300k a year and kids to be home with? I sure as hell wouldn't. It's a little short-sighted, but I do get it.

This, plus I'm pretty sure Jo said he is a college student (just like Kail)

No lies detected on that one.

i think this is a legit question. mtv money wont last forever and then he will be a almost 30 year old with NO job experience. i like Jo but just like the moms needing to get jobs for when mtv runs out, so do the dads.

although ive read he is in school?

Agreed. It would be tempting as hell not to work or go to school while the MTV money is rolling in but it's not a wise decision. However, don't his parents own a business? If so I'm sure he can just go back and work there. I'm disappointed if Jo isn't working or going to school, but he doesn't worry me nearly as much as some of the other people in this franchise. I think Jo worked 40 hrs/week for a long time which is more than I can say for you know...Tyler, Catelynn, Amber, Maci, Ryan, Adam, Jenelle, etc.

He used to work in his parent's business in earlier seasons of TM2, before their salaries got really out of control. And he said he was in school at the last reunion.

Sure, he's not Corey or Jeremy level of employed, but he's doing okay.

Not "Did you hear mommy and daddy yelling at each other", but "Did you hear daddy yelling at mommy"? and "I don't want you talking to people like daddy did to mommy". WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF PARENT ARE YOU KAILYN!

I noticed it too ! They clearly yelled at each other ... it wasn't just Jo scraming at her for no reason ...

Fuck her for saying that. For real.

Once a newborn baby is a sleep you better be sleeping too. Joe was doing what any parent would do. Kail probably has a key to Joe's house and came in there ready to argue, and probably waking Vivi up too. The only reason Vee should've woke her ass up was to read Kail and DSL flapping his gums on his "You don't do anything" rant. Vee probably slays and wakes up beautiful too. That alone would've shut Kail up.

She is essentially saying that she doesn't want him to speak to people like that, but it is ok to be soken to like that. I hope he doesn't think it is ok to be yelled at by a woman but he is not allowed to retaliate or defend himself.

I felt so uncomfortable watching that scene! Poor little Isaac

Cole looks so uncomfortable right now.

Whenever Cole speaks on screen my BF always looks up from whatever he is doing and makes a comment about how high-pitched his voice is. I don't really understand if that's his real voice or maybe some sort of nervous tick he does being filmed? But considering Chelsea's baby voice I'm going to have to go with the former... I won't deny he's a very good looking man, though!

Love how Kail is throwing Jo under the bus when she was just as bad yelling back and freaking filming it so she can run to court as soon as she can. What a hosebeast. I swear, she always takes three steps forward but is totally determined to go two steps back. She always needs to prove that she's better than somebody even if that ruins whatever good vibes she has going on with that person.

Jo shouldn't curse in front of the baby, though. I know she can't understand what he's saying right now, but it's something he should start to tone down.

Jo is getting hard. Kail would cream herself if Jo and Javi got in a fistfight.

Kail would cream, Javi would cry and I would be overjoyed to watch it!

Lol! I feel like Jo would win. Javi is a vag.

Isaac is just the sweetest kid, and you can tell he knows what his mom is doing. Yall catch how Kail kept saying "daddy was yelling at ME" "daddy was mean to ME" and all Isaac said was "he was scared". Isaac sees right past her bullshit already and he's only five; he knows who the common denominator is when theres fighting at Daddy's house and when there's fighting at Mommy's house, and it's not him, Lincoln, baby ViVi, Daddy, Dad Javi, the dogs, or Vee.

Wasn't Uncle Dave living with Jenelle for a few months before the tree cutting segment was filmed?

Here comes Jenelle's walnut head piece!


He, he, he... All about your dick of the month. "I seen ya with Keefah" And then you put Jace in the middle of it!! ARGH...

Jenelle you are so wrong. Why don't you just go with your mother???? Who cares what your new boy toy's schedule is??

Jace! Just pee your pants on site! Change the subject! Abort! Abort!

Poor little peace maker Jace. So sad that he's in that position.

I hope he keeps singing that rainbow song :(

I feel for Jace. He looked so scared when Jenelle put him on the spot like that. He's always anxious around her because he's afraid he'll set her off if he says something she won't like.

I was half-expecting Jenelle to tell Babs she couldn't go to Ashville because she had to stay in the area due to her assault charge. Instead she wanted to stay so she could spend Christmas with her latest soulmate. What a tool.

Poor Jace looked so scared. Who does that ? She's a moron.

Poor kid.

She's horrible. Poor Jace was hiding under the table before she asked him that. He looked so scared and unhappy.

Poor thing was looking at Babs too cuz he knew if he said he didn't want to go to Ashville it would hurt her feelings but also knew if he said he did want to go to Ashville that Jenelle would freak out. Sad that he knows the two outcomes of that situation and had to freeze trying to decide which answer would result in the least amount of turmoil. he's too young to have to deal with that stress. easily one of the saddest scenes from the series. i wish that poor kid would just say, "fuck you mom, i don't ever want to live with you, i want to stay with memah forever!"

But more importantly...why doesn't Barbara chime in when Jenelle puts Jace on the spot, because at least she should know that's fucked up to do that. It's like Barbara waits to hear his answer too. Who the hell lets a 6 year old make the Christmas/holiday decisions anyway.....I swear...only with these two dysfunctional people is that the way it works....

I don't understand why she had to look at her newest flavor of the week to see if it was okay with him. Drove me insane! Put your son first, and if Uncle David wants to go to Asheville, then he can. Of course Jenelle will never think like that....

"It's your and his life?" Don't you get paid to say the right words? Grammar and stuff? Law-yers.

The law offices aren't well there.

Not in West Virginia, y'all! Hahaha

Ugh. Leah looks so greasy and gross in this scene with her lawyer. And what, no tears???

It seemed like she already knew the results even before they were read to her. As delusional as she is, even she had to know the judge did not rule in her favor.

She is either a complete mess and disheveled (and high), or overly done with too much make up (like she uses every color in the jumbo color palette set you buy at WalMart). There is never an in between unless she is filming an after show where she had her make up done by a professional. I haven't seen this episode yet, but the screenshot in this post of her looks like a drag queens dream make up palette.

I noticed no tears as well. Probably whatever daily mood stabilizers she is on - anti-depressants made me feel like that.

Honestly, it IS hard to cry when you're on antidepressants. Or a shit-ton of Xanax.

Why can't Leah go anywhere by herself? She always has a friend or cousin with her

Never know when narcolepsy or anxiety is going to kick in after popping pillses. Somebody needs to drive her when it hits.

I just imagined Leah popping a handful of Percocets, snapping her fingers and Chastity pulls up in a 70s style van. Leah's narcolepsy ass laid out in the back.

I kind of wonder if it's partially to make sure she doesn't fall asleep or get pulled over.

can any of the moms be alone? They always have a fame whore friend hanging.

Love your username!

Karl just wants to fight. Recording in case you needed to take legal action? Oh please. And Javi GTFO with "I have to take care of Issac because you don't." Sit down please.

Wooow. I totally missed Javi saying that. All I heard was him telling Jo to take care of his dogs. Javi can barely take care of his own kid. He'd rather be around Isaac because he prefers a kid who's already walking, talking, can go to the bathroom and clothe himself. Javi wanted a ready-made family. He's a lazy POS.

I thought Javi was calling Jo 'dog'....kinda like how Jenelle calls people 'dude' when she is referring to them in a negative connotation.

Also? I live in a military town, and let me tell you...acting out like that, and being in the military is a huge no no. Especially when you are being filmed. Even when you are off duty. You are always representing the military, and hiding behind your hulk of a wife and acting like a punk bitch would get a repremand from your superior in my neck of the woods.

Weren't they picking Isaac up from Joes? I.e. After Joe had been taking care of him?

Javi, you wanted your wife to take your newborn grocery shopping just so you wouldn't have to deal with him alone for an hour. Please take several seats.

I don't condone violence but if Jo would have punched Javi for that one i probably would have let it slide.

I don't even have a kid, and I'm hanging out not wearing pants. Shit I need to get my life together. Kail was so trying to make him look bad. Hating Jo is the glue that holds javi and kail together. It's seriously the only time they get along. It will be interesting to see if Javi gets more heat than miranda has. Girl has been rightfully mad, but never acted like that.

I agree. That seems like why they're always picking fights with Jo even after Kail claims they're getting along. Plus, Kail and Javi's marriage is falling apart. They're miserable and they're lashing out. It's ridiculous.

And, again, Kail totes instigated that fight. She has no business going after Jo for how he acted. And he looks like a hot mess because he HAS A NEWBORN. Seriously. Isaac looking up to Javi doesn't mean he doesn't look up to Jo. He can idolize both his father and his stepfather. It's not one or other. Listening to them badmouth Jo and Vee is so aggravating. Kail and Javi just existing is aggravating me right now. The self-entitlement they exude is unreal.

I seriously think that deep down Kail and Javi would love it if Jo was a shit father. She could be the poor little victim, and Javi could be the "hero" I wanna vomit thinking about it.

@Maci's - it seems she's always digging for easy wins and trying to find any excuse she can to get more time with Isaac. I feel like in Kail's ideal world Jo wouldn't be involved. She would be in total control and absolutely love it. On the outside it would look like she has the perfect nuclear family with Javi but at home she can use the fact that Javi isn't Isaac's bio dad to exert control and yet claim victim because Jo took off. but alas, Jo wants to be very actively involved with Isaac so she's forced to hand over that control. she's an interesting person to examine even though i hate her guts.

It made me really think hard when during the TM2 vs TMOG thingy when Maci said she and Rhine realized they had nothing to fight over. I just wanted to see Kail's reaction face, especially when Maci added that she and Rhine have had time to heal and that what caused the fights was unhealed hurt.

Javi will never get the shit Miranda does.

So long as Kail is married to him (so like another 6 months), Javi will be the perfect, hardworking step-father.

Miranda and Vee will always be the evil sluts who have no right being on the show and should never interact with TM kids.

Just how Jenelle keeping Nathan from Kaiser is totally justified and responsible, but Dave's ex wife keeping him from his child is unfair and she's a bitch.

@Nathan's...I also thought it was ironic in the aftershow, the host asked Chelsea to give Leah encouraging words about fighting for custody (at least I saw the camera pan to her directly during her generic words of encouragement). So Chelsea is basically telling Leah to 'keep fighting' for custody & to 'stay strong' when Leah's twins were taken away for her various drug related mom-fails - which are the exact reasons she keeps Aubrey away from Adam. I get that they are both moms and have that solidarity, but please....Leah's prescription drug abuse was the big giant elephant in the room (that and of course the fact that Maci is now having a baby in two weeks, and she 'just found out').

@Sophias I dont know how Chelsea kept a straight face saying that. I kinda felt bad for her, she sees what we see. She knows what a fuck up Leah is.

The funny thing is that Javi REFUSES to take part in coparenting talks with Jo and Vee, but has no problem bashing their parenting. What does this guy do besides be the fun time parent. Does he even interact with Lincoln? The gender double standard pisses me off to no end. Vee and Miranda have never spoken to Kail/Leah like that and honestly they've seen enough that I would let it slide. Shit's not right.

Remember when Jo and Kailyn had to attend court ordered therapy and she was all crying, saying she hated Vee's guts because she was afraid of being replaced and Jo said he didn't want to be replaced either? But now she's totally cool with Javi calling Isaac his son and referring to him as dad to Isaac. STFU Kail. You look so dumb.

She is dumb, and does herself no favors always playing the victim. Its revolting.

Also i just feel like i have to add that, when 16 and pregnant first aired i would have never seen myself siding with most of the dads on the show...times have changed..

Javi is a complete asshole and I don't get why Miranda gets more hate than he does (other than the fact that she's a woman, and people online prefer hating on women, for some reason). Thank God this site keeps more or less reasonable...

This is the only site I read about the girls and I don't have any real-life friends (that I know of!) that watch the TM shows, so I am in disbelief that people hate on Miranda!! What a bunch of idiots.

"What do you think about David Jace?"

Bitch, you should be asking what he thinks OF YOU having dirty ass stranger men coming every week around your sons. I'm pretty sure Jace knows what a whore since he's everything else.

One of these times I want Jace to say, "meh, i liked [insert flavor of the week] better"

He will. Not yet because he's still young enough to want to try and please Jenelle. But give him a few years and he will. High 5 to future Jace!

Leah is so drugged up she can't even show emotion. I would be crying my eyes out if I was her.

Same here. She's just all numbed out.

No downvotes at 10:44?? :-O I guess our favorite cast members and Tumblr authors are not following us tonight...