A Sunday Summary

Mackenzie Douthit

I feel like every time I turn around, there's something new happening with the ladies from these shows! Here's a quick Sunday summary to keep you up to date on some of the latest Teen Mom happenings!

1. Mackenzie Competes


We've all seen Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie get pretty big into body building over the course of the last year. She's been lifting and running and gaining muscle mass. She also had a boob job done to help make her appearance more typical of female body builders.

Her hard work finally had a purpose because she actually is at a body building competition.

The NPC Body Building competition runs from August 20-22 and is held in San Antonio. We'll be sure to update you once we know how Mackenzie did overall - plus I know you're all dying for updated bedazzled bikini pics.

2. Katie donates eggs


Katie Yeager, also of Teen Mom 3, has been pretty vocal about her newest endeavor of becoming an egg donor for couples who are struggling with conceiving a child of their own. This weekend, Katie shared a picture of some hormone shots that she has to take in order to ensure that her eggs are harvested at precisely the right time.

Sadly, the photo was met with a bit of criticism because people feel as though she is too young to know what the potential repercussions of egg donation can be.

Either way, it seems like Katie is following all the rules and regulations, so I'm hopeful that this process will go well for her!

3. Kail writes another book


Kailyn has already published one book, but this time around she's doing things differently. Instead of an autobiography, Kailyn wrote a children's book called "Love is Bubblegum" and I have to say that the cover seems pretty darn cute.

Kailyn is not the first Teen Mom to publish a book aimed at kiddos. You'll surely remember Farrah's attempt at Passy Perfume several years ago. Either way, I'm looking forward to reading it because I love children's books.

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Love Is Bubblegum: You spit it out when it gets flavorless.

Good for the first 20 minutes, barely tolerable for the next hour.

Love is Bubblegum: blow it up and it gets all over your face ..... ifyaknowwhatimean

On a serious note though, the book cover does look cute. Very jealous of her book deal though - aspiring writer here

Don't worry...she just badgered her publisher until they decided it was better to just publish her rather than listen to her bitch at them and scowl for the next few years. When a writer actually works hard to achieve something, it's evident in what gets published. I'd rather struggle to be published for years and have one respected work than dribble out the crap these ladies do.

Rae, ur just a jelus hayter! ;)

Mackenzie and Kail are idiots. As for Katie..pretty serious stuff being an egg donor. Someone said something about her being too young to process it. Well unfortunately women in their early 20s are good candidates for egg donation, so that's just how it works. More power to her if she wants to help others conceive and up to recipients to choose her!

I can't knock a woman who chooses egg donation. It's not near as easy or as quick of a pay day as men's donation. So I'm hard pressed to believe there wasn't a decent amour of serious consideration put into this.

The IncrediKail Hulk is probably the best name on here!!! ?

Your photo! ???

@TheIncrediKail Hulk (laughing at the name!!), $5000-$10000 (the ethical max) is what women are typical compensated so egg donation. It is a LONG process and in many ways a selfless one, but I don't think everyone who does it sees the past the dollar signs until they're halfway into it and I think Katie is doing it for money or ego.

28 is typically the max age for donation, which necessitates donations from women generally far too young to understand the emotional implications of the process. Then again, Katie believes Katie can do no wrong, so I doubt her "mature" self took any long-term effects into consideration.

In other news, Mackenzie is probably spending far more than she will ever being making in her field, and her attention-seeking ways are just getting old. Being healthy is great but she probably isn't doing anything the healthy way and she spends more time working out and online than with her kids!

but hey, she's online because she has to work!!!! it's a real job!!! she needs to post shakes on instagram because it's money for the famileeeeee and her new bawdyyyyyy!

Your picture....hahahaha *barf*

Now I thought that women were born with all of their eggs, which is like.....I don't know a few thousand, or some very high number.When you donate eggs, are you donating all the rest of the eggs? What are the emotional implications of the process? I'm genuinely curious. I would figure that she'd still have enough eggs left if she wants to have more kids in the future....maybe it would just decrease the chances??

I think it's much better than promoting shit on instagram because she's at least using her "fame" to raise awareness about infertility. sure maybe she's doing it for the money, but donating your eggs is not fun at all, I heard it can be painful, it's much better than releasing porn tapes, writing stupid children books, attending body building contests to stay in the spotlight, selling your own nudes....the list goes on. But if she stopped doing it because people are asking her to promote shit on instagram I guess I will definitely lose respect for her. She's one of the those girls from the franchise that I don't hate but don't like either.

As an aspiring author, it irks me that Kailyn gets published so easily because she's on a tv show. A tv show about teenagers getting knocked up.

I think it is a disservice to the term "NY Times Best Selling Author" for these poorly written, self-aggrandizing books to claim the title simply because people want to see how bad they are.

The thing that also annoys me is that I haven't heard any of the girls say they are grateful for the opportunities that have come from the show (besides Chelsea, she just did a Q&A on FB and she did say she was glad thankful or something). But, Maci did an interview and said her life would basically be the same if it wasn't for the show. Like these girls could at least appreciate the fact that MTV has made them famous enough for people to care about buying the crappy stuff they advertise and get paid for.

Actually, Maci went as far as to say "[Maci] got the shit end of the deal" in reference to having minimal fame but having to deal with the hassle of the fans. The Ashley covered that awhile ago. Maci is so full of herself it's crazy.

That title was tarnished long ago. Snooki is a NY Times Best Selling Author.

I almost said "How dare you?!" when Maci said that. Talk about not only lying through your teeth but biting the hand that feeds you.

Maci's life would have been a lot different if it wasn't for MTV. I bet she would have finished college already. She wouldn't have MTV to fall back on. She wouldn't have new cars or a new house because she wouldn't have enough income, even with a degree.

Jesus God, Maci! I can't believe girl had the audacity to say that.

Has Maci EVER held a job? Like an actual job? Because you don't get approved for a loan when you're not working and have no work history and your boyfriend is also unemployed.

Don't be jealous. Anyone can be a published author, many times you either pay to have the book published and pray that you can make money on the sales or you get an agent and a publisher and they will pay you an advance and pennies for each book sold. Either way, most of the money goes to other people. Look at the ranking in Amazon if you want a better idea how many books they are selling. I think most of those "bestseller lists" are kind of a lie nowdays anyway. They probably got advances because of name recognition

I think what she means it, Karl gets book deals so easily for nothing, but normal people you start from scratch. And you kind of have to pay for everything by yourself just to have it released, but these teen moms have everything done for them.

This is very much not true. If you have a legit contract with a legit publisher, and not a vanity press, you don't have to pay for anything.
Getting published isn't easy, but I have a feeling that most "aspiring authors" online are not actually writing all that much anyway...

I live in San Antonio!! But, I won't be attending the competition lol. Good for Katie, at least she's doing something positive! Kail annoys me because I know people who work really hard to get published and have had to 'sell' their books for free on Amazon, and just because she got knocked up at 16 she'll have people buying her book.

Hey! A fellow Texan! :)


I'm from a small town North of Houston.

LO I'm in Austin as well! #Austinites

I'm in Temple. It's between Austin and Waco :)

We need a TX meetup! I'm in the middle of nowhere but will travel for margaritas :-D

A Texas meetup - where it takes 9+ hours to drive from border to border! Hahaha

Lol! I'm from California, but I understand the struggle. I'll have friends from the East Coast visit CA and hit me up like, "I'm in San Francisco! Let's meet up!!! :D" And I'm all, "That's 6 hours north of here and gas is $4.50 a gallon!! :) :) :) :)"

LMS, that's why we'd need a 6 hour "midpoint" lol

Yes on TX meet up! Lol Texas is so big it takes an hour(s) to get to the other bigger cities.

Tomlin, preach! I'm probably a few hours north of you. People don't get that I'm in California but am hours from the beach lol.

Texas peeps, I LOVED San Antonio when I went to a conference there! The Riverwalk is the shizz! So much partying, haha

See, I'm from Jersey and you can travel 4 hours and be 3 states away so when I went to Dallas on a business trip ( a real one, not like Nathan's) I was like " Do I get to see the Alamo!?" And everyone was like " UM NO!" lol the concept of a big state is so foreign to me. Driving from Florida, it seemed like foreverrrr getting through the Carolina's!

There was a Texas meet up last weekend! In Galveston! Another commenter and I (who are also on the TMJ KIK chat) met up in Galveston at LaKings. I believe the other commenter I met up with goes by "TrashTVismyGuiltyPleasure" On here. It was fun, we talked about the show, enjoyed ice cream and got watch the cruise ship prepare to leave.

Kails Merc! Come on! Take one for the team and go see bedazzled Mack and her ittybitty paid for titties on stage for the rest of us!

I just got back from San Antonio. We went there for vacation (and Corpus Christi) I walked so much my heels are bruised. I small for a Texas meet up. I live in the middle of no where too. In west-central Texas. I don't drink, but I will travel to meet up with anyone that shares my love-hate relationship of these shit shows!!!

Good for Kail for writing and publishing another book. (Not that I have any interest in actually reading her book). I think it's actually smart of the teen mom to use their fame to make an extra income (not the way Farrah uses her fame to earn extra money) while they still have some popularity. Of course the smartest ones still go to school to get their degrees while pursuing other business opportunities.

Of course, it doesn't mean that when the teen moms are constantly promoting stuff online and coming out with new products to sell, it doesn't get annoying, because it does. But I still think it's a good idea to capitalise on their fame while they can.

I want to reply to Tomlin but it's not an option. $4.50 a gallon???? I'm bitching about $2.39.

And that's for REGULAR! Not even premium man /:

When I was stationed in Monterey gas was over 5 bucks for premium (I have a high performance machine lol) and walked a lot lol

I don't know how many Litres are in a gallon. But I'm paying about $1.45 per Litre is Aus.

Unless your owners manual specifically says premium required (not recommended but required) you can use regular without hurting your car and it will not noticeably affect performance (it takes half a second longer to get from 0 to 60) http://www.edmunds.com/fuel-economy/to-save-money-on-gas-stop-buying-pre...

@Meth Pipe 3.79 liters in a gallon, so that's roughly $5.50 AUD per gallon. Factor in the exchange rate and you're paying a little over $4 USD per gallon, so welcome to the club!

Right?! I've been bitching that gas went back up this weekend to $2.69 a gallon! I can't even imagine $4.50. I would walk everywhere. LOL

This might be an unpopular opinion, but the more gas prices increase, the more money goes into our oilfields, which puts more money back into our economy. Like the oilfield or not, they are necessary and they deserve paychecks too.

^^ I didn't mean for that to sound as bitchy as it does. Nobody has complained about the oilfield on here. What I mean is, as gas prices increase, a man in the oilfield gets that paycheck and is able to feed his kids another meal. Everyone deserves a paycheck.

Well, I do live in inner city Los Angeles. So everything is expensive in comparison to other parts of the country.

My youngest older brother is an oilfield worker. His wife drives a hybrid lol :P

For some reason hearing Kail decided to write a children's book brought me back to the days of learning to count with The Count on Seseme Street.

How many head shakes does Javi deserve today? 4 head shakes!
1 head shake
2 head shakes
3 head shakes
4 head shakes!

Ah ha ha ha ha!

I Literally choked on my soup thank you for the laugh

lo luv your dp and sn

I frigging LOVE Count von Count!!!!

The book cover is pretty adorable.

I don't feel guilty for saying that, because I know Kailyn didn't create it.

So did Mackenzie's sex tape story just kind of go away?

Do you think her sex tape even actually existed?

Definitely. I think she wanted to sell a home video of her and Jaaaaawsh but the concussion King wasn't on board her porno train.

I think with Jawsh's brain damage he couldn't legally consent. Concussions and stuff, you know.

part of me thinks she was photographed with Steve as a stunt and basically paid them to cooperate with her, but part of me thinks Steve doesn't have time for that shit unless a porno really exists

Agreed. Steve is a multi, multi millionare. McKenize wouldn't have the cash to pay for a "appearance" with him. I think there was definitely a tape, but they couldn't work a deal or backed out.

I like the illustration on the cover of Kail's book it's pretty eye catching but I just can't see the book doing well at all, with a list price of $17... that just seems sky high for a kids book!!

It comes with a set of action figures. Bobblehead Papi (watch his head shake!) And the Angry Kailasaurus. (Hear it roar!)

You just made with think of Reptar!

are you giving them ideas for new products to scam fans lol

Kids books are stupidly priced for the most part. A kids book being 25-30$ is normal (at least in Canada) and especially for hard cover. But then we have little critter books and Bernstein bears for 4-5$ (soft cover). Doesn't make sense to me!

The Berenstein Bears! Have you ever heard of the Mandela Effect?

Apparently It's not the BerenSTEIN bears...It's the BerenSTAIN bears and always has been O.O

I grew up with the Berenstein bears. It was read to me EVERY night along with Dr. Suess, I read the Berenstein bears to my book buddies and my cousins, I watched the show. It was DEFINITELY the BerenSTEIN bears. It blows my mind lol.

@ BabsBottom- That's crazy, isn't it?! I thought for sure it was BerenSTEIN. To prove my point I went to my parent's house (who still have all my old books, movies, etc) boxed up. I found the box with all my childhood favorites from the late 80's, and sure enough it actually WAS BerenSTAIN! I think the way it pronounced (how it doesn't totally look like the spelling) is what's throwing things off. There's actually been some news coverage on this "conspiracy" (haha) and it's been confirmed the spelling was never changed. No one has been able to find any books or shows which the spelling was different. I guess we're all crazy!

@ BabsBottom - I KNOW!! The BerenSTAIN vs. BerenSTEIN thing has been bugging me for ages! My son got some of the newer Berenstain Bears books for his birthday one year, and I was baffled because I didn't remember them being so focused on God and prayer... So I went searching, and it turns out Stan and Jan have passed away, and the series was carried on by their overly religious son, which explains why the books suck now.
I've had to dig through my dads old storage to pull out my old ones so my son can experience the REAL Berenstain Bears.

Okay, so I too have heard of the Mandela Effect in relation to everyone's favorite bear books. The part of it that trips me up, is that I have very very distinct childhood memories of it being BerenSTAIN. I remember watching the animated show and singing along with the theme song where they said Berenstain with a hard long A sound. I would often say Berenstein because it sounds more like an actual name, but I remember the A. When I started to read about people remembering it as BerenSTEIN, I was so confused that next time I was at my brother's house, I looked through my nieces picture books to confirm that I was remembering it right.

@LeaveMeAHHHLLOONNEEE - It is SO crazy! No one will ever be able to find any of the books that say Berenstein because it's always been Berenstain :S

All we have is the word of Thousands of people who swear up and down that it is Stein. When I look at the Cover and see Stain, it does not look right to me at all and all of our parents/teachers who read these books to us wouldn't have been reading it wrong?! Ugh..Idk whats going on but it doesn't make sense lol
People can call me a "crazy conspiracy theorist" all they want.. I have a photographic memory and I know what I saw dammit! :P

@ Tomlin - Thats whats so crazy about the bears...Theres one group of people who know it as Stain and the other group know it as stein. One of the crazy theories is that the people who believe it is Berenstein, shifted into an almost indistinguishable parallel universe. lol. Like I said, I don't know whats going on here but it's crazy that there are two groups of people who will bet their lives on it being one over the other.

I've never heard of this being a thing, but I swear it's BerenSTEIN, so much so I almost want to run home and get out my son's books which were my old ones, but if all these people are saying it I guess I would be really diappointed and baffled.

I was just reading about this the other day (I had heard about it previously but found a really good article on it)
It's called the Mandela effect because there are a large number people who distinctly remember Mandela dying in jail. Just an interesting FYI lol. I very much remember it being stein as a kid and it drives me crazy. I thought maybe they'd just changed the spelling for some weird reason but nope. My odd memories are apparently proof that alternate realities exist or that someone changed our timeline after my childhood. Also interesting FYI the belief is that people remember stein because it is what looks more like a "real" name (names such as Weinstein etc were sited as examples of the stein ending).

I was so little that I didn't pay much attention to how it was spelled, but Bernstain sounds very believable. My grandparents, great people, who didn't pronounce everything perfectly, always called the movies "BernSTEEN" bears so that's how I used to say it. I haven't heard the theme song in years, so I'm going to refresh myself right now.
Hmm sounds like they're saying "STEEN" because they say it so fast.

I usually buy kids books on Amazon and they're like $3-5. I go for the cheaper books because kids I'd rather have more books than one or two expensive ones. I splurged for jimmy Fallon's book and his was $6. He's way bigger of a celebrity than Karl. So idk how $17 would even be considered for a price??

Chris Colfer writes childrens books too and his are like $10 or under. But we don't know if Kail decided the price.

Love is marrying for benefits.

love is telling your husband to stop calling you because husbands aren't supposed to care about their wives.

Love is letting all your horrible friends tag along on your family vacations even though they make your husband uncomfortable.

Love is shaking your husband's head when he makes you mad or doesn't agree with you on something.

Love is taking off your wedding ring whenever you feel like it/go out.

Love is wanting to save your marriage, but only seriously suggesting divorce as the solution.

We can learn so much from the mermaid, can't we?

Love is trying to alienate your child from their other parent.

Love is never admitting you are wrong. ever.

Love is involving everyone in your marital problems.

Love is telling your husband to take you home after you don't get your way.

Love is.....wanting the benefits of a husband. But not the husband.

Love is......being told you're a good mum

Love is.......not sharing pass codes with your husband so you can text other guys

Love is moving into ANOTHER new house and going into debt because your ex bought a better house with a pool.

Love is Cheetos.

Love is demanding the compliments you WANT, not the compliments you get.

I really don't understand why Kail has the "best selling author" title. Whoever was her ghost writer is the "best selling" author. But oh my god the cover is so cute, I die.

The "best selling author" is just a marketing thing. I'm pretty sure I see it on every English language book that's not a debut.

Yeah they never say what it's compared to. Best selling when compared to that guy who sells oranges by the on ramp.

When I saw Kail's Instagram post about this, I was pretty curious about what the book was about (because "Love is Bubblegum" isn't exactly a title filled with foreshadowing...)
Apparently she stared writing this years ago when she asked Issac what his idea of love is. I'm more interested in this book than her autobiography; but I'm not paying $17 for a kids book. The most I've paid for a book for my kiddos was $15 for a Star Wars book called "Good Night Darth Vader."

Good night, Moon. ....That's no moon!

It's actually a really awesome read :) my daughter loves it too! It's her night-night story (plus whatever other book she chooses)

Time to put that boob job to the test, Mackenzie!

I did some reading online and apparently Kail collected kids' cute explanations of love, and then the illustrator did the illustrations based off of them. I wonder how much of it will actually be her writing versus just the recounting/quoting what the kids said. If it's mostly just what the kids said, then it wouldn't have taken much actual "authoring". She did come up with the idea for it, though. I'm just annoyed by the Teen Moms becoming "best selling authors", specifically with the autobiographies/memoirs. Speaking of which, has anybody here read Maci's book?

I'd rather she write a hundred kids books, than ever EVER do porn.

Jesus God no!!

I did. She left out the entire treehouse/Kyle Regal part of her life, and claims she did graduate and is currently employed as a social media marketing specialist. It was horribly written for someone who claims that they ~love writing~

Teen mom 3 was actually good they just needed to get rid of Mackenzie and Katie cause they were boring, but Breanna and Alex were actually interesting

I thought teen mom 3 had the cutest babies HANDS DOWN. I actually secretly really liked teen mom 3 too lol.

I've liked all of it. 16&P and TM 1/2/3

Well still no sex tape from Mack.

I'm surprised Kail's book isn't titled "your daddy isn't important" all about how kids should only love their moms.

Either that or "Little White Boys: A Guide To Approved Haircuts"

lol that was hilarious! I think that's why Lincoln has a wierd "haircut", for a little boy his hair seems a little long and messy? He's still cute but I feel like she's purposely giving him a "white hairstyle" but it looks terrible.

hahah omg /dead

Did they take away the subscription feature all of a sudden...?

And the edit feature?

kail is such a bitch, her name is printed big on the book while the illustrator's name is so tiny, the illustrator should be given more credit.

I honestly didn't see the illustrators name until your comment

Self-Worth, you're 100% right and people here just get angry and downvote whenever you tell the truth and they don't like it. I've made plenty of comments that have been downvoted to hell and I don't even care because I know it's the truth and people are just bitter about it.

If you dare to say anything remotely complimentary about Kail or anything bad about Chelsea, you'll get downvoted.

Hey downvoters, you're just further proving my point. The truth hurts, doesn't it?

...I'm pretty sure she wasn't the one who designed the cover, come on.

I love those downvotes. MUST HATE KAIL ALL THE TIME, EVERYTHING IS HER FAULT. I'd enjoy a comment explaining how I'm wrong way more. Because honestly, if pointing out that she's most likely not the person who was in charge of the cover design (find me an author that does their own cover design and a publisher that'd allow that - small vanity presses don't count) is so offensive that you need to downvote it, you might be getting a bit obsessive with your hate&looking for things to get angry about.

Like, seriously, I'm as far from a Kail fan as I can be (...I can't even remember if it's Kail or Kali, to be honest), but some of ya'll would blame her for the weather, the World War I and the Original Sin.

To be fair she probably does bring bad weather everywhere she goes LOL! (metaphorically anyway)

That's not true! Some things are Obama's fault too!

I posted on the wrong comment but look up and see my reply. I agree with you completely.

I just watched the most recent episode and does it bother anyone else how much sense the guys are making? being the assholes they are, Nathan and Jerms are also making so much sense, everything they say about the moms are so true. Ok except for Adumb.

I think it's MTV's only leverage at retaliation against these hoes (Leah & Jenelle).

Especially Leah. They're skating around the fact that Leah was caught on camera getting dicked down by Robbie (actually, I don't know the contents of the footage, but you get what I mean). I think someone here has theorized that it's because Leah wouldn't sign otherwise. Makes sense. So, while they can't show that she's a cheating smut, they can make Jeremy look as good as possible and Leah look a trashy as possible.

Maybe that's me giving MTV way too much manipulative credit though.

Also, Jenelle is just a terrible human being and maybe they're just sick of her playing the victim card. Like, I get Nathan is no picnic either but Jenelle is crying that, "all my exes say I'm the best girlfriend they ever had!"
Jenelle, surely their credibility is low...
Keiffer makes pipes for a "living" & injected you with heroin (and himself)
And was it Gary who did heroin too? I know there's another supply of dick in there and I can't quite remember who... Anyway. Surely it's tiring watching her dumbass prance around like she's done nothing wrong.

You're only missing her husband and the father of her aborted baby, courtland. But they kinda glossed over him

I don't think Gary did heroin, he just smoked a lot of pot and drank a lot. Courtland was the one she did heroin with pretty much the entire relationship. Courtland is actually the father of 2 of Jenelle's aborted babies. Lastweekonteenmom did a summary of Jenelle's pregnancies by Courtland. I'll copy and paste what she said:

"She is rumored to have had one done before Jace. But she’s definitely has 2 since Teen Mom 2 started.

The first one (Feb 2013) she claimed was a miscarriage but after the backlash she received and being caught out at the clubs and partying until 4am the day of the “miscarriage”, her friends finally admitted she’d had an abortion.

She claimed she was going through the miscarriage at the hospital and having medical treatment of that but in reality she was really having a medical abortion.

Gary and two of her friends eventually called her out on social media.
The second abortion took place just 3 months later (May 28-29, 2013) and was on the show. She was 9 weeks pregnant at the time so she got pregnant just weeks after her February abortion.

After getting pregnant by Courtland once, you’d think she’d get on birth control. Nope.

Jenelle also met Nathan for the first time at the abortion clinic in Raleigh and she even tweeted later on that he was there with her during the whole thing."

Holy shit Jenelle is twisted.
"Oh hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but come to the abortion clinic with me... Maybe?"

And Nathan's just as fucking nuts for going to meet some crazy married woman he just met online to have an abortion...even though his mother is a "minister" and he's oh so very Christian.

(Not knocking abortion at all...it's just that Nathan likes to play his Sanctimonious Asshole card but only when it's conveniently trashing someone else.)

Ha. Way to go Mack. San Antonio is a shithole.

New comment section- should be back up at the top. This scrolling is maddening!

...Ok, so what about that porn thing, Mack? Or your music career?

I just love how Kail has her name written in huge letters under NYT best selling author. She is so full of herself. These days it's harder to get a quality book on that list than it is for some stupid celebrities book. My history professor had a NYT best seller and thought it was crazy he got on that list since academic books rarely make it. The book is also incredibly long, have to get around to reading it.

Does anyone know how much of these books the girls actually wrote and how much the ghost writers participated. Do you think Kail herself is actually a decent writer? I guess Maci is okay, not top author quality but at least decent.

I just assume that they're all too lazy to write anything (maybe except for Farrah, she loves talking, so maybe she enjoys writting batshit insane stuff, too), but maybe I'm being unfair. Still, I can't imagine Maci writing a book. It's like, doing things! Almost like work!

Love is changing your last name when u get married to your mom's maiden name and not your husband's name because you don't want to leave your kids out

I'm pretty sure she didn't change it because she knew they wouldn't last and she didn't really love him so it would be more of a pain to change it back after. I think she used Isaac as an excuse because otherwise you know she'd try to change his name to Javis last name too

I know a lot of (real) celebrities, writers, musicians, artists etc... keep their maiden name because that's the name they associate with their work or whatever, but in Kail's case, why not just hyphenate... Or something along those lines. Being a Teen Mom star isn't exactly in the top 10 reasons to keep your maiden name.

The interesting thing is that Kail had Javi's last name hyphenated with hers on Twitter and around the time rumors were starting about their rocky marriage, she'd changed it back to just Lowry.

TONS of women keep their maiden name these days whether or not they're famous. Some of them are just modern and don't feel the need to change their last name because it's a very old-fashioned practice and can also be seen as becoming your husband's property (Not saying I feel this way, but lots do).

None of us know why Kail kept her name. But don't shit on the idea of keeping your maiden name because there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. People just need to hate on Kail for every little thing she does.

I totally understand keeping your name, I'm just saying in Kail's case being "famous" isn't the best reason. I knew a girl that kept her name because her dad passed away and she wanted to hold on to that part of him. It's beautiful, really. I guess it's weird to me that she would want to associate with her family name after being cut off from them.

Love is something I am incapable of showing, and this is why my sons are going to need intensive therapy for their mommy issues when they're older.

My problem is she didn't change it to javis after they got married I mean that's your business she changed it to her dad's name and her mom's expecially after she has no emotion or any bond with either of them and sez and writes about how she raised herself so why not change it to someone else's last name (javis ) when she got married since she doesn't have a bond with any of them

What was her last name before it was Lowry? I thought it was always Lowry?

She threw in Irwin at some point. I'm pretty sure it was first Lowry from her dad then she added Irwin for Suzi after TM2 started.

Is Issac's last name Rivera? I know she said she kept Lowry for Issac at one point in time

Issac has jo's last name Lincoln has javis and she kept her last name lowery-Irwin so no one is left out 0_o

Well now Isaac will match Baby ViVi. His little sister ?

Haha can't wait for him to ask mail why his last name and vivis last name are the same but his and Lincoln are not

lol and I thought "karl" was the best autocorrect that happened here, now we got Mail.

People read way too much into this stuff. My boys have different last names. My 6 year old does not care at all. He has Mommy's last name and that's all there is to it, and he knows Daddy made his brother but didn't make him. kids are smarter than people think.

I don't think they're talking about Issac not being happy about it, Kail is the one who is upset because she didn't want Issac to feel left out of everyone's last name was "Marroquin" but his was "Rivera". I doubt Issac will care or be affected by it, especially because it's pretty common for moms name to not match their kiddos name because of marriage/divorce/remarriage or dads name to not match either if mom uses her maiden name for the child and then gets married.

Moral of the story, Kail blows everything out of proportion.

I think what I'm trying to get at is Issac doesn't care at all.its kail and that's what makes it funny not pretend were at the diner and jo is laughing at kail for her stupid ignorant comments (haha mail literally just noticed that :/ )

I think what I'm trying to get at is Issac doesn't care at all.its kail and that's what makes it funny now pretend were at the diner and jo is laughing at kail for her stupid ignorant comments (haha mail literally just noticed that :/ )

Ugh sorry for the grammatical errors the schools arnt well where I'm from 0_o and not to mention in school I was a straight A student with tons of job offers but I just failed my certification test
Seriously stupid auto correct

I can see Kail wanting to change Isaac's last name to Javi's because "Javi's his real dad" and if new baby has his last name he'll want to live with Jo and we can't have that. LOL

Did we all see Jenelle's Instagram post looking for a mtv dress?

God forbid that chick actually pay for anything.

I meant a dress for the mtv awards. Not sure where my brain was on that one....

I'm not a twitter celebrity but I just assumed that anything she's asking for advice on via social media was a not so subtle "if I can get this for free, I'll tweet about it" message. Because I'm a grown ass woman and when I need a dress, I go find one on my lonesome and pay for the damn thing. I don't have to consult my "followers" like Jenelle and the rest of these girls tend to do.

Apparently Jenelle failed her exam to get certified to do whatever the fuck she went to "school" for...even though no one in their right mind with access to Google would hire her.

Well color me shocked!

WHAT?!?! But she was a straight A student, lol.

Barbara said she only failed by two points and she's retaking it again. Watching the video of Barbara actually touched my heart. She never talks about Janelle like that.

Barb posted a video?

It's on MTV - It's like episode 6 extra video.

I doubt she failed by just "2 points"
It seems to me that for some reason Babs, has always loved Jenelle and still does, and I think she is just saying what Jenelle told her. Im pretty sure Jenelle, failed by MORE then just 2 points. Either way, I doubt she will get a job any where. Her arrest record, MTV video evidence, AND she couldn't pass the test.

I don't know though, she's always been school smart by the sounds of it and just doesn't really try outside of that lol. I think I could believe she missed by 2 points, she just doesn't have street brains. I don't like Jenelle either but it's not that far fetched. Who the hell I in your AVI I stare at it every time trying to figure it out. @Bobby

It's Amanda bynes and ya I think Jenelle and Kail are the smarter of the four. Not that that's saying much

that's what you get when you don't attend an accredited school/program. Didn't I read something about that? And what the hell is she anyway? I know a long time ago it was a medical assistant, which she'd have to pass her state boards to be certified. So she's got her shitty diploma, but she still probably can't get a job because she can't pass the boards. And she's such a lazy shit, she probably won't take them again, or blame it on being so stressed out from...things.

That's why she's "going back to school" to be a surgical tech...because god forbid she actually get a job in the field she won't stop squawking about being so excited for...nah let's just shell out another $20k to get another certificate for another job she's unemployable for. I figured she found out no one would hire her to be around patients or their info so she pulled the surgical tech card to save face but then I found out she failed her exams anyway.

Janelle failed her state boards by 2 points.

Ooh, but what about all the job offers she had? Where did you unearth that juicy fact? And now she supposedly wants to move back to NC for a "fresh start". I can't wait for the custody battle between her and Nathan. That could be a spinoff show all on its own!!

I just saw a bunch of people mention it on ROLs comment section in an article kissing Jenelle's ass. But I did see a video about Barb having cockatiels for like the past 11 years!!

Just for shits and giggles I looked up a medical assistant state exam practice test online (they are all pretty much the same). I'm not in the medical field and only have basic knowledge of all that stuff. I got an 80%. Maybe Jenelle has always received good grades because teachers don't want to risk having her in their class again or having to deal with a fit of rage and "dudes" when told she didn't pass.

do you know what school she went to? & lol at your username and photo!

30/40 and I haven't taken biology since high school (although to be fair I'm in another science field, although I never use any biology) . Most of those questions are either common sense or things i remember being mentioned in some school or maybe gym class. The anatomy questions are just memorization. Scary that people can pass the test so easily.

The one I took gave me 78%

Seriously how did she fail it? Especially if she was apparently such a good student at her crappy college? That course must not really teach them anything

Jenelle went to Miller-Motte Technical College, which only sticks in my mind because I lived in NC for a while. The only nice thing I can say is that their commercials aren't as bad/trashy as Everest College. For profit colleges are the worst. My dad has his Master's and was toying around with getting his PhD for a while. He didn't know about these scammy colleges until one sent him some info saying he could use his life experience for credit. As in, "write one paper and send us $15,000 and we will send you a degree". As a professor, he was pretty pissed about it.

Janelle failed her state certification test by 2 points.