Another Day, Another Divorce

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Kail and Javi ain't the only people seeing storm clouds in paradise. It seems like former Teen Mom 3 star, Matt McCann, is headed for divorce before 25 as well.

Last time we spoke of Matt here on TMJ all was going well.

He was expecting a baby with his long term girlfriend, Lekota, and was rebuilding his relationship with his first daughter, Arabella.

Matt was even caught up on back child support! The pair had even moved to Idaho from their home state of Pennsylvania because of job opportunity for Matt.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.12.28 PM One of many posts from Lekota praising Matt and his recovery

Arabella's mother, Alex Sekella, has never been particularly impressed by his progress, but there were a lot of fans who were! Matt and Lekota were met by tons of support and well wishes during Lekota's pregnancy and the two wed in December, shortly before the birth of their son, Matt McCann Jr., whom the pair affectionately call "Matty."

As recently as January, Lekota was making posts praising Matt and announcing her undying love for him. So the news that they separated just two months after their marriage came as a bit of a shock to some.

In true Teen Mom fashion, Lekota (who has been near silent on social media since giving birth) took to twitter to let us know what's going on with she and Matt. She's quoted as saying,

"Lemme just say Matt and I are getting a divorce. He's in a bad way and my son is safe. We've been separated since Feb, when he decided he'd rather f**k other wh**es and do drugs.

So I am goooScreen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.06.18 PMood. "Alex and I are good. I'm okay and very much over it. Just looking forward to a better future! Don't feel sorry for me! I am GOOD! Life is so much better."

There's also speculation that this Matt took a page out of Matt Baier's playbook and has a secret child somewhere in the mix.

At least that's what an anonymous commenter on Starcasm is claiming.

And you guys know how it works, if you read it from a stranger on the internet it has to be true! But Lekota, who is ever eager to set the record straight has already taken to her tumblr blog to clear up that rumor.

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Well folks, I guess thems the breaks. Sorry to everyone who was rooting for that couple. Keep taking good care of those kiddos, Lekota and Alex!


HAHA - I love how Lekota is all "Matt wanted to f**k other w**res." OTHER whores? Like doesn't that imply that she's calling herself a whore? Anyway, I feel bad for the kids who are missing out on having a good dad. Lekota seems like she's doing fine, which is good. It's really hard not to have some sense of schadenfreude, though, when he was SUCH a dick and loser in TM2 and 16&Pregnant. Also, I hate his Amish fashion sense these days - with his bow tie and suspenders, it's like he's trying to look like Wilford Brimley.

Schadenfreude is a great word to describe it, as bad as I feel about the whole thing. I have like a weird catharsis, because I could just feel it coming in my spirit. I swear it was like last month or maybe March when she was claiming she and Matt were A-okay and they were just keeping Matty out of the public eye?

Thank you. Also I want to apologize, I meant to write TM3 but wrote TM2. Y'all know what I meant! ?

She'll get back with him. You have to publicly announce you are going to break up at least 3 times before it becomes official.

Oh boy, I've been waiting for this article! I wouldn't say I'm happy about this or that I was waiting for this, but I just had a feeling this would happen. I'm shocked at how quickly it did! The way she was buddy buddy with Megan and LWOTM giving them exclusives, the way she'd post pictures of them with Matt looking bored at best, the way she was always so eager to comment on TM news or support Adam on instagram (ew), the ferver she had in leaping to Matt's defense from the second they got together. It was all just so painfully naive and it was like watching two planes charted to collide. She even commented here once calling Tyler's Trap Baby "TTB." We all know that name and acronym are very TMJ specific, so she was clearly a comment lurker. Don't get me started on the 8 month pregnant wedding and separation 8 weeks later. The whole situation is weird and unfortunate. Poor Matty and Arabella. Get your shit together, Matt! Lekota, better luck next time.

I have to say, Lekota was kinda smug!

She was. Having her account here but not outing herself, and instead just defending Matt endlessly in any articles he was mentioned in and down voting all the negative comments, like, go spend time with your apparently amazing and sober boyfriend instead of telling a bunch of randoms how awesome and definitely not on heroin he is.

She is ALL over Adumbs IG ALL the time. I'm wondering if we had a famewhore on our hands with Lekota.

I commented on The Ashley's Facebook post about this story, and wouldn't you know it? Within an hour Lekota McCann had liked my snarky comment about their fucked up relationship, along with all the others. Spooky as hell.

It is funny how quickly these turn on their exes. It shows me they never really cared about the person/relationship to start off with. No matter what my partner did to me, cheat, drugs ect. i would never publicly trash him on social media and resort to leaving insulting tweet about him, especially if there was a kid involved.

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

Wait Lakota was/is Tylers Trap Baby?

No, but I do remember her vaguely commenting that she "knew exactly who Tyler's Trap Baby was". It was kinda weird.

Noooo no no lol. Lekota had an and she was super smug about their relationshit, so I said some shit she didn't like and she proceeded to find my facebook, and name. Which is fine, lol. I'm not too worried about the hillbillies coming after me. I also said shit to piss Javi and Kail off, like how they rushed wayyy too fast into marriage and how they're trash so you know, the truth, and they blocked me too. It's hard being right all the time.

I can assure you, they are not the same person.

Yeahhh i dont find bald Amish men attractive LOL

I have no idea who these people are.

Neither does most of America

Lekota had a big savior complex when it came to their relationship - I was like that when I was a teenager, and I outgrew that once I entered my 20's because it doesn't work. You simply cannot fix or save people - not through love, or ultimatums, or any means. No matter how much you love them or care about them. Ultimately, when a relationship is right, you shouldn't need to fix or save someone

That being said, Lekota isn't a dumb teenager, and shouldn't have rushed into having a baby and marrying so young with an addict. I feel bad for her baby more than anything, and I hope she and Alex create a Chelsea-Taylor dynamic where they get their kids together even if their father is shitty

Didn't screenshot for the article, but here ya go:

I've seen those! They look so much alike. I just hope they meet up regularly like Aubree and Paislee do, especially as they get older.

Definitely Matt's nose and eyes. Everyone has their opinions on half siblings, but I'm all for strong relationships between them.

Sorry this is pretty pedantic but step siblings are by marriage only, no blood. Half siblings are one shared parent. It just used to upset me when I was a kid cos I had two half siblings who are very much part of my bloodline so I hated people calling them step!

I meant to say half siblings, I don't know how I made that mistake. I also have half siblings and it annoys me so much that my mom sometimes says step siblings. Weird.

Ah that is weird! I've probably slipped a couple of times too even though I'm adamant that they're half

I hate the terms step and half for siblings.. They are siblings no need to discount the relationship with terms that imply "less than"

Eh if step sibblings don't love each other as sibblings then there's no reason to refer to them as such. Parents already force a step family on their kids the least they can do is let the kids decide how they see them.

Yup, still funny

How the fuck is this funny?! A relationship torn apart and a son who may have to go through life without his father. I've tried to keep my mouth shut because I get that everybody is entitled to their opinion but fuck. I don't see a damn thing funny about this.

I'm sorry. I just can't give any fucks about this.

Just enough to find it funny. Got it.

Precisely. Since you care about Lekota so much, maybe you should've spoken up to let her know how fucking idiotic she was to give that bum the time of day, let alone have his baby. Maybr she wouldn't be in this mess. Clearly, you don't give much of a shit either.

I think she means it's funny just because Lequisha whatever was such a smug asshole about the relationshit and it's just funny to see what a fuckin idiot she was. Sad for the kids for sure though.

LongHair; I care about her quite a bit, yes. When my IUI failed she was a huge source of support for me. The only people I had outside of my husband were her, and the kik group. She talked to me when I was up at night torn to pieces about how bad things had gotten on my end and gave me the encouragement to keep going. So I'm going to stick up for her. Just like I would any of them. I didn't even want to say anything on here in the first place because I know it's lose/lose in this scenario but sometimes it's hard to keep my mouth shut.

And I'm not going to tell her that she is a fucking idiot for giving Matt a chance. He was sober, they were engaged, why is she an idiot for that?! It wasn't like she saw this coming. It isn't like they planned a pregnancy a few months into their relationship and shopped around the story before the pee on the stick was even dry. She didn't see this shit coming, and it certainly isn't her fault.

I'll be the first to admit I ragged on Alex and I'll own up to it. That was wrong of me, and hypocritical. Looking back on it, I feel for her, and I commend her for moving on in a healthy manner. In fact, it made me realize that we sometimes forget the people we tear to pieces on here are humans that have feelings and are going through some rough times. Nothing about this scenario is funny.

It's hardly a surprise really. Two kids with a druggy for a Dad who will never really care about them or be in their lives. I'm glad Alex seems to be doing so well, I think that despite her lack of like ability on the show she is one of the best Mums to come out of this franchise (not really a huge compliment). I know that addiction is hard but he didn't even want to try to give up drugs when he found out Alex was pregnant. He just wanted to place her for adoption! Meanwhile Alex was working two jobs heavily pregnant. Yet people gave her soooo much shit and seemed to love Matt?!
I can't feel sorry for that Lekota girl, she seems to be a hugeeeee attention seeker and she was such a smug bitch about Matt 'changing'.

yea I always felt sorry for Alex as well. She was young and clearly made some stupid decisions but she seemed to work hard and really care for her child.

What has she done?
I only saw a few episode of TM3 and never cared to keep up with those girls. But I am curious.

She seems to keep pretty quiet, but from what I know she works, has had a boyfriend for a year, no arrests and no pregnancies. She looks after her daughter and Arabella is into dance like she is. She even seemed to calm it on the Matt bashing, and I really think she gave him multiple chances. Here's an interview from November

Lol yeah she blamed Alex for him doing drugs. Neither of them took responsibility for anything.

I'm torn. I'm sad that there is now another kid in this world that the dad isn't prioritizingand I'm sad that this situation makes me sympathize with Alex even though she is such an angry hosebeast. Also I feel bad for Matt- I haven't experienced addiction personally but I can only imagine how tough it is to be so young and have to deal with it.

But, on the other hand, Lekota- you were all over every Teen Mom page that would mention you talking about how much he's changed, how difficult Alex is, how all Matt wanted to be is a good dad (without actually seeing Arabella or having plans to live close to her). I feel bad that she's probably going through a big struggle right now, but this is such a clear case to me of trying to make shit smell like roses that I don't have as much sympathy as I probably should.

Please please can we get this site fixed. It is constantly refreshing and redirecting to some scam game site. I just want to discuss teen mom!

I am having the same problem. I had to type out a comment 3 times before I was able to post.

Same here.

it makes my whole computer freeze!

When someone constantly says, "I'm good", they're usually not. Sounds like she's trying to convince herself, and everyone else, that she's doing better than she is. I get it that she's hurt and pissed, but she should have taken a much harder look at who she was getting involved with before bringing a child into the mix.

I mean, she had 14 (?) episodes to see him in all his shit-baggery...

Do your research folks!

Guys that was in his past!!!!!!!

Every time there is an article about teenmom3 i am so happy i never watched it.

Not even one episode.

Teenmom1& teenmom2. ?

Teenmom3 is just blah. ?

Seriously! Brianna's voice made me want to tear out my hair. I couldn't take it.

You definitely didn't miss out. Even though this whore wasn't even on the show lol.

I feel like if they continued Teen Mom 3, it would've been a lotttt more interesting than the shitty season we got with the first season.

That being said, karma's a bitch Lekota.

Absolutely! Mack and her boobs and her extra baby's. Briana and shockfukherface. Joey and his multiple baby mamas. MTV shut the shit show down too soon. They needed more faith in their trash bag stars!

It would have been a lot better than Teem Mom OG! I would rather see a reboot of TM 3 than another season of OG...

Only good thing about OG was seeing Gary's gorgeous children! Seriously that dude has some good genes lol.

I can still remember Alex and Matt screaming at each other in the street and thinking, "Oh yeah, this chick's segments are going to be the new Jenelle" and rubbing my hands with glee.

I'm still shocked they cancelled TM3, with the return of TMOG they're clearly desperate for anything even half way entertaining. Time for a TM3 reboot, I think!

Here here!! The only person i didn't really like was Katie. I just found her so depressing, she seemed so miserable all the time it was sad.

Alex's voice annoyed me, but her segments definitely had the most potential. I was actually kinda sad that it got cancelled, but in the end I bet it's better for the girls and their families that it did.

A reboot of Teen Mom 3 would definitely be something I would watch. I am glad this story came up (not for the circumstances). I recently binge watched TM3. It was pretty painful, but as I remember, season 1 for each franchise was pretty hard to watch. None of them had or could foresee the money that MTV could bring. That's exactly why I would so love to see a teen mom 3 reboot. These girls had a taste of reality tv fame but (for the most part) they have stayed out of the spotlight. No TM money.
Back on topic. Seeing Matt on 16&P and TM3 was terrible. An IV drug user since 15-16??? How does that happen? No way he had anybody in his life that really cared enough about him to notice that somethings not right. Teenagers while stupid and naïve don't start out shooting up drugs. I feel badly for all involved.

Ole sweaty bangs! I was hoping he'd stay clean but not surprised. I still think Alex and Lekota are shitty too, though. I can multitask! If you have a baby with a known iv drug user, I'm not going to feel torn up for you when junkies junk. I do feel for the kids though; it's not their fault their parents suck.

This shouldn't even be teen mom news. Lekota was never on the show and Matt was high high HIGH the whole time. He probably doesn't even remember being on the show.

Thank you that's what I'm saying. Why the fuck is this news anyway? It was only inevitable. Seriously could have written that tomorrow the sun is going to wtf lol

I don't get why this Matt guy is relevant? TM3 was barely a thing, he was absent so why are so many fans up his ass? Tumblr blogs are up his ass. Why? Is there a legit reason? He obviously isn't some miracle story.....

I think he gives them info

I want GOOD info. How much do they get paid? When? Is it negotiable? Is everyone pod the same? How much is scripted? I'll have respect for them when one of them answers the gritty shit.

I know it is an unpopular opinion but I always felt sorry for Alex. Yes she is a bit of a beast, but even I wanted to scream at Matt in her episodes! I actually thought her mum was really nasty to her, when she said she was going to kick her out so if her only choice is find her own place or give the baby up for adoption. So Alex was pressured into that weird adoption with her friends parents that she obviously backed out of, then forced into that weird living arrangement she couldn’t afford,. Then her mum pretended she had nothing to do with it.

Alex's mum seemed weirdly detached from the situation, like if she just didn't do or say anything once Alex and Arabella were living with her then Alex might still think about the adoption.

I do feel bad for Alex, she probably had one of the shittiest time of any of 16&P girl - heroin addict deadbeat for a baby daddy, mum who won't support you, your own dad is not in the picture... and she was so earnest with her McDonald's job and (questionable) dancing.

Oh the dancing! Yea her mum so weird about the whole thing! She kind of set her up to fail, then once she did she decided it was time to be a mum again.

Matt was in really rough shape so to hear that he had turned things around so quickly made me worry even more because I had a feeling he would come crashing down hard. tbh Lekota shouldn't have trusted him so quickly and rushed into marriage and even worse bringing another child into this world with an addict. Recovery is life long and she should've waited to see how his recovery process would play out for at least a few more years. Build up the trust that he can get through tough times without turning to drugs.

I can understand her lashing out via social media because as a former girlfriend of an alcoholic it can seriously ruin YOUR life, too, and you build up SO much anger, frustration and resentment. So many times I wanted to lash out as both a release and a warning to others that the person I was currently choosing to share my life with was essentially dangerous. But I'm much older than Lekota so I chose to go to therapy instead but for many young people social media is their outlet of choice so w/e floats your boat. If you want the whole world to know about your problems fine, but you'll have to figure out how to do the damage control.

Also, I think Matt's style verges on creepy hipster serial killer. Shave the beard dude.

Just read in the comments on a Facebook page that kailyn has been cheating on javi?

It would kinda make sense how she's acting like she has no idea her marriage is over, she doesn't want to say seeig as she's in the wrong. Both her and javi are so strange, their marriage is very childish. Such a shame on the kids involved and I hope Kail now realised she can't force someone to replace a dad because ta more heartache for everyone involved when it doesn't work out.. Especially because she married him for purely selfish reasons not love, more like benefits, the army wife title, making jo jealous and to prove to everyone she has it together.

sucks she had to learn the lesson "how he treats his ex and their kids is how he'll treat you and your kids"