Breaking News: Leah Messer Loses Primary Custody of Twin Daughters

Jeremy Calvert


As of today, InTouch Weekly is reporting that Leah Messer from MTV's Teen Mom 2 has lost primary custody of her five-year-old twin daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah.

An anonymous source told the magazine that even after Leah returned from a supposedly successful rehab stay Corey, "was awarded primary custody, effective immediately" in a hearing on last Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

Another source that is allegedly a family member of Leah's went on to say, "Leah only gets the girls on the weekends now." You will remember seeing Leah pass a drug test on the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, which ultimately lead to the judge in her case ruling in her favor, on the condition that the twins go to school regularly and get there on time.

The family insider goes on saying, "Leah's really been screwing up since then, so Corey took her back to court.

The judge looked at the girls' school records, which show that they've been late for school, and made the change in custody."

This information would explain the following tweets that Leah shared over the weekend, as weekends were previously Corey's time with the twins. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.50.36 PM

Unfortunately for Leah and her children, the issues don't end there. Leah's youngest daughter, Addalynn who is a product of her second marriage to Jeremy Calvert, is still caught in Leah's downward spiral. In her recent divorce from Jeremy Calvert, Leah was awarded full custody of their two-year-old daughter, as Jeremy works out of town for days, weeks, and at times months at a time.

Jeremy has expressed concerns before that he would not be able to properly provide for Leah and the three children in their household if he took a job closer to home. Now that he and Leah have divorced and he is no longer financially responsible for the care of Leah or her two oldest children, his thoughts on finding work in his town may have changed.

On the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, Jeremy sat down with Corey and made it clear that he shares Leah's first husband's concerns.

The same insider said, "If [Jeremy] can find [a job] nearby, he'll go for the same custody arrangement that Corey did."

The seriousness of the whole situation has really come into focus recently when there was a scare with 2-year-old Addie.

According to the source Addie, "wandered out of the house while Leah was distracted... Thankfully, a police officer found Addie and brought her back home."

Recent photographs of Leah have shown the young mother of three looking no better than she did before spending a month in a Utah rehabilitation/intensive therapy facility.

Many have speculated that her seemingly sunken eyes and ashen skin point to continued and possible escalating drug use.

tumblr_nwjmboXFr91rpbc01o1_500 Photo Credit: Teen Mom Central

This is a horribly difficult situation for everyone involved. As a community of people who have followed the lives of these individuals, let us keep Leah's children in our thoughts and hope for the best for them and their safety.

Did you see this coming? What would you do if you were in Jeremy's shoes?

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GOTTEEEEEM! I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened.

Lmfao this isn't a funny situation, but this being the first comment really made me laugh ?

Corey and Miranda-2 Leah-0 Game...set...match!'re next! Step up to the plate!

I wonder if this means Corey no longer has to pay child support.

When I was still working for the Superior Court, I met numerous men who had primary custody of their children and were still paying child support to the mothers so those women would be able to support the children during their visitation. It seems super backward and always confused me. One man I talked to have kids who were all over the age of 18, so he was coming to fill out the papers to terminate his child support payments. When I asked him why on earth he was paying the broad in the first place, he seemed exasperated and said that it was just easier not to fight about it. Said he felt better knowing for sure that she'd have money to feed the kids when they went to her house too. That was pretty much every guy in that situation's story, which always made me feel so sad. So many deadbeats in the world, and the nice guys still finish last.

I will never understand how some women think that they (and not just the kid) should be financially taken care of simply because they had a kid, especially if they do not have primary custody. Child support makes sense a lot of the time, but if a woman is not taking care of the kids the majority of the time she should get out and provide for herself.

@It Was Grandma

There are some contexts where providing support for the mother makes sense--that is, if you were married.
For example, my husband and I agreed that it would be better for our family if I had another baby now (as opposed to having one in the middle of a career) and postponed the completion of my degree for several years. We *both* decided that he would solely provide for our family financially so that all of our children (and our future daughter, yay!) could spend their earlier years with a stay-at-home.
So, if for some reason our marriage fell apart and we decided to all of a sudden get divorced, I would definitely expect him to provide me with enough financial support for me to raise our children and keep myself from being totally destitute--at least while they are still very little. Because of the decision we both made, I would not be in a position where I could financially support all of our children and take care of them even if I had a full time job. I would expect my husband to follow through with his end of the deal regardless of whether we got divorced or not.

So I think there are a lot of situations like mine where the amount in child support makes sense.
Leah's situation does not count.

Oh, I absolutely agree about child support in situations like that. Instances where there is an agreement for one person to care for the kids while the other person is the breadwinner should reflect that commitment in regards to child support if the couple separates. It's women like Leah who give child support a bad name. Yeah, there may have been an agreement between her an Jeremy (and Corey before that) for Leah to stay at home and take care of the kids and had she been a good mom and retained custody I wouldn't bat an eye at her getting child support. Leah just strikes me as someone who expects other people to care for her financially regardless of the situation. I have a feeling she is going to be really butt-hurt if her support is modified. She already makes so much more than the average person her age, if she's not taking care of her kids full time she has the means to use that money to take care of herself and better herself education-wise.

Also, congrats on the new addition to your family! I'm also a big fan of stay at home parenting when people can do it. It's awesome that you will have that time with your kids and it sounds like you will make the most of it. I think of all the amazing things my mom did as a SAHM for my brother and I that gave us an advantage in life (and she really did have medical issues), and wonder why Leah can't do the bare minimum of parenting.

Thanks @It was !! I feel very, very lucky to be in a situation that allows me to stay home with my children.

Uuugh man. That's the thing, though. If you can pay a lawyer for the time, they'll just fight someone until they're worn down and won't fight back just because its soo much of a hassle. What a shame. And you can't be at peace knowing the kids will get fed with that money because there's no way to ENFORCE how the money gets spent and if it gets spent on the child! In those cases you speak of, I hope they weren't paying over a thousand dollars a month, that's kind of ridiculous.

Doctor Evans in your situation and ones similar, although you are not 'earning money' by looking after your children (I am assuming you are taking them school and giving them dinner before midnight) you are actually saving money on things like child care, which can be very expensive. Where I live I know people who found it cheaper to only have one person work and one take of the kids because cost of child care was so much.

I think the problem with child support is how the money is spent and the fact that there is nothing to regulate how the money is spent either.

I also agree that for 1 child $1000 is maybe a bit excessive. When Leah and Jeremy were married they probably didn't spend $1000 a month on Addy alone so why should he have to spend that money now? that is what annoys me about child support. It should be based on the expense of that child rather than your salary.

Good for the girls! Child support will be adjusted. Leah is going to have to find another way to supplement paying for her illegal street drugs.

Corey dropped out of the show, too. So technically Leah is making more than he is currently and he has primary custody. I'd laugh my ass off if she wound up having to pay HIM child support. Probably won't happen because the south east is ass backwards when it comes to family court and LOGIC but still...

There is a decent chance of that. A friend of mine has custody of his son, and has for 10 years now. The mother makes WAY less than the dad does, but she was still ordered to pay child support. This is in Texas btw.

Isn't child support typically addressed during the custody ruling? I am curious how it worked out/will work out.

Needless to say, this makes me VERY excited for the next season of teen mom 2. There was nothing in Leah's contract about not filming her custody battle with Corey (like I assume there was for Leah's dick hopping). Which means they don't have to omi this from the show, and hopefully won't (again, like they did Leah's dick hopping).

I seriously do pray for these kids when I lay my head done to go to sleep at night. I'm so happy for the twins safety, but am still so worried for Addie. I also hope that this blow doesn't send Leah into a deeper and more dangerous spiral, but that's really the only place I can see it going. Addiction is just such an awful disease...

I hope this is her rock bottom, but I highly doubt it will be. Those poor little girls.

"...which ultimately lead to the judge in her case ruling in her favor, on the condition that the twins go to school regularly and get there on time."

Leah you had ONE JOB. ONE. All you had to do to keep the girlses you claim "mean the world to you" was to get them to god damn school on time. You don't have a job. You have no other obligations. I mean, c'mon. I have 3 kids, too. I get them to school EARLY every single day. The next time you say how much these kids mean to you I'm going to flip the fuck out. They are clearly not a priority. Her efforts to keep custody of the twins are equal to Jenelle's efforts to get Jace back.

I think her full-time job is nodding the fuck out.

She has the narcolepsy, dammit! MONKEY MONKEY MONKEY!!

Agreed. My son is in first grade and NEVER been late to school. He gets there anywhere from 10-15 minutes early.

Totally agree Dr. Evans! My youngest son was up all night sick the other night I got literally 3 hours of sleep and I accidentally slept through my alarm. I was 15 minutes late getting my kindergartener to school. I cried to the office worker because I felt like crap! I can't even imagine making a habit out of it

I hope Leah gets help. Aside from whatever choices she's making drug-wise, I feel embarrassed and ashamed for her, because I would, if I didn't have the mental capacity to keep up with my kids, and to keep them on a schedule, and not get overly stressed out and have anxiety. I have some anxiety issues myself, and feel so embarrassed when it seems harder to get through some things compared to other people, but I really do feel embarrassed for Leah because I can't imagine messing up like she has in the spotlight like that. Her fault or not, I am just empathizing with that shame.

Anxiety is a bitch and so is depression. It changes who you are at your core. I can definitely empathize and sympathize with that. I'm just PREGNANT without any kids outside of my body yet and I have days where I feel so overwhelmed and like I'm the last person in the world who should be given children to take care of. Where I take issue is this: I don't self-medicate those struggles. I don't smoke to relieve stress, never have, but I sure as shit wouldn't be doing it while pregnant like Leah (and so many other girls from this franchise) did. I admit my numerous flaws and failures and I listen to criticism that comes my way from people who care about me. I don't surround myself with enablers, either. Do I expect Leah to get her shit together because a bunch of strangers on the internet think she's being selfish and pathetic? Hell no. But it's heartbreaking that the people who actually ARE in her life and claim to care about her and love her can't be assed to get her REAL help. Help that starts with admitting what the real problem(s) are. Dawn is a fucking nutbag who will throw anyone, including her own granddaughters and her own daughter, under the bus to save face and it doesn't surprise me in the least bit that Leah's following in those awful, most likely croc-wearing footsteps.

I try to remember that, after a certain point, drugs aren't necessarily something you choose daily when you're battling an addiction. But she's the one who put herself in this mess and she's the only one who can get herself out. The fact that she's done JUST the opposite, refused to admit her problems while lying through her teeth about every bullshit diagnosis she can apply to herself (and now her children,) moved a random dude and his sons into her life, lets him sleep under blankets with her young daughters, continues to trash her children's fathers left and right in order to save face and is most likely still doing drugs despite having the means and opportunities to get clean and get better just leaves me pretty indifferent as to how she ultimately turns out, as callous as that sounds. I just feel so bad for her kids.

@Rae- That was great. Everything you said. I suffer from anxiety and depression and started drinking heavily and at some point became a straight up alcoholic. I am now in recovery and know what i need to do and am willing to do it. To these supporters of Leah (the ones that sound like insane enablers)- while I hope to God she does get help, I no longer feel bad for her because she's now had the opportunity and likely knows what is expected if you want long term recovery and won't do it. She cannot just put her damn pride to the side and admit to Corey and Miranda what is going on even for the safety of her girls. It's ridiculous. Admitting to self is the VERY first and very VITAL step of recovery long term. bottom line. You cannot really go further if you don't KNOW you have a problem and choose to be in denial to yourself and others. You have to take responsibility. Telling others the truth holds me accountable.

I have had severe anxiety on and for my whole life and when I was in primary school I also had severe OCD and all of this caused me to quite depressed as well. I understand what it is like to have these mental illnesses BUT Leah has 3 children she fought to keep, she cant use mental illness as an excuse to not look after them properly. No matter how crap she feels if she wants to have them during the week then tough luck you need to put your feelings aside for them. Everyone would have so much respect for her if she just said 'hey i have really bad anxiety and at the moment i cant look after the kids during the week'. If Leah was a single mother with no support then it would be a different story, but she has so many people to help her children have a stable life, she needs to take that help for their sake.

Leah was tested for narcolepsy it's not her fault! Why are u plotting against her god everyone Ganges up on her your just as bad as corey ty-lerrrrrrr

This drives me nuts too, I can't understand why she didn't take the first two custody arguments as a warning and figure "oh shit, they're on to me now, better get it together" but nah she just kept doing the same bs she was getting eyed for. I feel bad for Leah on account of her lack of judgement, and she'll probably always be that way, but this didn't have to happen. Corey was not expecting her to be miracle mom at all. He offered to help out more with the girls millions of times (aside from just throwing more money at Leah) before he gave up and just started pursuing custody. Why didn't she just let him help? It's almost like she wanted to lose custody but didn't want so seem like she did lest she look like a bad mother for understanding that she was in no place to be raising three kids on her own in the state she was in.

I would have had ample respect for her if she just conceded, admitted she had a problem, and let Corey step in a bit more to give way so she could actually fix herself. That's all.

I think she just honestly and truly didn't think she'd ever face consequences for her actions or lack thereof. When has she ever had real consequences before, you know? Someone is forever bailing her out of trouble, paying her way through life and giving her everything she wants. Why on earth would she have it in her wheelhouse of brain capabilities to think that a judge would punish her for being a shit mom? Her other problem, I think, was thinking she was a lot more convincing about the whole "I'm totally not doing drugs" shit than she really was. She thought she was really slick and it was beyond obvious.

She didn't take the first two as a warning, because she doesn't want to really stop. SMH. I, and others WILL have respect for her when she does what she needs to do. I bet Dawn tells her she doesn't have a problem constantly. Her little rehab stunt was NOT fooling me BEFORE she even left because she was STILL lying to everyone!

I honestly think to a certain extent she starts to believe her own lies. She probably doesn't think she has a drug problem and everyone around her only 'confirms' that for her.

To be honest, I have no respect for Leah because she uses her mental issues as an excuse for not properly taking care of her kids, yet she won't get real lasting help for them, nor will she let others help out with the kids so she has a little bit less on her plate. A 30-day stint in "therapy" will not cure anxiety and depression. Those are issues that require ongoing treatment (I'm not even going to get into the drugs).

I just feel like I would have had so much more respect for her if she went to Corey and said "Hey, I know I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues lately, and it's affecting my ability to care for the girls. Could you please help me out with them a little more, just until I can figure these issues out and get better?" He would have done it in a heartbeat.

What pisses me off is those tweets like "oh this is a way more desirable situation anyway and I'm still on top!" She doesn't understand that she's basically saying "Oh now that I've been stripped of custody because I couldn't do the ONE JOB a court ordered me to do and do what's best for my damn kids, I now have the freedom to be the cool mom weekend parent and further justify doing a hellacious amount of drugs and dick during my free time (and probably during the weekend, too, let's be honest.)"

Yes! That is the other scenario I'm afraid of- either she gets help for real this time, or she'll use it as an excuse to blame others and say Eff it.

i noticed that too! She just lost primary custody of her kids and is then making posts trying to make it seem amazing!

It's sad that it has done to come to this butt it's what's best for the girls and maybe she will finally admit she has a problem so she can get help and eventually get the girls back so she don't end up dead or in jail

She's damn lucky a cop found Addie and brought her home before poor Addie wound up dead or in danger. I cannot believe she let that happen.

I predicted the Addie situation happening a few months ago but I predicted it happening to Jenelle. I referenced a local story where the parents took hours before they realized their 2 year old was missing. The found her drowned in the neighbors pool. The police found drugs in the house and they were caught trying to flush them. Thank God it was a police officer who found Addie, it could have been so much worse!

I DO NOT understand that mindset. Your child is DEAD and your first thought is to get rid of your stash so that YOU don't get into trouble? How is their entire life and world not over because their neglect lead to their child losing his/her life? How is hiding and getting rid of your stash the thing that occupies the highest of your priorities in that situation!?

It's truly disgusting but they were probably thinking "neglect leading to death because we weren't paying attention is a shorter sentence then neglect leading to death because we were both cracked out and high...let's go flush the drugs!!!"

She should never get primary custody back. They're just as much Corey's girls as they are hers and if she gets it together she deserves no more than half of the time with the kids.

I feel for the three girlses. But the twinses now have the best chance a a semi-normal life, and diet. And less Jabba the Dawn, and more Papa Jeff. I can't see a downside, except for poor Addie

The fact that Addie is wandering out of the house long enough to be found by police officers is horrifying. By this point, I would think that even Mama Dawn would head over to Leah's immediately to take Addie out of her arms. That baby girl simply cannot spend another hour without the supervision of another adult. Period.

I wonder if that was the big thing that determined things. Because of how backwards our custody proceedings are in this country. Leah had to fuck up majorly to lose the girls. And what got me was how the cop KNEW were to take Addie. Something tells me that this wasn't Addie's first adventure.

That might have been a coincidence, a cop knows were to look too.
I have heard from parents who lost their kids (both unplanned hide & seek game) that the police responds very quickly and starts an Amber alert within 15 minutes even when there is no indication of a crime. They took it very seriously and responded with multiple cars within minutes in both cases.
In Addy's case, you don't know how many were looking for her and how long she had been gone.
Found a kid at a carnival at night once, it had not been reported missing, the police picks up several kids every year they said. People getting drunk and forgetting they brought a child with them. Now that is really bad.

When i was 5, my 2 cousins and I were being looked after by my grandmother and we snuck out of the house (when she went to the bathroom) and walked maybe 200 meters up the street. Coincidentally a police officer was walking towards us and ended up walking us back to our grandmas house. Anyway we were 5 and not 2, and we didn't 'wander off' because we were being ignored, but I am sure this kind of stuff can happen to the best of parents, so i don't think it was JUST Addie wandering off that caused this to happen. BTW we also didn't wander off unnoticed! When my grandma got out of the bathroom she was tearing the house apart looking for us, when we got dropped off she was about to search the streets herself. Needless to say we got in so much trouble we never dared to do it again!

Since we're sharing wandering stories: When I was 3 my mom woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling something was wrong. I was not in my room and my parents frantically searched the house looking for me. It was December, a couple of feet of snow on the ground and we lived in an area with a lot of woods and a lot of room between houses. My mom had the phone in hand about to call the police and she opened the front door. I had woke up, put on my snowsuit, boots, etc., and went out to sit in the front courtyard and eat a pickle. I did not see what the big deal was because, "I just wanted a midnight snack and I didn't leave the yard". So yeah, kids can get away sometimes and it's not really the fault of the parents but this is just one more thing in Leah's list of parenting failures. In case you are wondering, I didn't really get in trouble. However, my parents pulled out the camcorder and interviewed me about my "midnight snack" and used the tape to embarrass me as I got older.

I used to sleep walk really bad, and my mum would often wake up because she could hear me wandering around the house. Anyway one night we were staying with some family and I actually slept walked out of my bed and nearly opened the front door of their house, luckily they heard the door rattling and were able to put me back to sleep :P Point is wandering off happens all the time! But yes you are right, most parents don't have the rap sheet Leah does.

Hopefully Jerms is able to figure his shit out so that poor baby has a chance at a decent childhood!!

Your story reminded me of i story my mom recently told me, when I was 5 my moms car broke down on her way to pick me up from school in the dead of a Canadian prairie winter. She tried to call the school but no one would let her use their phones (how did we live without cellphones?!). She's not sure exactly what happened, if I just got tired of waiting for her or what but I put on my snow suit and boots and I decided to walk the 10 blocks home! i got a few blocks away before one of the other moms from my class scooped me up off the sidewalk and took me to their house. My mom showed up at the school shortly after and chaos ensued when they all figured out I was missing. The woman who picked me up called the school to notify them where I was and my mom came and picked me up. When she told me this story she ended it by saying, and that's how I knew for sure you'd grow up to be an independent woman one day... And a constant pain in my ass! Lol gee thanks mom

I'm always hyper aware when I'm out in public for children who may have wandered off from their parents, and that is pretty common if you ask me. Parents typically notice right away and are completely beside themselves with worry and guilt. When I was little, I went with my mom and uncle to go shopping for my dad's Christmas present, and I guess I thought I wasn't getting enough attention so I decided to play hide and seek without telling them that they were part of the game. Both my mom and my uncle lost their minds when they couldn't find me, and I was literally hiding in a rack of suits two feet away. A store employee had the bright idea to look behind the clothes, because I wasn't the first kid to have that bright idea. It happens.

Kids wandering away from their house unnoticed is a completely different thing. The article is unclear about this, but I wonder if Leah noticed Addie was gone. My hometown is next to a town that has a much higher poverty rate and was known for drug use. We were driving through that town to my aunt's house one day when my mom almost ran over a little girl who couldn't have been more than three years old, just playing in the street. My mom pulled over and asked the girl where she lived, how old she was, etc. She told us that her mommy was "sleeping", but when my mom marched her to her house, mommy was drunk and high. The story about Addie reminds me so much of this, and it is lucky that a police officer found Addie and my mom found that little girl. It could have been anyone that picked them up...or they could have been seriously hurt. It's scary as hell.

There has been a few stories in the news recently where a toddler has gotten hit by a car an bystanders have beat/killed the driver. What about the parent that let the child wander into the street? They are more to blame than the driver that was minding their own business and a child darted out in the street. Hit and runs are going to more common because stupid people are placing the blame on the innocent.

We had a case in TN recently where a toddler was found in only a diaper and a blanket inside some old, overgrown hog pen in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, a dog was guarding him and barked a lot to alert the owners of a nearby farm. The kid's mom had also flagged down a cop and told him she GAVE HER CHILD TO SOME RANDOM PERSON IN THE WOODS the night before because she was high on meth. Fucking terrifying. They laid a bunch of child neglect and endangerment charges on her ass, thankfully, and the kid was okay.

This is so fucking embarrasing. I was hoping she could get it together. bad is she???

As @Farrah Antichrist Superstar mentioned above, she must be pretty damn bad to finally have them taken away. I would guess she'd have to be even worse than before she went to rehab to have the judge make such a drastic decision.

I agree. I think something really bad, not just tardiness, had to have happened. My understanding of it is Leah would have basically had to have been proven to be an unfit parent to have primary custody taken away and it takes a lot to meet that criteria. That being said, I would think Leah being deemed unfit would automatically trigger a children's services investigation on Addie. Her getting away unnoticed is terrifying, I hope someone is looking out for her best interest.

The girls probably missed a lot of days of school as well.

A house inspection probably took place. Even though Leah is smart enough to clean before the inspection, she's not smart enough to check the cracks in the wall or any other places that rodents hide. The house probably stinks. She may have late payments for her bills, so something had to be off. The water heater could've been broken, meaning the girls couldn't bathe regularly. Some safety hazards were probably open for kids to grab. Thing like a toaster, or hot tools like a hair dryer

Many, many, many things could've happened.

I work for "the system" and I can assure you that in order to be taken away from their mother's custody, something completely horrible was taking place. She literally could've begged a judge to take them And they would not have been removed(not that she did, just saying how hard it is to have children removed from their mother). Children have to be classified as being in immediate danger in order to be removed in my state.

I'm trying to see it from that angle, but didn't they just do a custody switcheroo? She just has them on weekends which is basically what Corey had originally? They must have been trying to give her some leeway if they didn't grant Corey FULL custody.

Plus I believe Leah was on her last warning in terms of the girlses' truancy, they basically said Corey would get primary custody if they continued to miss school -- which they did, so I feel like that was the only reason on paper anyway.

Thanks for the quick action, Tomlin! You rock!

As always, thank you for reading :)

Geez, the girlses get taken away, then the first thing that happens is Addy runs off? Poor thing just lost her care takers, I bet they fed and took care of her, now she has to fend for herself at the age of what, 2?
She was probably out looking for them. So sad.

I hope to Christ Jeremy goes after custody of Addy. He has never seemed very involved as a father, but I can't stand the thought of that poor baby foraging through the carpet and picking cat hair off cheese balls to get something to eat. Now is the time for Leah to fork over some fat MTV stacks to the baby daddies. she'll be livid.

I always assumed even before they got divorced that his family would try to take her as often as possible. And now that this has happened I would think they would think it would be the perfect time to do so. I know Jeremy won't be there because of work but maybe considering the circumstances they could get some kind of grandparent rights. I'm not sure on that though I'm not really a custody / rights connoisseur.

She certainly won't be able to buy a wursher and dryur or all of that Mary Kay!

My one year old spilled her little bowl of cheese balls on the floor today while dancing (she's teething and will only eat crunchy foods. I don't normally share my cheese balls with my kids). I decided to let her eat them off the floor before I vacuumed up the crumbs and I had a real moment of self-reflection about my life and how low my standards have gotten. I was like OMG I'm Leah. Then I realized I was about to vacuum and we don't have pets and I felt better. But still. I'm so embarrassed about myself.

It's not that he doesn't care. Jeremy just shows his affection by providing for his family.

I hope he get custody as well. 1,700k+ is way too damn much to pay every month.

@Jenelles Kesha Feathers

Or those poor kittens that died in there :(

I missed a thing about kittens...what kittens died?

The only time I know of is on the Unseen Moments episode for season 5 when Leah found the dead kitten and started freaking out in front of the girls. A lot of people gave her crap for that too but I give her a pass on that one because I would've probably reacted even worse with no ability to control myself! But given that Leah is Leah that kitten probably died a preventable death :(

That's what I thought! If they were making their own breakfast, I'm sure they were making hers as well.

what a heart-squeezing thought

judge only had to see their school records? is that enough for that "dramastic" custody change? I think there is more to this story... waiting for the truth to come out, momma dawn!!!

In all fairness to Leah, we saw her lawyer tell her in one episode this past season that the judge said he would reevaluate custody if the girls continued to be late/absent for school. I'm hoping against hope that they haven't been put through much more than that.

Yeah and Leah obviously didn't take it seriously. My son has autism and meltdowns sometimes before school. He's still never been late for school. It isn't difficult to get your kid to school on time. Leah can't get them there on time because she doesn't care. She doesn't want to get up and get them there. Hell, I don't want to get up everyday at 6am and get my son ready. But I do because he needs to go to school.

she must think: "the schools aren't well anyways, why bother getting them on time"

The truth done came out, y'all.

The only thing that makes me believe the custody changed because of school records is the fact that she has unsupervised visits. If she still get them on weekends, they still aren't being supervised by her. Nothing is guaranteeing her sobriety when they are in her care. If she would've failed a drug test I feel like a judge would've ordered supervised visitation (either with Jabba Dawn or in a 3rd party facility.)

Did it say that the visits were unsupervised though? All I read was that Corey was granted primary custody and Leah has them on weekends, no mention of supervised / unsupervised

(Not trying to be snarky, just wondering if I misread something)

Nah, I just assumed it was unsupervised. I feel like that's a big piece of info that the "source" wouldn't leave out.

the issue is leah is never going to fail a drug test because she has prescriptions. it's a shame. they need to be doing regular urine analysis that are sent to a lab and tested for levels (aka the amount in your system). i'm in recovery myself and the labs can narrow it down to the exact number of cigs you smoked in a week. if she was getting tested like this they would be able to see how much was in her system vs how much she was prescribed to take. but it's expensive to do that so the courts don't like to. they use the instant cups that just show positive or negative and hair tests that also don't show levels.

I'm so relieved the twins are in a more stable environment and I hope to God the same thing happens for Adalynn. Wandering around and being found by police? HOLY SHIT anything could have happened to that little girl.

I sincerely hope this is what makes Leah wake the fuck up and actually, genuinely, get better. However, I worry it will send her even deeper over the edge and really hurt herself, either intentionally or unintentionally.

I don't like her at all, but she needs to be healthy for those poor girls.

I cant believe this actually happened I really thought if anything they would get 50/50 and split those "8 days in the week" The only thing that kind of breaks my heart is the girls having to get adjusted to only being with their mom on weekends when they were with her EVERYDAY, it's a positive step in the right direction I would just assume it would be pretty hard for these two little girls understand why this is happening. Same for Addie she had her sisters with her ALWAYS shit I'm sure they were the only ones to actually give her attention. I know when things like this happen kids not knowing and being able to actually comprehend why will usually end up blaming themselves. Which is so sad. It's just a sad situation all around, I really hope Corey is able to do what he has said he would and that Miranda knowing what a big adjustment this is will be the step-mother she claims to be.

I'm sure Leah will be having more babies in the future to keep Addie company in foraging for cheeseballs amid the dirty clothes and the spilled makeup. It ain't her fault this happened, y'all. Cory succeeded in his evil plan to take her beloved girlses away from her.

Ahh yes, the evil plot against Leah.

Corey Tyler it feels like y'all are plotting against me!

Why can't Leah have more kids? It's a magical place to live in. Folded "fragile" boxes can use as sleds for the snowy stairway. Slippery bubble wrap to make a musical hallways like the Billie Jean. Hot tools can be use as microphones. The kids would love to sing by their pretend lake in the bathroom. Everyday the house smells different, with all types of food splatted on the wall to make a beautiful rainbow while Mystical blue cats who poop chocolates that' has been stuck on the floor for days frolic through the carpet.

And don't forget midnight ravioli. Want some tasteless wonder bread with that YA'LL?

Perfect place to live.

I don't think the girlses will have too major of an adjustment. They have always spent time with Corey (unlike Jace) and he's been stable in the same house (unlike Leah's multiple moves) with their rooms the same, rules the same, everything. They will probably feel calmer, secure and become the happy well adjusted little girlses that they should be.
Shame on you Leah Dawn!

Jeremy seriously needs to step up now. I was always on his side as far as his work went when he was married to Leah. I though it was great he worked hard to support his own family plus his step children. But now that he doesn't have to support a family of 5, he needs to do whatever he can to support his daughter. he has admitted himself he concerned for his child's safety so he needs to do a Corey and actually do something about it!

I know Jeremy needs to make a living but doesn't he have MTV money saved up somewhere and can't he live with his parents for a while? He needs to come back home right now and step up.

If it means his child is safe wouldn't it better fr him to be jobless living with mum and dad?

I would think that Jeremy would drop his current job, and find a replacement once he has Addie with him. he's a pipeliner and they make plenty of money, many men in my area are pipeliners and if he's a supervisor (I believe that was states once) he would make probably $40 or more an hour (going off what's the norm in my area). I'd hope he has savings to get him by. I realize just quitting may not be what he wants, but he should think of his child.

Pretty sure Leah spent all his money on makeup and major appliances.

Make up and major appliances. Aka pillses

I've always gotten the sense that Jeremy didn't care all that much about Addie. He trap babied Leah just as much as she trap babied him, and now that the relationship is over Addie isn't needed anymore.

Not saying this is right because it's absolutely despicable, but this is how brainless and trashy people think.

I'd like to hope that he would just either transfer jobs (which isn't as easy as it sounds, but christ) or worse comes to worse, have his parents fight for custody or even find a friggin' live-in nanny.

I said it before, I'll say it again: I was all for him getting off that sinking ship, but how the hell can you leave cargo THAT precious behind?

(First of all, I saw this trending on my FB feed, and I IMMEDIATELY came to TMJ to jump in on all the gossip.)

#TeamSimms - FINALLY. THANK THE LORD. I was always hoping this would happen, I just honestly thought it never would. I'm glad the twins are out of her house, but as many others have mentioned, after reading about Addie wandering off, I'm so scared and worried for her as well. I have a feeling that Addie going missing was probably the biggest catalyst for the change in custody. Although it doesn't directly involve the twins, it still speaks to the environment they live in which allows for a TODDLER to walk away unnoticed. I have no doubt that the Simms have consistent documentation throughout all the court proceedings, and to submit a Freedom of Information Act request for this report about Addie wouldn't be very difficult for the Simms to obtain.

How much you wanna bet that when the judge made his decision, Leah immediately yelled out, 'MONKEY!!!!!' ??

Why my son was almost 3, I went to blow dry my hair and he wandered out. It was only like 5 minutes but he got a few houses down. But I instantly knew he was missing was out looking for him. Luckily, I live on a gravel road with little traffic. He had actually went to a neighbors that were outside and asked for food. We laugh about it now but it was scary then. I just can't imagine Leah didn't even know she was missing until the cop showed up with her. If so, the cop should have called CPS right then and not giving her back.

I commented above my cousins and I 'ran away' when our grandma was babysitting us and she went to the bathroom. She new we were missing and we got in sooo much trouble for it! Kids can run off it does happen, but really you should notice :P

Kids escaping happens. My two year old escaped through a child gate, three baby proofing knob handle covers, a dead bolt and a button lock in two minutes when I put him down for a nap. I realized it immediately, the minute the door closed and freaked out. Something tells me with Leah though she was playing sleepyhead and didn't have one of her multiple friends/cousins/siblings there to parent her kids for her.
Mama Dawn- are you realizing now you didn't help your daughter by pulling her out of rehab and enabling her?

damn the ashley is confirming the addie story. how far did she get????? did someone find her and then call the police? i cant imagine they have that many police in their small town. i wonder if it was just luck that a cop found her quickly by accident??? ugh thank GOD she is safe.

LEAH THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL. this should be a story you share at a 12 step meeting when talking about your bottom that gets you into the rooms. there is a better way to live!!

I knew it would only be a matter of time before The Ashley would be in on this story, considering those "sources very close to Leah herself" often go to The Ashley with stories of this kind.

i always believe the ashley when it comes to leah. she has multiple sources- including production members. i think oreo might even be one of her source tbh

There was some incident where MTV actually had to step in and do something while filming Leah, maybe this is it.

I'll never forget the Reddit AMA with the former camera person. They said her house, and that basement bathroom in particular, was atrocious.

In my experience, at least in the midwest, the small towns have an excess of bored police, driving around looking for reasons to pull people over. The person I know that reminds me of Leah, had police driving around the neighborhood a lot of times. The neighborhood kids thought their friend was missing one day when I was over there, and told a cop that was cruising by this, and not a few minutes later there were like three more cop cars all there. The kid just had gone to the store with his stepdad, and he wasn't missing, but those cops were at least very ready to expect that something had happened in that neighborhood. The girl who reminds me of Leah told the kids' mom "It wasn't me this time" in reference to alerting the cops about something.

Also, I wonder how this is going to play out next season - if Leah is even on board for next season, because I can easily forsee that drama unfolding all over again. I'm sure it will be glossed over like every other major issue has been with her (ex: NO mention of the deer cam, caught ya bitch!), and her voice over will probably say something to the effect of, "I realized that for my health I had to give the girlses over to Corey but only until I got better. I've been in intensive therapy for all this stress and I was just talkin' with Oreo when Addy got so super smart and opened up the door and wandered down the street! But that's okay, because I'm working on myself and I'm the best mom ever."

Sounds about right. :\

Yep, she'll pass it off as, "I agreed to give up custody until I got better." Spot on.

Well, that or every single scene will be her screeching "Monkey" so she never has to address any of it.


This is a repeat of Babs and Jenelle situation. "THEY TRICKED ME! MONKEY!"

Echoed by Mama Dawn bellowing out "MONKEY!" from wherever her troll ass is at.

"Hai, I'm Leah. Last season, I finally realized that Leah gots ta take care of Leah, so I went to an intensive out-of-state therapy program to treat my anxiety and depression. It was hard to be away from the girlses, but I knew I had to get treatment. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, and Addie gone done run away while I was sleepin.' Corey found out and took me to court. The state awarded physical custody of Ali and Aleeah to him. Today, I am really stressed out, so I dropped Addie off with my mom and I'm going to the nail salon to talk about it."

So, if MTV uses that word for word, you should ask for a royalty because that is probably what they'd say.

Nothing made me more cranky than when Corey brought up the toast incident and her first answer was "she's just crazy". NO, Leah, she's a little girl in survival mode because her drug addicted mother can't bother to wake up and feed her. Don't go calling her crazy. Without her your other two kids wouldn't be eating breakfast.

I thought she said "she's just Gracie," which means "she's just our smart/adventurous Gracie and likes to figure out how to do things." But either way Leah's rerouting the conversation instead of admitting to just being awful.

I thought she said "Gracie" too.

Regardless, you shouldn't use your child's name as a synonym for "who cares if she starts a house fire" at any point in their childhood.

I think I had the MTV subtitles on that said "She's just Gracie" when I was watching it online. That's what I remember, too, is her saying "Gracie."

Yikes! Time to turn on closed captioning. Thanks for the correction guys :) Guess my ability to translate nasal west virginia druggie drawl is off these days.
Either way, Leah's excuse sucks.

oh gurl, you know she'll be on for the next season. She's gotta get that MTV money. I mean what's she gonna buy her drugs with? tanning salon money? lol absolutely not

Anyone that has sympathy for Leah is an idiot. Courts very rarely take children from their mothers and give the father primary custody. Something very negative has to happen for the father to get primary custody. And I believe this is the best environment for the twins. They can get structure and be on a schedule. And have discipline, brushed hair, and proper car seats. No more Midnight ravioli or midnight bedtimes!!

These people saying Corey is just being an ass or doesn't want to pay child support amaze me. A judge isn't just say well, he doesn't want to pay child support any longer so we're going to give him custody. It doesn't work like that.

LOL wut?
Pay a few hundred bucks in child support every month *OR* take care of a set of twins (one of which is disabled) almost full time? Hmmmmm....
No way anyone in their right mind would choose the latter if they didn't love the living shit out of the kids in question. I swear, people who don't have any experience raising children say THE dumbest stuff regarding childcare.

I mean, Jenelle still has custody of Kaiser, for God's sake. You have to really fuck up as a mother to have your kids removed from your primary custody.

Really glad the twins are in better care now. I worry about Addy considering Leah is such a mess right now, all while Mama Dawn is still shouting denial.
I'm hoping that Leah gets the wakeup call she needs from this, and that the girlses are able to get a routine down now and function like kids should. It's going to be a big adjustment for the time being as they get used to living with gasp--boundaries and proper attention, but will be good for them. I hope the Leah fans and Corey haters won't affect Miranda and Corey, as this was the best decision and a judge agreed/ordered it.
I'm still trying to figure out how Leah fans can even think midnight ravioli and nodding out constantly justifies her still being the primary care giver of the girlses, but maybe as the saying goes...the schools aren't well there.

I'm curious to see what other "truths" come out as time goes on. It's been obvious Leah has issues, especially after this season. I don't think she's always been a bad mother, but she certainly needs to admit she has issues and get help based on that. It would really improve the whole situation and put her on the right path to being the mother the girlses need/needed all along.

i have empathy for her because she is a drug addict that cant get her shit together. but this was 100 percent what needed to be done and i dont feel bad for her really. these are consequences of her addiction and behavior

Well it's about damn time. I'm still floored that the judge wouldn't be allowed to see the unedited MTV footage. I can't imagine Corey's desperation as he watched TM2 and the judge refused to do the same. I'm so happy that those girlses are in the safety of Corey. My computer tried to autocorrect "girlies." Too bad Leah's mouth doesn't come with autocorrect.

Wait, I'm confused - why wasn't the judge allowed to view the MTV footage? How did that happen?

The Ashley (IIRC) said that there was nothing incriminating for the courts to use against Leah. Sure, they showed her putting her kids to bed and feeding them very late, showed the kids buckled incorrectly into car seats in a horribly messy car, and showed her seemingly under the influence, but there wasn't anything directly illegal that she was doing. Amber was arrested for domestic violence because the cameras actually caught her wailing on Gary. Leah wasn't actually caught on camera doing anything illegal or actively endangering the lives of her girls, so Corey couldn't use the footage. Also, I believe TM2 has some kind of clause in their contracts saying that the footage can be edited and/or scripted, so the shows can be considered "fictional" to a certain degree. Not sure TMOG has the same clause.

@Debra's, thanks for the explanation. I think that the TM2 clause you speak of was probably put in place AFTER the whole fiasco with Amber & Gary. MTV saw how 'real' their reality show/ratings cash cow can be, and that can basically put the show itself into jeopardy. And honestly, now that I think about it, nearly every altercation thereafter - whether it be on OG or TM2 - for the most part it's been off camera, and we've seen the aftermath on-screen or recapped during the voiceovers. I understand why MTV does it, but knowing this, it all boils down to the well-being of the children and I really don't know how those crews handle it. I know there have been Reddit AMAs exposing everything, but still. It must be incredibly frustrating for both the parents and the crews, but The Powers That Be still control everything and don't give a shit about the children's well-being and only want the ratings.

Very good points, Kesha Feathers. If you're interested in reading the article, I was able to find it:

Lol at the comment 'maybe he should use Jeremy's deer cam'.

I do feel for Miranda, though. I'm sure she's overwhelmed with her own pregnancy and this is going to be a huge change for her. The girls are lacking some serious discipline and this is going to be a nightmare at first. She does seem ready and willing to do it, so bless her heart. I hope it goes smoothly for them.

Miranda is a fucking saint.

I've been following a Facebook post about this subject and the vitriol for Miranda and Corey is astounding. I cannot believe there are people out there who think of them as evil for wanting the girls to get to school on time, have a predictable schedule, and Ali getting to her therapy.

I feel like I'm on Mars.

@leahsmonkey That's how I feel. What kind of bizarro world do these people live in? In what way does Corey wanting his girlses to be in a safe stable environment make him evil?

I feel for Addy! That must suck for her (and the twins) to not see her sisters anymore. At least Gracie and Ali have each other. Can't Corey get some custody of Addy too? :P

I can see Corey and Jeremy working together to have the kids see each other. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. But I would like to think it could happen.

When I first read the latest tweets from Leah it took me a while to realize she meant "appts" as in appointments instead of "apts" as in apartments. My mind directly went to her dragging the girls along to different apartments so she could go buy pills. But yeah, Leah, I'm sure parenting is much more fun and "quality time" when you aren't actually parenting. It just sounds like she is trying to spin this into a positive as usual, the delusion is real.

I wonder how long the weekend visitations will last. She will probably be smacked off her face all week and coming down and needing sleep by the weekend. OR she's used to partying on the weekends while Corey has the girls and she can palm off Addy and now she has to change her schedule. Or care less and becomes worse because she doesn't have to worry about schoolses and appointments so she can drag the girlses around with her.

We see how often Leah needs "time for herself" and takes the twins to her mom or sister, I have to wonder how often she will do that on her weekends with them. I'm going to assume fairly often.

I wonder if this will be Leah's bottom. For her sake and the sake of her girlses, I hope it is. It's about time that Leah gets the help she so clearly needs.

I hope so, too, but I doubt it. Not with Mama Dawn insisting that Leah doesn't have a drug problem.

Exactly. As long as Jabba the Dawn remains Leah's enabler and consistently demonizes Corey and/or manipulates his intentions to Leah and the girlses, Leah will be in consistent denial and NEVER hit her bottom.

I have a feeling Leah was snoozing away when Addy walked out. I get that kids do that, my daughter tried to go to the garage one morning before I had woken up so she could play with her turtle. Luckily, we set the alarm on instant at night so as soon as that door opened the alarm started blaring and she came running down the hall moving faster than I had ever seen her. I also set the alarm when I need a shower. Just in case! I totally got off topic. Anyways, there are days I'm so worn out that I'm praying for bedtime by noon, but I never actually go lay down and sleep and let my daughter just do whatever. That's not how the mom thing works. I'm so happy for the girls, I hope this is a positive life changing experience for them. Leah will either realize she needs to get her shit together or just say screw it and get into the hardcore stuff.

I'm so disturbed that Addy was allowed to just wander away, unnoticed. Thank god a policeman found her, and not someone else and she didn't get hit by a car or something awful. Anything could have happened to her, it makes me feel sick that she's still living with Leah

And I don't know what WV is like, but it looks like a lot of far open spaces in the neighborhoods Leah lives in. So exactly HOW FAR did Addy get before she was found or noticed by somebody??

My 2 year old figured out the door and deadbolt lock and got out to the porch a couple of times so I got a safety door knob cover thingy and now she can't get out. Shit happens. But with Leah's track record lately I wouldn't doubt that Addie was wandering around for a while before the cop found her

My twins too- but while my dad was there. He was watching them during his "sober" stunt (that has since ended- he's no longer allowed to be around my kids without me- period), that I believe was just that- a stunt. Pretty sure that day he started using again so when I found out he was
"fired" from watching them and I bought one of those door alarms to put at the top of the door that sounds like a mini-mart when you open the door. They made it down my street :/
Another time before that my niece and them also escaped, because my best friend left the door unlocked. They were only in the driveway because at that time I never took my eyes of of them for more than 2 minutes (Toddlers are tricky and smart!). Now they are three and I still can't leave them in a room where I can't see them for more than five minutes for fear of destruction AND safety! LOL

Does your kid locking you out count?

Oh man, I'd love to lie down and have a rest most days. But as you said, you can't. I even check up on my kids often when they are playing out in our fenced garden. I bet Leah was being a 'sleepy head'.

I'm not ashamed to admit I talk dirty to my bed. I walk by it and tell it how sexy it is, I want to be in you, fun stuff like that.

I give my pillow head every night ;)

Looks like Jeremy is going to have to set up the deer cam to watch Addie!

Wow, I'm Corey didn't give up the fight. Thank God.

Corey is an amazing Dad. I hope that all the hate directed at he and Miranda from the demented Leah fans doesn't affect them.
I went on the fan FB page and people are already starting with the "Don't believe everything you read! Leah didn't lose custody!" crap. No doubt everyone will be blaming Corey for taking the girls away from their doped up mother, the "nurturer"

As The Ashley mentioned, In Touch can't report anything they know to be false because they can be sued.

Exactly! But there's no point in trying to convince Leah's fans, they are all certifiable. Like the Jenelle fans who don't believe that she ever did heroin, and MTV made that up for ratings.

I also think the lack of protest from Leah's camp (aka Mama Dawn preaching "The truth will come out! You'll see!11!!1) pretty much confirms it. But no amount of truth and logic will convince the Leah die hard fans.

I live in WV (in the northern part of the state, about an hour from Leah) but the state is very rural. Addie wasn't walking down a neighborhood street where a city policeman saw her. I'm sure it was a Sheriff. That scares the hell out of me because she could have wandered into the woods and never have been found. My god, they need to get Addie out of Leah's care ASAP. I'm so glad the twins are safe with Corey and Miranda.

That's what I was wondering, I thought it was kinda rural. As you said, in that case, it's not like Addie had been gone 2 minutes and walked onto the street. Lucky Addie was found safe.

If it's true that Corey hasn't signed on for the next season, there really is no need for Leah to be filmed. Especially when we're all so tired of the covering up bullshit.
I'm guessing Corey won't consent to the twins being filmed, either.

Hasn't stopped MTV from following Jenelle for the last five years.

Makes for good ratings. Think of all the car crying, leave me alone's, why are you so mean to me, "when I get Jace back......", moments we might've missed! ?

Is this real??!

If so congratulations to Corey I know he will provide a stable home as he has always tried to do so.
But I can't help but feel a little bad for Leah.....

She needs to get her life together big time.... Hopefully she will be a better weekend mom.....

I just wish coery all the best!!! :)

What I want to know is... Did she know Addie was gone BEFORE the cop brought her back and how long was she gone? Either way- she doesn't need custody of the girls right now. She needs to get out of denial (It is THE most important step and crucial) and into somewhere where she can get help. One of two things will happen now... A) Leah sees she's hit a bottom (doubtful) or B) She will likely use this as an excuse to keep taking those pills, blaming everyone but herself, and/or will keep refusing to admit she's an addict because Corey and Miranda have taken custody and she feels they will use it even more so against her (I hope they do). Leah needs to give up her pride and tell everyone what's up no matter the consequences, or she's never going to get better. Bottom line. Dawn isn't helping the situation...

I almost choked on my beer reading that headline.

Thank God! It's about time!

Maybe the twins will have half a chance at a normal life with Corey and Miranda as their model of behavior now instead of hot mess Leah. Do we think she will finally admit to having an actual drug problem now?

FINALLY! Thank GOD there was a judge who finally saw her bullshit for what it really was. Guess this is all Corey's fault, too? Wonder what her embarrassing fans have to say.

Correction: It was all Miranda's fault.


They're all talking big about how Miranda will have a hard time taking care of an infant, a special needs child, and a little girl who acts like she's 25, and she'll be a worse mother than Leah, according to one comment on InTouch's Facebook. They're acting like Corey and Miranda hated Leah so much, they took the girls away. Because it totally works like that.

It's amazing there is still people who can't see through Leah (and Jenelles) bullshit. Anyway, the twins will be in school during the day, and when they're not, Corey will be around most of the time I presume. I'm sure they will manage. Can't get worse than Leah, that's for sure.

Leah supporters amaze me. It's like they are all taking the same drug as Leah that makes them delusional. I think Miranda already has the girls on a schedule and will be able to give them a better level of care even if she has a colicky newborn who won't latch.

on the 'all the teen moms' fb page people are always saying "now that miranda will have her own baby she should leave leah's alone!!" like WHATTT

also i think it WILL be hard for miranda, but i think she can do it!

I know, whenever I would read the comments on other articles, everyone would stick up for jenelle and Leah. I thought I was the only one to feel differently. I was so happy to find TMJ, and people who had more realistic comments, on these teen mom issues., and who share my point of view.

These people don't seem to understand how hard taking care of these kids are. You don't just wake up one day and go 'haha I am going screw Leah over and steal the kids!' Taking the children is going to be hard and you would only do it if you genuinely cared about their well being.

Why so much emphasis on Miranda to begin with? These are Corey's girls and I have no reason to believe she's pushing him on any of this. It seems like Corey does all the parenting when they're with him (Miranda: "I know I'm not their mom so I don't like to get onto 'em too much") as he should. It's between Leah and Corey and he feels his house, Miranda or no Miranda, is better for the girls. I mean they're in school while he's working anyway.

Leah "took care of" the twins and an infant when Addie was born and she isn't even a great mom. I'm sure Miranda will do just fine.

I'm pretty sure my cat would be a better mother than Leah. I love that her fans think taking care of a baby with two kids is impossible- the girls are in school all day, Leah and whoever else she recruits to parent have them on the weekend. Yes, it would be an extra challenge, but its not like these are strange kids they've never met before. They are already in a routine with them when they have them.

I'm surprised that CPS wasn't called when the cop found Addie.

I wonder if they were and that's why Leah lost custody. Something serious more than being tardy had to happen for the judge to suddenly flip and say Leah can't have the girlses.

I think something bigger happened than the twins' constant tardiness (though that's serious, too, because why the hell can't she get her girls to school on time, especially if she's not working?). I just think the school business was fed to the magazines as a way to pacify people for now and to give some kind of reason why Corey finally got primary custody.

I don't think it was the primary reason, but I think Addie's jaunt into the great wild was the first domino. Honestly, the vibe I've been getting was Addie was found, someone found Leah drugged out of her mind, reported it to the court, Leah got drug tested, and soon a lot more little things that we may or may not have seen started to pile up. I would not be shocked if she was found passed out (again, if the rumors were true) when law enforcement brought Addie home.

It's just my speculation. I used to live somewhat close to where Leah lives and I've seen this scenario go down before.

@ Antichrist Superstar - I agree. It was definitely a domino effect, with Addie's grand adventure being near the top. CPS had to have been called, I would question West Virginia's child safety laws if they weren't. Someone commented above that the area Leah lives in isn't exactly a neighbourhood, Addie could have wandered into the woods and been lost forever. I'd be shocked if they didn't give Leah a drug test on the spot. I know things happen, but how long was the two year old missing before the police found her? Did Leah even notice she was gone? There are a lot of variables that probably stacked against Leah very quickly.

Leah's social media silence about all of this speaks volumes.

and especially her wackadoodle mother's...

That's because the "truth came out". Only it wasn't the Messer clan's version of the truth, it was the actual truth. So, either at this point, there's nothing they can say, or they're busy trying to concoct some new bullshit lie to attempt to make Leah look like the victim yet again. FFS.

She's taking this time to come up with a lie as to why he has full custody.

Or some crazy lie about how Corey is still trying to sleep with Leah, like how last rumor came out a day after she got busted driving without the girlses buckled up

As far as we know she hasn't even had them in a school. As of July? or whenever the reunion was filmed she had moved and didn't have them enrolled in school anywhere. In 1st grade and already in their second school. Let's hope by the time she gets her shit together and has any chance at custody the girls can care for themselves.
Also haven't any of these people heard of the school bus? It's reliable, paid for by tax dollars, and proven to give children a better mental transition from home to school. Riding it home isn't as important, but a lot of children benefit from the mental transition of that ride since riding in the car means you could be going anywhere to them....especially young children.

I immediately came over here after seeing the news on my Facebook feed. I was hoping nobody had written an article and I could be the first one to break the news lol. Oh, well. Thanks, Tomlin! It's good to know that the site has writers who are on top of this kind of stuff.

It always seemed likely that Corey would get primary custody, so I'm so grateful to hear that he finally got it after such a long and hard battle. Leah shouldn't have had primary custody for a long, long time. She clearly can't handle caring for the girls full-time, but she needs so much help to be the best mom she can be. She should thank her lucky stars her twins have a father who cares so much about their well-being and is willing to fight tooth and nail to give them the best lives possible. Instead she's harping on about how she's the only one who spends actual time with them and Corey and Miranda are just plotting against her. I'm hoping this would be her rock bottom so she can finally get the help she needs, but something tells me that she won't admit how far she's really fallen as long as she still sees the twins on the weekends. Maybe if she loses all kinds of visitation with them will she finally see the light.

And WTF's the deal with Addy wandering away? I know kids can sneak out of houses, but given Leah's track record of nodding off and being a sleepyhead, there's more than enough reason to believe that she was neglecting Addy and that's why the kid ran off without being noticed. I read that Jeremy may pursue full custody, and I really hope he does. Doesn't his mom help out a lot in lieu of his absence? Maybe she can have physical custody of Addy while Jeremy still financially provides for her. He doesn't seem as devoted a father as Corey, but he's the better alternative to Leah and Jabba the Dawn.

OMFG " the best Mom I can be to the girlses..."
She says that phrase SO much. I don't even know what it means at this point.

Haha. It's true. It's her way of sort of acknowledging she's not doing a good job without straight up admitting she's fucking up. Sort of like her going to therapy in an attempt to address those drug rumors without actually saying, "I have a drug problem."

I'm just wondering, was there ever confirmation that Leah stole from Ali's trust fund?

Leah tweeted about that saying she moved it to another account. I always scratch my head at this because why would she just move Ali's and not Aleeah's too. I think it may be some truth to it...

I don't think that was ever confirmed, beyond "a source" saying that the account was empty. I don't have a hard time believing it, if she can't afford her lifestyle on her MTV money and Germy's salary then I could see her "borrowing" the money and deluding herself into thinking she'd pay it back.

Of all the pathetic things Leah's done, stealing your disabled child's trust fund that was to pay for their medical care and spending it on drugs is beyond despicable.

Honestly, at this point I wouldn't put it past Leah. And I would hope that Corey had documentation of it. If so, I'm sure that played a major part in the court case.

Didn't this happen roughly around the same time Leah was nagging Corey about his insurance covering the wheelchair? She had probably already drained the account of all the money and was trying to cover her ass and keep Corey from finding out and that's why she was being so pushy about his insurance covering the cost. MTV did a good job glossing over that situation too...

I was wondering about that trust fund as well today. Wasn't there trust for both the girls by the way?
Leah responded that '(... the money was just moved for a better intrest rate), dumb ass' if I remember correctly.
But I wondered then and still do, why did she not just inform Corey?

It must be upsetting/unsettling for the girls to have been with their mum all the time to only being with her on the weekends. I really really hope they thrive in their new environment and don't resent Corey and Miranda. As adults we can all see they are clearly in a better and safer environment, but at the age they are I hope they realize that as well.

I think the twins totally know they're better off with Corey and Miranda. They always seemed eager to be with their dad and stepmom. Maybe it's just me, but I got the impression that Ali and Gracie preferred staying with Corey. They'll start thriving full-time now.

I definitely hope so! they are without a doubt better off there but they may be too young to see that at the moment. But I do agree they did always seem eager to go to Corey's!

oh my gosh it happened.... my goodness. I hope it'll be a wake up call for Leah, or at least best for the twins for now. At least she can see the positivity in being able to spend time on the weekends with a load off, not trying to do that whole scheduling thing that she wasn't so great at. Maybe she'll get better at it later, but either way, I hope this will lead to some positive change and stability in the kids' lives.

No more midnight Ravioli specials!!!


I wonder if this is the end of their story on Teen Mom 2 now... good for Corey though.

I hope so. Now 2/4 of the moms don't even have custody of all of their kids. So pathetic.

I was looking on the teen mom Facebook page and someone said

" I hope Corey didn't get coustdy Leah is such a good mom and all these lies about her are crazy you can tell 100% by watching the show that is she is a wonderful mom and ONLY puts her daughters needs first!! She was late to a few appointments..... So no one is perfect"

&&&&& people are actually agreeing with this chick..... Wtf!

I will say I WAS the biggest Corey and Leah fan back in the day but that all ended the day I found out Leah was a hoe.... Corey's heart was so broke :(
BUT Leah has changed so damn much and in the WORST ways!!!

I will always root for Leah and I hope that she gets her life together I know she loves her girls but she isn't doing what's best for them and hasn't since she met Jeremy..... She should have noticed then that her twins needed her.....

You know all this is Robbie's fault!!!!! Because it can't be Leah's!!! She does everything right..

Hopefully she is a better weekend mom... Cause full time she sucks haha

I know :/ I've gotten backlash from people too when commenting that this IS a good thing. The people that I find that are sticking up for her are A) On drugs as well- I mean, they HAVE to be. B) Crazy fan girls or C) Are directly related to Leah in some way. Hope Corey didn't get custody? Who are these people and do they have kids? Late to a few appointments? Uh no. Try again. If she has had the kids late or absent to not only appointments, but school, so many times that the courts got involved, then it's not the best place for them. If these people don't get that, they are so very blind and look like total morons to the fullest.

I think they are a bunch of 13 year old girls who have no idea about the real world :P

I feel like CPS should be investigating every mother who thinks Leah is doing a good job. I saw one facebook comment who said Leah's nod was a "normal side affect of medication" and it happened to her own mother. Well done random facebook lady, you just told the whole world your mum has a pill problem!

HAHAH love it! Nothing better than someone thinking they are making the best argument, when they just seem like a moron.

Or the psycho Jenelle fans who think its normal to go out every weeknight and never see your kids ("even moms are allowed to go out and have fun!!!!"), normal to go on vacations without their kids ("moms are allowed to have breaks too!!!!!!"), and normal to an unemployed loser ("you've come so far and i'm so proud of you!!!!!")


another great thing about Corey having full custody is that the twins will spend less time with momma dawn. we all know how often Leah dropped them off at her house while she was supposed to care for them and to say that in a very gentle way, I'm not sure if that was the best influence for the girls.

She will probably see them pretty much the same amount of time now considering her friends and mumma dawn basically look after them....

Momma dawn isn't the best....

The best at this time is Corey and his wife.

Doesn't mean they are perfect and it doesn't mean that their marriage is the absolute best it simply means they try their best the give those girls stability...

Not saying they will never miss an appointment and they won't ever be late but when/if they do they will take it seriously.

"Dr." Douche responds:

Also in the same article, Jenelle claims she's not looking to date anyone and focusing on herself. What a crock.

I couldn't even get through the whole thing! I can not stand Dr Dipshit... Just another person who will justify and enable bad behavior, good on you Dr Drew!

Yeah, what a crock of BS! He says he thought she was doing better because Corey & Miranda were coming down harder on her? Huh??? Who would seriously come to that conclusion? They're more pissed than ever because she can't follow through with their one request, get the girlses to school on time!!! HOW THE HELL IS THAT SO HARD LEAH??? She must live like 50 miles from the school if she can never make it on time.

Anyway, his statement really sounds like something a TV doctor would say. No wonder these girls think nothing of the shit they do, this guy tells them it's no big deal! I feel like ever since he tried to tell Kail not to be so c*nty to Vee and she flipped out on him, he's really fallen off the wagon with his "treatment." I've always really hated Adumb but I thought he was super harsh to him at this last reunion saying he hasn't changed, but wouldn't really give any reason other than he missed Father's day with his kids. He totally takes the mom's sides and slams the dad's any way he can, no matter how much the mom's fuck up. He gets worse every season I think.

That bit confused me so much! You know you are getting better when people start pulling you up for all the crap you pull! #logic

Oh my God. What the hell is it with him & Leah? He ALWAYS tries to take her damn side! Fool, you're supposed to be a Dr., or addiction specialist or whatever. You're supposed to be SMART. How the hell does the rest of the world see that she's a hot mess? He always acts like she's the victim. Talking about how Corey & Miranda were coming down on her. Well, yeah, duh. She keeps messing up, then goes on the reunion show acting like everything changed, being fake. And, apparently she does have the same problem with the other baby daddy that she claimed not to have on the reunion show if Jeremy is trying to get a job at home so he can take Addie. Leah, you are NOT a victim, those kids are.

Maybe she used her vagina magic on him?


But, sadly, it wouldn't surprise me. :)

"One of the signs I noticed was that the people around her -- like her ex-husband and his new wife -- were starting to really come down on her," he explained. "When that starts to happen, that's a sign to me that the identified patient is getting better."

What the fuck does that even mean? So because she's still fucking up royally and regularly and the people who used to try to give her the benefit of the doubt and keep their mouths shut about her are sick of her shit and finally speaking out, it means Leah's doing BETTER?! Is he really implying that Corey is standing up to Leah because he's upset or threatened that she's doing BETTER?!

What a crock of shit Dr. Drew. And did anyone else notice at around 50 seconds, they edited part of the video out. I am pretty sure "Dr." Drew probably said something about her being an addict there, because right after the cut he says "the identified patient, whatever her condition is, mental health issue..." like he is covering his tracks. HA

I'm just surprised that when asked to comment, Dr. Drew didn't reply, "Look, I'll say whatever you want, but first let's discuss my fee". Maybe that came before all the other nonsense.


I am curious about your opinions on this. Everyone talks about Addie being the forgotten child in Leah's household, but I am wondering what the basis of this is. Clearly, she won't be the focus of Leah's TM2 segements, her twins with Corey will be. Similarly to how Jenelle's and Kail's youngest children have been given less screen time/talk than their oldest children, which put them on this show. Obviously, with Addie making a run for it, she is forgotten (more than the twinses). But this was said LONG before this report was published.

I'm pretty sure I saw that when Leah came back from "anxiety camp" she said she couldn't wait to see the twins. No mention of Addy.

I always figured she called out the twins specifically here because she probably saw Addy during the second rehab visit. Didn't the big fight where she came home stem from Mama Dawn wanting to take all three girls to rehab? My guess was she ended up taking Addy but Corey never gave permission for the other two.

anxiety camp!! lol love it

I certainly cannot speak for everyone, but I know that I could easily refer to Addy as the 'forgotten child', simply because Leah's motivation of having Addy was to trap Jeremy. Up to the point of meeting Jeremy, Leah - for all intents and purposes - was very focused on the twins (dickses, too, but she still showed significant concern for Ali and her medical issues and whatnot). Her life was full, yet manageable. Leah, then, PURPOSELY tried to get pregnant with Jeremy, not once but twice - the first pregnancy ending in a miscarriage, the second ending up with Addy, IIRC. Had Leah been more concerned with raising her two daughters and RATIONALLY investing in her marriage to Jeremy, rather than worrying about locking him down with another kid, maybe she could have salvaged her second marriage and she wouldn't be in her current situation. But no, because of her dependency on men, combined with the endless 'playing the victim', here we are. By having Addy, Leah was more than able to play the 'You need to be here for your FAMILY' card on Jeremy, as we witnessed MULTIPLE times throughout the past seasons. You KNOW that if she tried to make that argument if Addy wasn't in the picture, Jeremy would've been quick to say, "Those aren't my kids." - and lord knows reality checks are not Leah's forte. #monkey

THAT is the reason why Addy is referred to as the 'forgotten child', and it's only gotten worse as time has gone on. As Corey calls out Leah's shitty parenting by not even getting Ali to her appointments, and Gracie acting like she's two steps away from ending up on Beyond Scared Straight, Addy gets lost in the shuffle. Because, again, since Addy failed to keep the marriage to Jeremy together as Leah hoped, she's only seen as another stressor - not a lovely little girl. I really don't think we need any more proof than seeing Addy's face light up as soon as she sees Jeremy for the custody exchange. Poor thing.

I almost wish Corey would just adopt Addy on the basis that she's his girls' sister, but obviously that's not his burden either. How depressing.

When she was pregnant with Addie, the tabloids asked her and she denied it. She didn't admit it until she was 7 months pregnant.

So true. Exact same thing with Kaiser and Jenelle. He'll always be the forgotten one cause he was brought here to keep her relationship with Nathan going. Now that he's failed "his job", what use is he? And I do believe Jenelle sees him like that like he's some thing she lost the receipt for and can't return. If the TM cameras weren't following her, I really think she would've willingly signed the custody papers over to Nathan and totally dropped off the radar for them.

I think it's just sadder and more heart wrenching when it comes to Addie because even the twins, who are getting more attention than her, aren't getting much attention and general care. So it's just more extreme to the viewers when we see Leah ignore Addie and then ignore Gracie a little less than Addie and then ignore Ali a little less than both, while still managing to ignore every child she's supposed to be raising.

I will say that I don't really worry about Lincoln at all because even though Kail is crazy and she's going to give both her kids major complexes and issues in life, I feel like she still loves them and takes care of them...even if she's supremely overbearing about it. But watching Kaiser having to spend SO MUCH TIME with crazy people like Jenelle, Nathan, their random hookups, their druggie/alcoholic friends and a porn lovin' grandma minister just breaks my heart because there's NO break from the chaos for that poor kid. Barb has her faults but at least she provides some stability for Jace and Jace has a place to go to to get away from the chaos (aka his REAL home with his actual mom, Barb.) Then you have Leah's kids. With the twins, they have a father that's been fighting very hard for them to have stability and safety. Finally, they've gotten a step closer to having a life full of stability via their father. But poor Addie seems to just be cast to the side when it comes to her father either because Jeremy doesn't care about being a father or because he's not making the right choices/being aggressive enough to get her away from Leah. With Kaiser and Addie, they have no one on their side it seems and that's sad.

It really is a sad situation. I feel so bad for these kids. If MTV wasn't recording then I doubt Leah would pay any attention to her kids. If what she shows is her trying to be a decent mother for the camera than I can only imagine what it would be like when they aren't there.

Girls hit your HALLELUJAHS!!!! Sadly, this is the best news I have heard from the Teen Mom franchise in awhile and it isn't because I have some crazy hate boner for Leah. I think the girls will finally have a nice meal and a decent bedtime which will spill over in other aspects of their life. I think Leah is meant to be the fun mom on the weekends and not their primary caregiver. I just feel so bad for Addie who is still stuck in her current situation of riding along on her mother's downward spiral. I wish Jeremy gave a damn but he hasn't shown any reason or motivation to protect his kid during his time on television. If you suspect a girl is driving high with your kid in your car then you don't let her. Poor baby Addie :( I hope someone steps in before it is too late.

I just saw the pictures of the AAA girlses in their Halloween costumes. how is it even possible that they look filthy and neglected even in costumes? poor Aleeah is wearing a dress made for an adult, Addy looks lost, and Ali looks like she's sick of everything. And Leah herself looks absolutely grotesque.

where is that picture?