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16 and Pregnant

Hey Junkies! It's a slow day at work today, so I'm bringing you guys a long promised post. Jenelle Evans was the first girl featured on the second season of 16 & Pregnant, which makes her the young woman who got the ball rolling on the franchise fan favorite, Teen Mom 2.

Join me today, as I take a look back at Jenelle's initial episode on MTV and see how much has changed in nearly seven years.

And by the way, I'll be posting an article that includes an open discussion either tomorrow morning or afternoon. So save all your best snark!Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.01.48 PM

Jenelle is a teenage girl from Oak Island, North Carolina. It's summertime, which means Jenelle spends most of her time at the beach and parties since there's no school. She lives with her mother and the two of them fight a lot about her partying and about her boyfriend, Andrew.

Jenelle and Andrew have been together for three years. Andrew says that the first time he saw Jenelle he "didn't even say nothing to [her], [he] just walked up and grabbed [her] and kissed [her]." Jenelle's friends think Andrew is bad news, because even though he used to be a model, he now has no job, no car, lives with parents his parents fours hours away.

Andrew boasts that he used have a job, a car, and two apartments in New York. Jenelle says that everyone is just going to have to get used to him, because she's pregnant!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.36.53 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.04.35 PM

Jenelle is now 34 weeks pregnant. Initially she kept pregnancy a secret., but her mother, Barbara, knew something was up and kept questioning her about it. Eventually Barbara walked in on her in the bath and saw that she was showing. When Jenelle denied the pregnancy, Barbara made her take a pregnancy test, which obviously came out positive. Babs says she was upset, but Jenelle just says they can't do anything about it now.

The pregnancy is the topic of pretty much every conversation at Jenelle's house now, especially when her friends are around. Her close friend Lauren tells Barbara that she was shocked when she found out Jenelle was pregnant.

Jenelle says this is because "[she seems] so innocent" and everyone has a hearty laugh.

And thus ends the first two minutes of Jenelle's episode where she was almost bearable. Barbara thinks Jenelle is too young, but Lauren says that if you're responsible enough for sex, you're responsible enough to carry a baby.

Jenelle never imagined she'd be spending a summer night setting up a baby's room instead of partying. All the blue about the room is our first clue that Jenelle is having a boy, who she will be naming Jace.

Jenelle tells Amber that having a baby is "gunna be like dressing up a doll everyday." She also tells Amber that she never considered abortion or adoption, even though Babs suggested keeping her options open.

She plans to finish high school and do college online, because she can't go to work and school with a baby.

She says that as far as Jace's father goes, Babs doesn't give Andrew a chance and Jenelle doesn't think she ever will.

Jenelle knows she needs to talk to Barbara about Andrew's impending visit, but nothing gets in the way of going to the beach! Jenelle used to surf every summer, but no she's sentenced to stay on the shore. Her friend talks about having a cousin who had a kid young and still continued partying and pawning the child off on relatives.

Jenelle plans on staying at home and spending time with the baby in front of a movie rather than going out.

Jenelle thinks she'll be a good mom, asking her friends, "Ya know what's great about me?" Before saying that she plans on bringing her son to the beach when he's old enough.

Back at home, Barbara wants to talk to Jenelle about Andrew. She lays down some ground rules for the visit like wanting to speak with his mother when he arrives and no extended stays. Barbara says Jenelle doesn't understand these concerns because she doesn't pay bills, but Jenelle begins cursing and saying that her mom always exaggerates how much of their resources Andrew consumes. Mike (before the Hooters waitress) reminds Jenelle that she has nothing to provide for a child with, citing that the roll of paper towels on the counter has more to its name than she does.

Barbara chimes in to assert, "That baby's not gunna be living here!" and goes on to talk about how regardless of her feelings about him, Andrew needs to step up for his son. Jenelle says that its all about who makes her happy and who supports her mentally.

Mike argues that her thinking is flawed and she needs financial support or at least someone with a driver's license.

Hey, this is the opposite of the talk Butch and Tyler had last season! Anywho, Jenelle gets pissed and threatens that if they make her too mad, she'll run off with Andrew and the baby.

Somehow, the threat just doesn't carry the same weigh anymore.

The next week, Andrew comes to stay with Jenelle. Barbara came around and agreed it was okay, but Andrew made sure to come while Barbara was at work. Once he gets settled in, Jenelle complains that when he isn't around, she's forced to do everything for herself. He fixes some food for Jenelle and says that he'll be Mr.

Mom once the baby is born. He then asks Jenelle who will be in the emergency room with her when the baby is born and Jenelle gently corrects him saying he and her mom will be the only ones in the delivery room with her.

Andrew doesn't think he and Barbara in the same room will go well at all, but Jenelle thinks they might be able to get along at least for the delivery.

Andrew manages to burn the hot dogs (that he was making in the oven for some reason) and they decide to get the heck out of dodge before Barbara comes back from work.

At mini golf with Jenelle's friends, they talk more about the Babs-Andrew dynamic. She doesn't like him because he drinks a lot, is possibly an alcoholic and has no job or car. Andrew jokes with Lauren and Amber that she's right and he's a total alcoholic lowlife, but they look pretty serious about it.

They ask how Jenelle ended up with child and Jenelle tells them the story. Jenelle got pregnant because she and Andrew got into fight and stopped talking and Jenelle stopped taking her birth control.

When they made up, they didn't use a condom and they were completely unprotected, so she got knocked up. She says they had done it other times, so Jenelle just figured one more time wouldn't hurt.

Andrew living several hours away puts a strain on his relationship with Jenelle, but Andrew insists that everything is Barbara's fault, because she's a bitch who doesn't let him visit. Jenelle defends Barbara just a bit and asks if he can see her point of view. His joblessness is a big point of contention, but Andrew says that even McDonald's said he was overqualified when he applied.

He cites that the economy is just bad, which in August of 2009 was valid, but just not from the likes of Andrew. Even still, he thinks the two of them are never going to split up.

He says when Jenelle is 18 and finishes school, he wants to get married.

Jenelle just wants him to be there for her water breaking, but Andrew swiftly says a firm no to that idea, but Jenelle thinks she can convince Barbara to let him stay.

At home, Barbara continues to talk about the problems with Andrew. Jenelle tells her mother about how Andrew wants to get married and the idea throws Babs into a tizzy.

She thinks that's an awful idea/the worst mistake Jenelle could make and hopes that Jenelle isn't doing that. It becomes obvious to Jenelle that Barbara will never come to accept Andrew.

Even though he managed to avoid Babs the entire visit, Barbara is ready to confront Andrew's father, Barney (or "Bahney" if you're Babs), as they're leaving. She tells Andrew that she known him for quite a while and there's always major, major trouble since he's been around. Now that he's gotten Jenelle pregnant, she says all the lies and drama need to stop and things need to change.

Mike jumps in to tell Andrew that it's time to man up. Andrew defensively says he's looked for a job.

Mike is unimpressed and says she's been pregnant for eight months and he could've has a job if he wanted one or were willing to work somewhere like McDonald's.

Andrew again boasts about being overqualified and cites Barney as a witness.

Barbara is upset that all expense for the baby has been on her shoulders. Andrew starts swearing and says he shouldn't have to be a "f*ing billionaire" to come see his pregnant girlfriend.

Barbara raises her voice saying that she doesn't appreciate him being in Jenelle's bed, having sex in her house, Jenelle's pregnancy notwithstanding.

Jenelle chimes in and gives us the quote we all remember, "Mom-- Mom, guess what?! Nothing else worse can happen, Mom."

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.35.43 PM

With Jenelle now 37 weeks pregnant, she has come to realize that Andrew has no plans to move closer or get a job. She's wondering if maybe her mom was right after all... She goes shopping with Amber and browses things that she can't afford.

Jenelle muses about how if she had waited to have a chid later in life, she'd be able to afford some of the stuff at the baby store.

The girls talk about how Andrew isn't stepping up. Jenelle had a lot of dreams for their family, but now she's losing hope they will come true.

Later, Jenelle and Babs go to an ultrasound appointment. We get to see Jace's tiny hands and feet on the screen. The nurse then discusses signs of labor that Jenelle should look out for.

Jenelle is nearly 38 weeks now, meaning that she could have the baby anytime! The nurse then asks if the baby's father is being supportive.

Jenelle reveals that she now thinks he still acts like a little kid and isn't doing his part. The nurse says that the situation is unfortunate but hopes he'll start to come around.

It's time for Jenelle's baby shower! During the party, Jenelle's voiceover talks about how happy she is to be giving birth over summer vacation, because she's excited to go back to school after the baby's born. Babs jokes with Jenelle's friends about Andrew, to Jenelle's annoyance. Jenelle doesn't like he mom speaking poorly about Andrew, but she's more upset that Andrew didn't even call when he knew her shower was that day. Jenelle decides to go out with her friends to blow off steam after the party.

Barbara wants her to stay home and rest, but Jenelle acts snotty until she gets her way. Barbara tells her daughter that she doesn't know what's going to happen when the baby comes.

Jenelle insists in her voiceover that, "Just because [she's] pregnant doesn't mean [she has] to quit going out." Two words: T. Rash.

Out with her friends, Jenelle breaks down and texts Andrew first. She anticipates him being angry, because he hates when she goes out with friends. He calls wanting to know why she hasn't called him all day and asking where she is.

He's upset that she's out with friends and starts to berate her, telling her to grow up.

She responds by listing his shortcomings and insisting that he's the one that needs to grow up. They go back and forth this way until Andrew hangs up.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.02.11 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.03.34 PM

The next day, Jenelle goes out to eat with Lauren and they discuss Andrew. Lauren is upset at the way Andrew swore at and verbally abused Jenelle. Jenelle says she'll eventually get fed up with that kind of behavior. Lauren asks her friend if Andrew is the type of person she wants to be around her child, especially since he's not providing anything. Jenelle doesn't have time to sort all that out, because two weeks later she goes into labor. She's still upset with him, but texts Andrew because she wants him to be there for Jace's arrival. He shows up and Jenelle spends twelve hours in labor before Jace Vahn is born.

The delivery is not filmed. When Jenelle holds Jace, she says, "Hey bud!" and mentions that it's nice to see him again. Jace's arm is bandaged from what looks like blood being taken. I wonder why the didn't film the very first time Jenelle got to hold Jace? Anyway, a nurse hands off a cleaned and dried Jace to Jenelle and Andrew, who are in awe over the new life they created.

Andrew doesn't think he'll be able to sleep that night. Instead he wants to stay up and spend every moment with his son. Jenelle's glad that he's taking an interest in the baby. .

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.16.27 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.14.59 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.17.06 PMThe next day Jenelle's friends come to see Jace, when her family and Andrew leave to go get some rest. The girls marvel at how much the little guy resembles Jenelle already.

Jenelle hopes that now that she's had the baby, things will change between she and Andrew.

But before they can leave and start their new life, Jenelle gets a crash course in childcare from the hospital staff. Meanwhile, things between Barbara and Andrew are worse than ever, as now they just ignore each other.

Babs tells Jenelle that she's aggravated by Andrew. Jenelle argues that Andrew doesn't say a word and Barbara still manages to get annoyed. She asks for an end to the arguing and for support from her mother and Andrew. Babara promises she won't say anything else and smirks when she says Andrew will be gone shortly anyway. Jenelle looks annoyed but doesn't say anything.

Later that day, Babs gives Jenelle and Andrew space to talk. Andrew thinks that the stormy weather in their relationship is over and dreamily discusses plans to get a job, a car, a place of his own, move Jenelle in AND getting married.

Jenelle tells him not to "fuck it up" and Andrew seems pretty sure he won't. Jenelle says she's heard that from him before and Andrew gets defensive and pissy about it. Even still, Jenelle wants to believe him.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.28.02 PM

The next day, Andrew has to leave. Now, Jenelle is even more sad about him living four hours away because she's not going to see him for two weeks.

He says goodbyes and takes off with his father. Jenelle take baby Jace home. She may not have Andrew, but Babs, Mike and even Amber pitch in to help with the baby's first days at home.

It's been a week now and the reality of parenting is hitting Jenelle. She has no time to herself and Andrew hasn't called or made any plans to visit. Another week goes by and things are getting tougher.

Jace isn't sleeping at night and Barabara is taking the lead on baby care, since Jenelle can't handle it all.

Babs reveals that Jace starts daycare in the coming week, so Jenelle can go to school and Jenelle says she can't wait. All an exasperated Barbara manages to say is, "Oh for God's sake Jenelle..."

The day before school starts, Jenelle got a call from Andrew saying he spent the last seven days in jail for a DUI. Even worse yet, he was drunk again when he called! Barbara tells Jenelle that she can't be with a guy who's a drinker.

She wants Jenelle to put Andrew behind her and move forward, calling him a sperm donor and not the right person for Jenelle.

Jenelle admits that she doesn't want Jace around excessive drinking. Barbara suggests that she make a pro and con list and figure out if having Andrew in her life is worth it.

Jenelle's friends also don't want her to be with Andrew, because they're sure he's an alcoholic. Jenelle decides to calls him on her iPhone (Like the very first one. God this was forever ago!) and tells him that his drinking the night before was the last straw. He says he really doesn't care about Jenelle and is only in it for the baby.

Jenelle says that you have to care for the person that's holding the baby, and Andrew disagrees. When Jenelle aks what he wants, Andrew says that his feeling for her "have dropped." Jenelle says that his drinking and jailing have caused her feelings to drop as well.

He says he's getting off the phone and Jenelle insists he never calls back because they're finished. Jenelle never thought she'd have to raise the baby alone, but it looks like she's going to.

Things continue in the same fashion at Jenelle's house and Babs still doesn't want her going out, but Jenelle goes anyway. She says her mother doesn't understand why she wants to go out, but Jenelle thinks that Jace doesn't need her if he has Babs. While Jenelle gets ready for school, Barbara gets Jace up and takes him to daycare.

Jenelle is happy to be back in school and able to hang out with friends after school before Barb brings Jace home from daycare.

She tells a friend that Andrew hasn't spoken to Jenelle since their fight and hasn't seen Jace since two days after he was born.

Barbara interrupts Jenelle's conversation by calling and asking her to make baby bottles, to which Jenelle cannot believe she's being asked.

That night, Barbara is tired from work and doesn't want to watch Jace, but Jenelle's friend Tori is throwing a party and Jenelle insists on going. Barbara thinks Jenelle's constant absence has gotten ridiculous and says that if Jenelle doesn't want to raise the baby, they'll find a nice family who wants to. She tries to get Jenelle to engage, but Jenelle ignores her. When Barbara persists, Jenelle threaten to leave if she keeps it up.

Barbara tells Jenelle that Jace will get sick and end up in the hospital if she does that. When she doesn't back down, Jenelle packs up some stuff and leaves with the baby in a stroller.

Barbara says Jenelle hasn't changed a bit and when Jenelle leaves, cameras capture Babs and Mike fuming about how irresponsible Jenelle is acting.

In a voiceover, Jenelle says she already had to give up her boyfriend and that her mom is crazy if she think she'll give up her friends too.

In the following weeks, Jenelle is depressed over her breakup with Andrew and being a single mother, so she's been going out a lot to distract herself. Barbara isn't at all happy about it. Jenelle tells her mother that she won't let her participate and Barbara says that's because Jenelle is never there. They bicker about it, with Barbara saying that Jenelle thinks the baby is a dog or a cat. Jenelle says that when she's 18, she's going to take off with Jace and Barbara will never see them again.

Barbara says it will be a cold day in hell before Jace goes anywhere without being properly taken care of. Knowing what we know now, my heart breaks for Barbara. She really loves her grandson and kept that vow.

She pleads with Jenelle to do the right thing. Jenelle responds by yelling some swears at her. Babs breaks down at the stress of raising a child for her "little bitch of a daughter."

A few days later, Amber and Lauren come over. Jenelle hasn't seen them in a while because she's been going out with her other friends. Lauren can't wait until Jace is old enough to say mommy and Jenelle says Barbara has sneered that Jace will say "Meme" first because Jenelle is never around to be called mommy. Oh, the irony. Jenelle says she loves taking care of Jace, but just chooses to also make time for herself.

Although, she does admit that it's been too much time lately. She then complains about Babs claiming that Amber and Lauren have said that Jenelle needs to shape up.

Lauren and Amber refuse to placate her, stating that they do think she needs to clean up her act.

Jenelle looks equally stunned and irritated by their honesty. They give her a short lecture, and Jenelle thinks they have a point, but thinks they just don't understand how hard this all is for her.

A week passes and things improve as Jenelle has been spending more time at home. Jenelle is realizing what a big responsibility motherhood is and misses being a regular teen. She talks to Tori and say the first year of having a child is the hardest.

She says even when not hungry or wet, babies cry to be held because they're clingy and that having a baby is like being in prison. Jenelle knows that she wouldn't possibly be able to handle the baby without her mom.

But Jenelle still insists that she makes time for herself and isn't a bad mom for going out like people have been saying.

She advises her friend to wait, get an education, a house, a car and a steady job before having a child.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.00.21 PM Oh Tori...

After a couple months, Jenelle really realizes she's not ready to be a mom. She sits down to ask for Barbara's help in raising Jace while she gets established. Barbara says she'll always take care if Jace because "it's not his fault he's born." Jenelle tells Babs, "Even though you bitch at me all the time and stuff, I know that I couldn't do this without you." Barbara tears up and realizing how low this family's threshold for sweetness is makes me sad.

Barbara says she knows they don't get along, but wants to come to a good middle ground for Jace sake.

They're both crying now and Barbara reminds Jenelle that life isn't about material things, it's about family. She then picks Jace's up, and leaves the room with him to go put him down to sleep.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.01.47 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.07.35 PM

Jenelle then delivers a short closing monologue. She knows that despite their differences, Babs will always stand by her. She admits that when she got pregnant, she thought about the easiest parts of having a child.

She now realizes that it's actually all about taking care of another person completely. She also realizes that Andrew isn't the person she would have wanted to have a baby with, because he hasn't contributed anything.

Now, she says she wished she had waited, so she could give Jace anything he wants. As for Jenelle now? Well, a wise man once said, "The story never changes, just the names and faces."

Jenelle JAce Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.12.44 PM

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"Jenelle plans on staying at home and spending time with the baby in front of a movie rather than going out."


That pic of Tori, wow. My D may never get hard again.

Nothing else worse can happen, mom!

"Jace doesn't need me. He's got my mom."

I mean, what can I say about Jenelle that hasn't been said a million times already?
God, how sad. She's so clueless. She literally had all these ideas about taking Jace to the beach and doing "fun things with him" but that's all she thought it entailed. How did she not know the difference, even at 16-17? She still doesn't know at 23!

BTW How old was Andrew when Jenelle got pregnant? He seems like he's in his early 20s at that point and definitely had no business creeping around with Jenelle in Barbara's house, and if it rings true that they were together for "four years", she was too young for him a LONG time ago.
I'm also calling BS on him being overqualified, he was just a lazy drunk. He's embarrassing. Jenelle always dates these 7/10 dudes who were broke and stupid, I don't get it.

Also Tori, your fashion choices are still so unfortunate 7 years later.

7/10 is being really generous, Andrew is a 3 at best.

If I'm not mistaken, Andrew is 26 going on 27. If he hasn't already turned 27. He didn't stick around long enough for us Teen Mom Junkies to know his entire life lol. Jenelle turned 24 last month. So if she was 16 when she got pregnant with Jace, Andrew would have been 18 or 19. And since Jenelle said they were together for three years beforehand, they would've been 13 and 15/16 when they got together. Ew.

Ehhh, yeah that's pushing the envelope a little. A three-year age difference isn't enough to make me feel all that uncomfortable, but what in the world would a high-school sophomore want with someone in middle school? I'm sorry, from that perspective, if I were Babs, I would have put my foot down.

When you're older though, I know it doesn't make a huge difference, but I remember being 14 years old and dating a 19 year old and as an adult woman, I honestly wish my parents stepped in and forbade it. When you're two kids it's one thing, but it gets to the point where you start to wonder if someone's being taken advantage of.

Speaking of which, I've been wondering about Courtland. Jenelle claimed in an FB post that Courty was her "childhood sweetheart" but isn't he a little older too? Did she know him before she met Andrew?

Ew, my first boyfriend was 15 when I was 13. Granted, we were both in 8th grade because he was such a deadbeat he'd been held back twice. The #1 thing I get out of watching TM and TM2 is THANK GOD I never got pregnant by any of these morons I dated before my husband. I'd be in Chelsea's situation at best.

She could very well be lying about how long they had been together. Remember how she said Courtland was her junior high sweetheart?? When in reality they met through their heroin dealer just weeks prior.

I figured that was just a random weird fantasy she drummed up while she was in some doped-up state to give her "soulmate journey" some weight, but I guess I just wanted to verify that origin story was bs after all.

Okay usually I only lurk around, but this made me curious so I had to look it up. This is the only source I could find and states that Andrew was born in 1986, so he's 29 or 30:


In theory let's just say that Barbara refused to take care of Jace at all and didn't help Jenelle out. What do you think would happen?

a) Jenelle would be forced to shape up and take care of him
b) Jenelle would run away leaving Jace at home with Barbara
c) Jenelle would give Jace up for adoption
d) Jenelle would take Jace, but not change her ways and end up getting him taken from her by cps
e) -insert your own idea here-

Just curious what everyone here thinks. I'm not really sure what she would do but I'm leaning towards d. Also if Andrew lived 4 hours away and didn't have a license how were him and Jenelle seeing each other to even have sex? Jenelle didn't have a car back then so neither Andrew or Jenelle were driving to each other. Was Babs driving Jenelle to Andrew or Andrew's parents driving him down to see Jenelle? Hmmm. I'm also curious if Andrew's parents ever try to see Jace or if they just don't care.

Well, a and c are out. So probably b or d.

I highly doubt that Babs would be driving Jenelle to Andrew's, so I assume it was like we saw in the episode with his parents driving him down to her. They might have lived closer to each other originally and then one/both moved.

I don't recall ever hearing anything about Andrew's parents on the show at all.

I think she would have tried taking Jace and then lost him to CPS, which were apparently involved from the get-go after Jace tested positive for drugs. The only reason why she would never, ever give him up for adoption (of her volition) is that she likes to boast that Jace is her son. Never mind the fact that she never once took care of him aside from making a few bottles and changing a couple diapers when he was a few days old. She carried him for nine months and that should be good enough for everybody.

Jenelle's possessiveness of Jace reminds me of Tyler recently claiming that Carly called him Daddy, which a lot of people believe never happened. They both have nothing to do with these children's care, yet try to act like they're still important figures in the kids' lives and should still be able to call the shots. The only difference is that Tyler actually did the right thing and let Carly be adopted by people who were ready and willing to be her parents. Jenelle just pawned Jace off on Babs as soon as she could rather than do the right thing and even consider placing him with a more suitable family. I think Barbara is trying her best raising him, but he would have been so much better off with somebody else who was actually eager to take on a baby rather than his stressed-out, overworked grandmother.

Honest to god, I think Jace would be literally dead. I think Jenelle would have flat-out left him to go out, "after he's asleep" or something, and something serious would have happened to him eventually. I think she'd be one of these sad moms you hear about on the news after a tragedy.

Her whole attitude about adoption just makes me so mad. She didn't want to take care of Jace at all (couldn't wait for him to be in daycare) but wouldn't even consider adoption when Babs suggested it. And I agree, it's only because she wants to call him "her son" and dress him up in cute outfits. It had nothing to do with loving him, which is why many of the 16&P moms don't choose adoption. Immature or not most of them do love their children.

If she had let Jace be adopted she could have gone back to partying all the time and would be released from the "prison" of having a child. Meanwhile Jace would be living a decent life right now and she wouldn't be on the show making tons of money for doing nothing and only focusing on herself and her dick of the month.

@CCB I know Andrew made the claim that Jenelle did speed while pregnant but I didn't know Jace actually tested positive for drugs. That is so sad and explains why mtv didn't get to actually film his birth and the time right afterward. Wow. My heart breaks for Jace. In my year off from school I worked at a children's psych ward and so many of the kids reminded me of Jace.

D for sure

@ Red Courtland actually dated Tori's older sister when Jenelle and Tori were both like 15. Courtland is a creeper that likes them young. His baby momma Taylor got pregnant at 16 when he was what 26 or 27? What a sicko.

Yuck! I didn't know that. Really adds another thread to the creep tapestry that is Courthouse Rogers.

Oh right I forgot, he is a legit predator. Remember the Ashley Meeks fiasco? Wasn't she like 17?

He was 23 or 24, not like that makes it any better. Ashley Meeks was 19. Either way, Courtland is embarrassing. I legit get secondhand embarrassment reading his twitter. Especially when he goes into dramatic mode "OMGGGGGGG WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME JENELLE SADFACE MY HEART IS BROKEN ALL I CAN DO IS CRYYYY"

Like dude, do you not realize how pathetic a grown man looks whining?? It isn't adorable like he probably thinks. It doesn't make me feel bad for him, it just makes me want to kick him and tell him to shut the fuck up.

Yeah I used to have a soft spot for Courtland but now he just comes off like every other attention-seeking addict who hangs out at the train station with a really sad story and just needs the world to feel sorry for him and spot him a 20. He's in jail for a while now and marrying Taylor Lewis, the love of his life, so his saga is pretty much coming to a close now.

I miss Kieffer.

According to Google, Courtland's birthday is January 10th, 1986. Yuck dude, you're 30, get it together, damn!

Wow, I totally forgot that it was Andrew who coined the iconic phrase, "My feelings for you have dropped."

I remember the first time I watched this episode. Jenelle greeting Jenelle with a borderline-indifferent, "Hey, bud!" sent chills down my spine. There was no mother-child bond between them from the start. Jenelle was never interested in being a mother to that kid. Also, didn't she try claiming that she and Andrew purposely tried getting pregnant? What's all this with, "Well, we had unprotected sex because we had broke up and I wasn't on birth control anymore"? Bitch can't keep her story straight.

I believe Jace tested positive for drugs at his birth (considering that Jenelle outright bragged about smoking pot during her pregnancy, it's not surprising). CPS got involved and told Babs that Jace would go into foster care if she couldn't or didn't want to assume custody. Seriously, though, that kid is doomed. Barbara means well, but I don't know how well Jace will fare given that the likes of Jenelle and Andrew contributed to his genes.

Ugh, how could I forget about the notorious first words to her darling son? "Hey bud". Sweetie, that's not your cousin's baby, that's not Tori's baby, that's YOUR baby. Did you forget about the mind-numbing labor you just went through to bring him into the world just now? WTF?

I know, lots of iconic phrases in this one, I'd forgotten about all of them! CCB, is that true about Jace testing positive for drugs? I know people say that because of his bandaged arm, but was that ever proven? Plus, if he had tested positive for drugs, why in the world would a hospital send him home with his mom, who had drugged him up in the womb? Is that typical? Sorry about all these questions, I have no idea how it works when a baby is born addicted. What are the laws - maybe our cohort of lawyers and law students could chime in.

I'm not a doctor but my mother is. She worked temporarily at a hospital in Ft.Bragg in Cali for a few months. It seemed almost every other day she'd tell me about delivering a kid born addicted from everything from pot to meth. The excuses they come up with after testing positive are truly amazing. I remember one said that the crystal meth got in her system because people around her were smoking it...they genuinely believe they can fool these doctors with that BS. And I won't even talk about her watching these tiny infants go through withdrawals in the NICU, she said often the babies will just lay there screaming non-stop from it. But yes when it happens, they do call CPS who tells the family find someone to take care and custody of this child or foster care, and the ones who do it most often are always grandma/and or grandpa.

First of all, Matt & Amber's Sober Living Home 'n Whine Bar, your name is amazing--two thumbs up. I am still studying law (so I'm no seasoned expert), but I did a little research about babies who are born addicted to drugs. Here is a link to an article that gives a breakdown of each state's laws on substance abuse during pregnancy.


Notice that North Carolina does not currently have a law on the books that would consider prenatal exposure to drugs child abuse/neglect while South Carolina does. Isn't it true that Jenelle drove to NC to have Kaiser even though she and NG were living in SC? This could perhaps be the reason why she did that if she did indeed make the drive.

But to answer your question, Amber & Matt's, laws concerning prenatal exposure to drugs vary by state. However, according to the link below, NC is considering a law that would criminalize prenatal exposure to drugs. Consider yourself on notice, Jenelle.


My OG (ha!) comment is in moderation because of the links I posted, so I'm going to break up my post.

1.) First of all, Matt & Amber’s Sober Living Home ‘n Whine Bar, your name is amazing–two thumbs up. I am still studying law (so I’m no seasoned expert), but I did a little research about babies who are born addicted to drugs. Here is a link to an article that gives a breakdown of each state’s laws on substance abuse during pregnancy.


Notice that North Carolina does not currently have a law on the books that would consider prenatal exposure to drugs child abuse/neglect while South Carolina does. Isn’t it true that Jenelle drove to NC to have Kaiser even though she and NG were living in SC? This could perhaps be the reason why she did that if she did indeed make the drive.

2.) But to answer your question, Amber & Matt’s, laws concerning prenatal exposure to drugs vary by state. However, according to the link below, NC is considering a law that would criminalize prenatal exposure to drugs. Consider yourself on notice, Jenelle.


Wine.* But whine is also super fitting. Double entendre!

if jace tested positive for drugs and there were repercussions or cause for CPS to become involved, i can guarantee it was more than weed. reliable rn source told me straight up "they don't care about weed - they are looking for crack, heroin, meth, etc. on those drug screens." and not defending jenelle whatsoever, but when i had my second child, a boy, we called him bud or buddy from day one. so much that it has almost become a nickname. i don't think "hey bud" is necessarily a bad thing.

jenelle has confirmed CPS basically forced her to give custody to babs. however i'm not sure if it was bc he tested positive for drugs. although i guess why else would they have been involved ???

Oh, I don't know, neglect maybe?
Babs got custody cause she called them while Jenelle was out partying again.
She's still angry with Babs cause according to her, Babs told her to go and that it was fine and then called CPS.
I guess Babs yelled "Fine, you go then! But you are leaving that baby with me!" when they argued before she left, not really the same thing.

Also I just want to say that Jenelle was a lot prettier in her 16 & Pregnant debut than now. I don't know if it's the hair color, or that fact that she's obviously a little younger here, or the fact that her features are a lot softer/less angular, or that's she pregnant, or maybe the fact that this predates her flirtations with heroin which made her look sickly and aged her... She just looks a lot healthier here.

I defiantly think it's the drug use. She looks the same but her skin and her features seem "softer" in these pictures. I don't know how else to put it. It's like when you see really, really heavy tanners and drug users when they're skin is described as "leathery".

I agree that a lot of it is the look of the skin, which really ages her due to the combination of drugs and tanner. She was cute back in the day (except for her lip ring IMO) but her personality was just as ugly as it is now.

I just looked at her instagram and my God she looks ridiculous trying to pose in that yellow bikini. She clearly thinks she's hot shit but her facial expression and poses are just weird and awkward. Not to mention her boobs look bigger than her head in that bikini. I think they're supposed to be promoting the new website. I'm actually looking forward to it being launched so I can see just how ridiculous it is.

Even I'll admit she was cute looking up until about Season 3.

Maybe it was baby fat?

What happened to Mike? I see the reference to a Hooters waitress ... did he leave Babs for one?

He's been long gone. Had to get off that crazy train at some point. Kinda sucks, Babs needs a friend. I wonder if Butch could use some cougar love, he should move in with her!

I would 100% watch a spin off with Barbs and Butch living together.

Butch honestly could be the step-dad Jenelle needs. I feel like he should have saved all the shit he gave C&T about the adoption for Jenelle instead.


Yaaaassss, my favorite Teen Mom quote of all time!!

That's what Babs said happened one reunion special, I think; "He ran awf with tha Hooters Waitress!"

Poor Babs, can't be easy to find a nice guy to date when you're 60 and raising a grandson (or two) full time

LOL at your username! I can't believe I didn't think of that!

Butch had some good words of wisdom over the years, that's for sure, but I felt he was unfair to C&T for the most part though regarding the adoption. I know he was probably just angry that Tyler didn't "man up" or whatever, but he missed the point entirely. Still, he means well.

He might mean well now, but at the time, he and April were horrible to Cate and Tyler and just so trashy all around. When those seasons were on, I was working in a CPS job and I always thought just watching those clips that Carly was going to be able to look back and know that her young dumb birthparents were literally the ONLY ones who even had a clue how f-ed up she would have had to live if they kept her.

That first season or two maybe the reason B&T keep allowing C&T in Carly's life. That shit was real. That was when Teen Mom was good. That was when C&T were smart and humble and genuine. Those days are long gone. But at least Carly WILL be able to see that they genuinely did what was best for her.

Totally agree, the shit they caught on film in those first seasons was so indicative as to why they felt that adoption was their only option--I remember a scene where April was trying to talk Cate into keeping the baby and said "Butch and I will help you"... like WTF, help her to become as good of a parent as you are?!?!?!? It is telling how little they really have separated from and/or moved on from those dysfunctional family relationships and think now that everything is fine and dandy

I think Jace has always been a very handsome little kid, but oh my, I forgot how adorable of a baby he was! That kid has yet to have an awkward looking growing stage.

Jenelle's apathy over motherhood from day one is still astonishing to me. I'm not a parent but hell, even I coo over a new computer for at least a few months after I get it. This girl popped a living being out of her hoo-ha and couldn't care less.

I wish I could push a new computer out of MY hoo-ha. I'd say more than "hey bud", that's for sure.

This episode is iconic. I knew from day 1 that Jace was doomed. But I'm still holding out hope for him to beat the crazy.

On another note, I thoroughly apologize for going off-topic but I'm kind of desperate and can count on you guys to be honest. I literally just found out I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and have zero dresses whatsoever. How inappropriate would it be to wear a pair of dress pants, a nice top and a cardigan?

It's winter, so you should be all set.

Thanks! I saw how much you guys (rightfully) ripped into Maci for her outfit at C&T's wedding so I figured you were the right people to ask haha

i think thats fine!! i'd wear heels and nice make up/hair with it.

"Nothing else worse can happen"

....Oh honey.

Well Jenelle. Look how much further down the rabbit hole you went from here......

Were did those teo girls go? Did we ever see them again? I remember thinking Jenelle would calm down etc because she had good peers around her.
Shame she chose Whorey Tori as her new BFF.
Wonder how Jenelle's and Jace's life would have been without Tori.

She stayed friends with Amber for quite a while. Amber had a baby and then she and Jenelle moved in together. But Amber's bf was on probation and Jenelle wasn't supposed to be around him because she was on probation as well. They had a falling out because of it and Amber moved out of the apartment. I believe this was when Jenelle yelled "that's my fucking hoodie, dude! Oh my God dude, she's wearing it!" (or something to that effect).

i started really following jenelle when her and amber stopped being friends. jenelle posted this crazy status on her FB page and said something like 'AMBER IS GETTING AN ABORTION ON 12/23' and i was like holyyyyyyyyy shit this is amazing lol

Saw Kailin's 16&p last week by the way. Good grief that girl was unlucky with the parents she got. Forgot how bad Suzy was. She got the high horse thing from Suzy for sure.
No wonder her behavior can be so 'special'.
Also the money driven behavior. That girl is trying to buy herself security and stability.
She was a bit snotty to her bio dad I think.
She will have a long way to go before she will realize money and looks are only connected to happiness when you really, really lack one of them.

I rewatched it last week. I had totally forgotten she went to visit her dad. I think she had just built up this idea of him in her head, despite what her mom and everyone else were telling her, and was incredibly disappointed when he turned out to be an alcoholic hillbilly with a lock on his fridge.
But I agree that the money has definitely gone to her head, she was so appreciative of Janet and Eddy, and it's really sad how she ended up treating them.

Did she visit her dad on the 16 & Pregnant special? I legit couldn't remember.

Yeah Jo's parents deserve major props for taking Kailyn in as one of their own. They're awesome people who had good heads on their shoulders and were able to see the grand scheme of things and knew what was important. It's a shame Kailyn acted as if they imprisoned her.

Awh. I rewatched Kailyn's 16 & Preg episode. Her father was funny! He almost reminded me of my dad! He seemed like a really harmless and simple guy, kinda backwoodsy and definitely a hunter or something, maybe a hick, but she didn't have to be such a brat... So what if they had nothing in common, talk to him! I don't have a whole lot in "common" with my old man but we can still talk about everything under the sun. What did she expect?

I liked his house.... :( I feel bad for the poor old guy. He seemed really happy to get to know his daughter.

Even 6 years later... this episode still makes me so mad. I couldn't even read this (no doubt awesome) recap because Jenelle pisses me off too much.
To abandon your days old infant to go out and party with your stupid friends.... I can't.

I thought it was so despicable when she practically celebrated the fact that Jace---who was only two or three weeks old at the time---was already going into daycare just so she could get out of taking care of him. There were other teen moms on this series who were very upset that they had to leave their infants with relatives so they could go back to school or work. A few even broke down and cried. And here's Jenelle thanking God that she gets to resume her normal life and do whatever she wants while her son is being cared for by strangers for seven or eight hours a day---probably longer since Babs had to get him when she was done work, and who knows when her shift ended. Jenelle was willing to let total strangers essentially help raise her son back in the day rather than try to figure out a way to care for him herself. She never once cared about that kid.

Making hotdogs in the oven lol.

This episode is so damn depressing. Back then there was still some hope for Jace, but Jenelle was not interested in being a mother from the start. If only he'd been adopted and wouldn't have to deal with Jenelle being such a shit mom and person. She hasn't changed a bit.

The funny thing is, she did seem somewhat interested in him when he got a little older. I remember thinking that she regarded him like her little brother---a kid she had genuine affection for and wanted to be there for, but would pawn off the actual responsibility of raising him. She was like his big sister or fun aunt back in the day. Then she got hooked on heroin and that all went to shit. Now she has no interest whatsoever in him. Remember when she was bawling about how mean Nathan was and Jace sang his rainbow people song? Jenelle literally had no reaction to it. She had no epiphany that Jace would love her unconditionally like she wanted Nate to. She was still upset over her relationship drama. Hands down one of the most depressing moments in both franchises.

Literally the only time Jenelle cries is over a man or the fact that she can't do drugs anymore.

i think she likes having jace now bc he's fun and when he annoys her she can just put him in front of the TV (so yeah, like a little brother)

Is it true Jace tested positive for drugs when he was born? I don't remember hearing anything about until reading these comments. Was it reported somewhere online??

I'm not sure if it was ever confirmed, but that was a rumour to explain the bandage on his arm and the fact that CPS had Babs gain custody of him so quickly. It's also been said that that's why Jenelle gave birth to Kaiser in South Carolina, because he would have also been tested at birth and could have been removed by CPS if he was positive for drugs.

I have no doubt that she did drugs and drank during her pregnancy with Jace. She couldn't not smoke weed while pregnant with Kaiser (who was supposed to be her "do over" baby now when she was soooo mature) and we all saw the hysterical "I get anxiety so bad, I neeeeeed to smmoookkeee" crying on early TM2.

I have read before that Jenelle in total had, in fact, TWO abortions in between Courtland and Nathan. It freaks me out to think she would just go ahead and get pregnant by that... thing... on two separate occasions, while she herself was openly on heroin of all things. Unbelievable. I dread to think of what would have happened if one of those pregnancies ever made it to full term. That maniac.

dr miami- i think it's possible she had two, but more likely only one during that time. i'm never sure what to think about her supposed first pregnancy by courtland that she claims she miscarried after being beat. courtland did plead guilty to assault against an unborn child (or something like that), but she posted those weird "standing in koolaid" pics in the shower, went out to a bar that night and her friends have said that never happened. maybe she aborted it, maybe she was never pregnant.

honestly jenelle getting abortions was the best decision she ever made. she should have aborted jace (i read she hid her pregnancy from babs until she was like 6 months so babs couldnt force her to get an abortion) and kaiser. i know that's fucked up to say but it's so wrong to bring kids into this world that you arent 1- going to take care of 2- give up for adoption

lol im such an idiot and didnt even remember that the whole hiding it from babs thing was IN the episode- i only skimmed the recap at first!!

Man, she really looked innocent. And very young.
I think that even with drugs and her terrible personality she'd turn out better without MTV :/ No money for her to waste, no motivation to have another baby...

LOL so I know Gary Head doesn't show up until like Season 3 but while we're on the discussion of Jenelle's soulmates, I found him to be the least detestable at the time AT LEAST UNTIL he was off the show for good, then I hated him because he became the world's biggest idiot on a soapbox thanks to his internet connection. The shit he says on twitter is disgusting, and his views on women and pet ownership are even worse (he legit says that adopting a non-purebred animal from a shelter is just "buying someone else's problems" and "is the same as buying a used car".... what?) Oh and who could forget the Jade Dolph fiasco? Bahahaha

But I remember feeling bad for him when Jenelle threw him out over something totally random and ridiculous (something to do with Tori hooking up with him before him and Jenelle decided to date, ew, but in reality she heard Kieffer got out of jail and she wanted him back) and he was like DON'T DISRESPECT MUH STUFF JENEYULL and I laugh thinking about it every time, because here's this little 5'2 girl kicking his clothes and shoving him against a wall on camera, then she turned around and had the dude arrested like a month later for putting "bruises all over [her] bawddyyyyyy"

i think gary has REALLY serious unmedicated bipolar disorder that he is making worse by smoking so much pot/drinking/adderall. he seems to swing like CRAZY and not have a very good sense of realty. like besides the racist/homophobic terrible shit- he just seems delusional. he will post something on IG like "MY GIRLFRIEND LOST HER BABY BECAUSE SHE DID DRUGS!!!" then 2 days later post "this is the most amazing girl ive ever met. i dont know why anyone would say anything bad about her only the two of us know what goes on in our relationship" it's so weird

but he's terrible

True, Borderline mayhaps?

very possible. like i said, whatever version of the world he lives in doesn't match up with everyone else's realty!

ive seen people say "babs never gave jenelle a chance! even when she tried babs wouldnt let her do anything!" which is SUCH bullshit. she never "gave her a chance" because jenelle only wanted to do things on jenelle's terms, when she felt like it. barbara wasnt here for jenelle occasionally changing an outfit

and my name was born!

No but honestly, Jenelle is a horrible human being

There are so many disturbing things about Jenelle - but the thing I hate the most are her constant threats about taking the boy(s) away from Babs. YOU'LL NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN! Seriously. What a ****.