16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Amber Portwood

16 & pregnant

Hey everyone! I'm coming back at you guys with another 16 & Pregnant throwback episode! I would've done this one a lot sooner, but Hulu was seriously hating on me. I'm a broke college student and they really want you to pay the bill like every month, pfft! I'd like to take a moment to everyone who answered my boob question last time. I learned yet another reason to avoid pregnancy for as long as I can :P And I'd like to apologize for the slow news lately. All our favorite girlses have been relatively quiet and I'm always reluctant to write really short fluff articles.

Are there anything that people are itching to discuss? Do you like fluff? Maybe another free discussion post? As always, let us know. And finally, my finals week in school is coming up so I'm going to be pretty swamped up until the week before Christmas.

Try not to miss me too much if I have to take a little time off, but I'm going to try my best to avoid doing that. Now let's get into Amber Portwood's story:

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 6.35.50 PM

Amber is your average teen from small town Anderson, Indiana, but she tries to find fun with best friend Kaylynn. Amber also has a boyfriend named Gary whom she's been with for three years. Gary works full time as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and he loves to play video games.

Gary went to school with Amber's older brother, Shawn, who's currently deployed in Iraq with the U.S. Army.

One day Gary called Amber's house looking for Shawn, Amber and Gary ended up talking and the rest is history! Amber's family didn't like or support the relationship, as Gary is much older.

You can imagine how they felt when they found out that Amber is pregnant.

Amber kicks the episode off by announcing to Gary, "A baby is coming out of my freakin' cooch, dude!" She then informs the father-to-be that she's pregnant because Gary doesn't like condoms and Amber never made him use one. Gary says that isn't true and Amber looks at him like he has three noses. Even though it wasn't planned, the couple is keeping the baby and moving in together.

Amber friends come over and they talk about getting the babies room ready. While talking about how she'll set up the room, Amber forgets the word for crib and you can tell she's nervous about impending motherhood.

Amber never imagined she'd get pregnant and didn't really want kids. She explains that she never fit in with other girls in high school and is a reformed party girl.

Gary and Amber head to Walmart to look at baby stuff and Amber runs into some people from high school.

The chick she's strikes up a conversation with asks if Amber graduated school and Amber reveals she was a senior the year before but dropped out upon getting pregnant.

The girl looks like she doesn't know what to say but decides on, "Well, stuff happens." That's almost always a good response to anything, right? When Amber and Gary walk away, Amber asks, "Did you see the look she gave me?"

Now the couple is going to hear the baby's heartbeat and Amber's mom, Tonya, tags along despite mildly hating Gary. Amber hopes Gary won't say anything dumb, but of course he immediately does. Tonya gives him a evil eye and Amber chimes in saying, "At least I'm with the guy I lost my virginity to!" I'm not sure what type of consolation that was supposed to provide Tonya and I don't think Tonya knows either. Tonya reminds Amber that thought she was a virgin until she turned up pregnant. Amber assure her that they hadn't been having sex the whole three years they'd been together. Gary stops them to correct Amber and says they've been making love.

I want to smack Gary for Tonya in this scene, but even through her frustration that gets a smile out of her. The midwife comes in and checks the babies heartbeat and Amber's mom get emotional and begins to cry. Amber hopes that her mother is crying happy tears and tells her not to worry.

Amber assures her she will be a good mom, doesn't even sound convinced herself.

Then there's this weird moment where the music is kind of ominous and Gary looks over to the camera like he knows something we don't.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it because I already know what happens seven years later...

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 6.34.55 PM

At Steak 'n Shake for lunch, Gary chides Amber about her diet. They are interrupted when a family friend who works there comes over to chat. This woman, Shannon, didn't know she was pregnant and chats with them briefly.

They talk about the possibility of marriage and Gary says he would like to marry Amber, but doesn't think Amber's family would receive it well. Neither of them are sure if their mothers will get along either.

Gary characterizes his mother as a bit too rambunctious for Tonya's taste. Back at the house, Gary was right about the food and Amber pukes up the greasy cheese fries.

A couple days later, Amber walks in on Gary playing with a brand spanking new PlayStation 3. She asks how much it costs and he says a couple hundred.

When Amber asks exactly how much he says 500 big ones! Amber is pissed and tells him that, "500 is not a couple hundred, a couple means two!" Gary claims he can afford it because he's been working overtime.

Amber is pissed and leaves the room. She even turns down Gar Bear's offer to play some Guitar Hero with him.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 6.37.46 PM

Amber sits down to lunch with her mom and tells her about Gary's new gadget. Amber's mom is not pleased to hear about it and thinks Gary's priorities are screwed up. When they get into Tonya's shiny red drop top Pontiac, Amber asks her mom to just not tell her dad about the PS3. Amber calls her dad and asks if he's coming to the BBQ they'll be having that weekend. He says he may and if he does, he has some choice words for Gary.

Gary is upset Amber told her family about the PS3 and says it makes him look like an ass. Amber says that's because he's an ass for doing it.

He insist that they have an entire $5.00 in the bank, so they're fine as far as money goes.

Amber reminds him she's still a teenager, which is why her family worries. She also says that she feels he doesn't care about her and it hurts her when he makes the immature decisions that he does.

Gary goes to the gym with a friend and talks about how expensive a baby is.

Meanwhile, Amber goes over to her moms house with a friend and talks about how much she misses her brother.

He's been in Iraq for 7 months and she just wants him home for the baby's birth because he's the closest person to her.

Fourth of July weekend has arrived and Amber's family is having a cookout. This will be the first meeting of the two families and Amber is nervous. Amber's mom fusses at Gary about the PS3. Gary is still trying to defend it, but Tonya reminds him that the baby should be first. Gary's mom, Caro,l shows up and Gary introduces everyone. It's sufficiently awkward for everyone involved, but Amber's family is clearly much more displeased with the situation.

Amber was not allowed to have boys overnight at Tonya's, but Carol allowed Gary to have Amber over and even provided and extra pillow. Before it all goes to complete crap, Amber's brother Shawn (aka Bubby) calls! Amber starts bawling at hearing his voice and it's clear the hormones are getting the best of her. She tells Shawn how badly she wants him to come back home and reminds him that the baby is going to be a girl.

The proud uncle says he has already posted it on his MySpace page.

Yeah, this was that long ago. Shawn has to go pretty quickly and about a dozen Portwoods who ave gathered round the phone send their love before hanging up.

After the cookout, Amber is cranky at Gary, but she has trouble staying mad at him.

In a voiceover, Amber tells us, "Despite the messes he makes, he's my man." Outside, Gary calls up Walmart to find out the return policy on the PS3 and it's sweet in the oddest way.

The following week, they go to the library and pour over some baby name books. The names Ariana, Amelia and Kumata are quickly out of the running. Gary picks a name he likes and they settle on it pretty easily.

As we all know, they'll be naming their baby girl Leah.

Now it's time for Amber's baby shower! Friends and family show up to celebrate, but the tension is palpable.

Amber's parents, Tonya and Shawn Sr., are doing a really bad job at not looking disgusted, but agree that "at least they're not married."

Back at Walmart and Gary is looking for a ring. He finds one that he knows Amber will love and drops a whole $21.40 on it. I like to think he learned his lesson about pricy purchases with the PS3, and wanted something economical.

In true Gary fashion, he asks about return policy before leaving. When he gets home, Gary invites Amber on a weekend trip to a bed and breakfast and says that Leah can come too.

Amber doesn't know Gary has plans to propose, so she's super surprised when Gary gets down on one knee and pulls out the pink sapphire ring.

Amber calls herself the happiest girl in the world and accepts his proposal without hesitation.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.03.44 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.06.30 PM

When they arrive home, the couple tell Carol the big news and she's beyond excited. Tonya... not so much. But she extends her congratulations! She's mostly glad that they didn't elope while they were gone.

At another appointment, the midwife wants Amber to deliver by 40 weeks and warns her she may have to be induced. Amber wants an epidural and the midwife advises her to only get one if she really feels she needs it.

We learn that, "pushing a baby out is a lot like pushing a poop out," before Amber heads home. At her house, Amber's due date comes and goes, so Amber is induced five days later.

At the hospital, they give her some Pitocin and Amber has a tough time handling the pain as labor gets more intense. After 7 1/2 hours she's ready for an epidural. Amber's dad pulls Gary aside and says he can tell Gary loves her a lot, even despite their issues. They set up this bar and tie a sheet to it and makes Amber pull on it while she pushes.

Amber is exhausted and doesn't think she'll be able to do it. Carol and Tonya bond, because Carol knows how tough it must be for Tonya to see Amber that way.

Amber wants a C-Section even though it's not advisable and everyone tries to assure her she can do it.

Amber tries one more time to push the baby out and she does it! Baby Leah is born and gives some very healthy cries as Gary cuts the cord.

Leah is a beautiful little girl now and was just as gorgeous as a brand new newborn

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.31.20 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.32.02 PM

A nurse at the hospital instructs Amber to do no heavy lifting as she heals. Gary asks, "Can she load the dishwasher?" The nurse doesn't even dignifiy that one and turns to Amber to tell her that it's okay if she's a little tearful for a while.

Right then, Bubby calls and says he'll be home the next day and Amber cries. She realizes that what's the nurse was talking about.

Gary and AMber take baby home and Kaylynn has been at their place cleaning and setting up for their arrival. When they put Leah down to sleep and look down at her in her crib , Amber says "No more!" But Gary says, "Leah wants a brother." In the first couple day they do well at working as a team taking care of the baby.

And in a couple weeks, everyone gathers at Amber's place for Shawn's arrival. Shawn wasn't initially happy about the arrangement, but is putting that all aside and it's a very nice moment for the family while Shawn meets his niece.

A few weeks later, the new parents are coming down off of the new baby high. Money is still tight and they're starting to bicker. Amber isn't handling it all so well and is starting to fall apart.

One night, the couple argues about who works the hardest and gets the least sleep. When things get heated Amber yells, "You are so lucky right now that you're holding the baby!" Gary answers with, "Why you gunna hit me?" Just wait, Gary.

Just wait. With that, Amber goes to sleep downstairs.

By this time, Leah is two months old. They're settling into a routine and things are better, but they then begin to notice Leah having breathing difficulty. She needs to have a short procedure where a doctor puts a scope inside Leah's nose and Gary is worried sick over it. They travel to Indianapolis to see a specialist. The doctor explains the flexible bronchoscopy procedure to the parents before they begin.

Amber and Gary both leave the room during the procedure because they don't want to see it, especially after seeing the thick scope the tiny camera is attached to. After 15 minutes, they're all done with the bronchiscopy.

Afterwards, Leah's nose is a little red, but she's peaceful.

There's a piece of cartilage that is still soft and that's what's causing Leah's breathing trouble. She will grow out of it soon and the young parents are relieved, but Amber realizes just how hard parenting is going to be.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.28.47 PM

Back at home, Gary plays guitar and sings for his girls. Amber delivers her closing monologue over the music. She says that despite all their struggles, they've come a long way over the past year.

And Gary still manages to surprise her with random acts of sweetness.

Amber is still full of questions about the future, but thinks Leah will be okay as long as she has a loving family behind her.

Judging by what a sweetie Leah is now despite everything she's been through, I think Amber may be right about that.



I was about to comment in a post asking when you'd do another one of these, because I love them! Amber seemed so normal in this episode. It's sad knowing what she became after this. I still don't think she's all there. Her OG segments were crazy! Even after she met Mat (and moved him in two seconds later) she was still nagging and bitching about Gary, even though he was just being a responsible parent to Leah! Someone's gotta do it.

I think her 16P episodes (and maybe the first few OG eps) were the only time we saw her truely sober. I remember she said on some show, it might've been Dr. Phil, that she didn't start doing drugs again until after Leah was born. This would explain why she seemed normal on OG for a while and then we slowly got to see the Amber we remember again too.

A nurse at the hospital instructs Amber to do no heavy lifting as she heals. Gary asks, “Can she load the dishwasher?”


Amber looks like she got a nose job.

I think its just pregnancy weight on her face her nose donst look plastic-ish to me

hmmm i think she may have now that you mention it. it could just be weight loss but it doesnt seem to change at all with her weight yo-yoing. her nostrils/the tip look different

Great recap Tomlin, brought back memories of how frustrated I was watching Amber trying to give up on giving birth. Girlfriend, there is only one way that baby is able to get out of you now so you need to just woman up and get it done!

Lol I try not to judge people's reactions to giving birth, because I don't want to be a dick. But during that scene I was like, "C'mon Aym!" A cesarean is a major surgery! Why would you want to have an unplanned C-section if it wasn't absolutely necessary? I guess that's being young and unprepared for the realities of having a baby for ya.

Haha exactly! Plus Leah was already half way out, she just needed to keep going.

Aww, you left out the part when Amber puked during labor and then ate a whole meal from Taco Bell, like, ten minutes later. The fact that she wanted to give up when there was no reason to speaks to her immaturity, I think. There have been a couple of other "16&P" girls who wanted to get a C-section because they thought that would be easier. Like they didn't understand that as exhausting as labor can be, a C-section is so much worse because it takes a while to recover. It's major surgery, kids. You're literally getting cut open.

Good luck on finals, Tomlin!

Thanks Dr. Acula! I'll sure need it :P

Man, I forgot what a collassol turd Gary was right from the beginning. He reminds me of so many friends' boyfriends in high school, I cannot imagine how fucked they'd have been if they'd gotten pregnant by these guys.

Fluff is better then nothing and it promotes discussion I say keep them coming. Oh ps am i the only one that honestly liked that song gary wrote and sang ? Before we knew he was a duche and not a goofy loveable idiot?

Duly noted!

i was very disappointed with amber in teen mom OG. she kept going on and on and on about she was sober. then we hear she doesnt go to AA (i could not BELIEVE dr. drew co signed that by saying ‘its not very anonymous in Indiana! what does that even mean???) but i was like, ok, well at least she’s sober even if shes not working a program. then she moves the bf/fiance in right away. then we find out, oh she actually isnt sober! shes been drinking! because drinking isnt her issue! i would be very very surprised if amber isnt back on opiates or abusing alcohol currently. while yes, it is possible for people to get off drugs and just drink socially it’s pretty uncommon. especially for someone who went to jail for 2 years because of her addiction! and her dad died of liver failure due to his alcoholism.

it bothers me that MTV has propped her up as sober and changed when she isnt either. yeah she doesnt get AS angry but she still has no education, no job, no friends, no healthy relationships and was doing a pretty terrible job being responsible with leah.

sorry if this comes up twice- for some reason it says my first comment is awaiting moderation??

Yeah, it's common enough to replace addictions that I have no respect for anyone's choice to play with that fire. And she did have an issue with alcohol. When she was on house arrest she was ordered not to even have baked goods using alcohol, and when she was on Mauri she said she was in to drugs "and" alcohol (aka a drug) but she's sober now. I think she probably was truely sober until Mr Creeper swooped in. That's when we started to see glimpses of the old Amber again, and when she started going against her program in other ways like when she said on the reunion that she's not an addict anymore.

Yes, and Dr. Douche signed off on her drinking too because it "wasn't her issue." I cannot believe this guy had a show about rehab. What a quack.

Really? I thought he called her out for her drinking and not sticking to her program which is why she stormed off stage. One of the few times I could stand him.

He was calling her and Matt out for not working their program. But for some reason I remember him saying "well, drinking wasn't your issue anyway" or something similar. It could be a false memory, though. I really dislike Dr. Quack and could be projecting...I do remember her storming off and it being because Dr. Ass was calling her on not working the program though. You jogged my memory on that!

Yes, I do recall Dr. Drew calling Amber out on not following her program and continuing to drink. She stormed off, her brother took after her, and Matt really showed his true colors by moving closer to Drew and continuing to talk to him like nothing had happened. It was very cringe-inducing on so many levels.

He has no problem calling Amber on her stuff, but mention one little thing that Leah doesn't like and it's monkey this and monkey that.

OT, but was on Instagram and Kail posted a pic of her blow drying her hair wearing her waist trainer (as you do) and Jeremy (pretty sure its his real Instagram) commented on it "you finally wash your hair lol". Wonder what that's about? Did he notice her greasy hair too haha

Oops it was actually "about time you wash your hair"

Wow, that's pretty mean. But funny! I wonder if there will be any Hulk Smash/taking it out on Papi. Also, WTF, did Kail spend Thanksgiving with her step sister in a hotel instead of with her husband and family? Or was he with them?

We all know Kail is #progressive and also concerned about maintaining dat mermaid hair. She probably doesn't wash her hair often, preferring to use dry shampoo between as many washes as possible. Or she might do the baking soda/vinegar thing which doesn't require a lot of washes after your scalp adjusts to it. Just a chance for Kail to try more Pinterest stuff!

Wow, if that's the real Germy then he's one to talk - we all saw Leah's crazy hair "styles" and regrowth this past season, while they were still married.

im guessing (hoping???) its an inside joke lol

THanks for the article. Can't help buy wonder if these people would have been better off without MTV. Like if Amber would have still started taking pills or not.

I always wonder what would happen to the girls if MTV never stepped in or "Teen Mom" never happened. In Amber's case, I think she would have become addicted to something regardless if she became a reality star or not. Being on MTV all the time just gave her easy money to blow on pills and booze. That's the only difference: the money. I'm sure she would have still gone to jail, too, but for drugs and not for beating Gary since she went away for that based on MTV footage. The only good thing is, if Amber hadn't done "Teen Mom", she wouldn't have Matt in her life. That's the only sunny spot in this whole "what could've been".

& now she's with Matt....

I'm sorry but Gary and Amber are better off together than apart.

Don't get me wrong I think they are both toxic for each other.

BUT, IF amber refuses to truly work on herself then she might as well be with the father of her child.
I think Gary is happier now that he's not with amber and that's wonderful. As for amber I don't think she knows what makes her happy yet....

Gary- One day the mother of his child was physically there the next minute she's gone. ( for a good cause yes) he had to learn how to live again just him and Leah. Their was no drama from baby momma because she was in a different world. Gary is far from perfect he shouldn't have bought the game system but he also shouldn't have stood being hit by amber. He didn't let Leah see her mom because he believed it wasn't best. I do not belive he did it to hurt either of them because who WANTS to be a single parent? As far as him moving on with another girl, was it wrong? MAYBE, but maybe not. You have to understand Gary and amber did love each other and YES it's because of Leah that they did. Because everyone dreams of their family being together ... But life is hard to began with and it's even harder with a past..... Gary and Amber have been through A LOT and Leah was keeping them going. Gary probably did tell Amber he wanted to be with her and he probably wasn't lying about that. But at some point ( I dont know when) he felt it wasn't going to work....so he moved on.

Amber- Being in a cell all she had were dreams to keep her going, all she had was Leah all she knew was everything she left behind..... So like anyone would do she held on to it for dear life. ( I would too) but also and probably most importantly she needed to look at Leah and then herself.

1. How did I hurt Leah?
2. How was I less of a mom to her?
3. How can I be happy so she can too.

The answer and first could be Gary. But then again deep down maybe not.
And as much self refection as she did in their it was good but it couldn't all be solved in there.
Just like it can't all be sloved now.
What they needed to to was going to Cousling weather they are together or apart. They need to go together to figure out how to forgive one another.
Parenting is key to everything, you don't have to even like each other to be good parents.

i def dont think they should be together but i agree that counseling together would have been a REALLY good idea for them. hell let leah in there too! so they could learn to communicate and introduce amber back into leahs life in a healthy way. but i dont think either of them is interested in doing anything in a healthy way. if they were they would have already gone to court and established a custody agreement (and child support!!! since amber pays none according to gary which is insane)

gary uses leah as a pawn to hurt amber in some ways, but i also think he is and has a right to be concerned (since leah was having accidents and falling asleep in class after visiting amber. plus stuff like the missed doctors appointment) they should have gone to court right away and submitted a mutually agreed upon plan that probably involved no over nights for amber for a while.

I didn't mean they SHOULD be together, they are toxic for one another. I just meant if Amber refuses to build a better relationship/ love life whatever you want to call it for herself than she might as well be with Gary. Because like I said the they were not good together and they still aren't. Regardless they need to put Leah first and in order to do so they need Cousling TOGETHER. Gary is a married man but he is also Leah's father which means he will ALWAYS have to deal with Amber and vise versa.

Truly they can't show Leah what happiness is if they don't know it themselves and I'm sorry but your ex is part of your happiness/ sadness it just depends how you chose to go about it.

Unpopular opinion but I think Matt isn't as bad as people say.
I don't think he is a child molester in disguise or something of the sort.
He is open about his faults and issues.
Gary isn't, while he has so many. I'm more worried about people that hide and cover up. Besides that I think Gary is a huge jerk. He lies, he enjoys pushing peoples buttons too. He is not a good person at all often.
Remember that Amber said that it was not fair she was the only person getting punished? a. Gary totally provoked her. b. Gary knows more when it comes to her addiction. I think Gary got away with things he shouldn't have when the judge knew everything.

I don't think calling yourself an "ex" addict is really being honest about your issues. I can see him not being a child molester in disguise but I do find the fact that he just moved himself in right away pretty creepy. "Oh by the way I'm not leaving, I sold my apartment so I can live with you". I'd be running for the hills!

As much as I see Amber as another TeenMom train wreck and I don't have respect for 90% of the choices she has made I have always sympathized with her brother being away during her pregnancy. My little brother (we are less than 2 years apart) was on his second deployment during my pregnancy and that meant my best friend was gone. Thankfully due to his rank and the military being sympathetic to our situation (I'm not entirely sure what went down on his end) I was able to have him on Skype during my labor and delivery and he was my labor coach. I know now that what was an amazing moment for my mother, husband, brother and son a lot of people don't understand my decision to have my brother "in" the delivery room lol but the laptop stayed at my head and him being there soothed me.
Also I want to say that GarBare is a douche but looking back at most of the dads I think of the saying "a woman becomes a mother when she finds out she is pregnant and a man becomes a father when he meets his child" yes, some of Gary's decisions are questionable but I think he does have Leah's best interests at heart. He could have walked away instead of being a single dad but instead he stepped up.

This is probably an unpopular opinion but I feel like in all these 16&P episodes the dads really put in 110% effort to make things work. Most of them would let the mum stay at home and do nothing while they went out and worked full time just to support them. This is no exception, although Gary was a bit of a toss pot I think he really tried, he gave Amber so much opportunity and kind of feel she bitched him into being a massive douche. Another perfect example was Katie and Joey, Joey put in 110% just to be nagged to the point of being a total ass.

Yeah, but we only see what MTV show us. And honestly, most of these teen dad act like stupid idiots who can't get it together, heap everything on their girlfriend and refuse to grow up. And of course they let the mums stay home, it's not like they want to be home looking after the baby all day

For Joey and Katie, I agree with you that when I watched I thought Katie was such a nagging fishwife and needed to get a grip but after filming was finished Katie claimed that Joey broke her nose and domestically abused her. Seeing as he's now gone on to father 3(?) more kids with different women, and very rarely sees Molly, perhaps MTV is trying to make these teen relationships look a bit more idyllic than they really are.

You do make some good points. I guess where I am coming from is that Gary had always been the same, so why is it such an issue now you had a kid? His douchiness is something that should have been an issue all along not once you have basically trap babied him into your life. Gary did the best gary could do, if Gary's best wasn't enough that should have been thought about a little bit sooner, instead of bashing all his efforts.

I laughed at fishwife.

@Leave me alone

I agree that they should have picked better boyfriends to start with. I think part of their frustration is an "Oh crap, I have to be involved with this loser for the rest of my life"

Really, all of these 16&P episodes? If that was Ryan giving 110%, I'd hate to see what his 50% looks like.

Or Jo... his parents had to coach him all the time. He was so not into the whole baby thing. I'm glad he has changed.
Or Andrew...
Or that pot smoking dude.
I've seen more effort and worries by most of the teen mums actually. The teen dads can linger in denial longer as they don't carry the child, the moms can't.
I don't think the moms were nagging all the time. they were worrying more. And let's not forget lots of the teen moms were coached by their mom or dad to have stern talks with the fathers.

I meant that before these girls had their baby's they knew what their partner was like. Maci knew what Ryan's 100% was, Amber knew Gary was a toss pot and I am sure kail knew what Jo was like (and i pretty sure Kail was pretty bad herself). I think they just realized what they were stuck with and tried to change the situation by nagging the dads into being totally different people.

I also wonder if the decision to keep the babies were 50/50 or if the mums decided and the dads had to deal with it.

Ugh no, nobody gets a pass for being nagged to the point of becoming an ass. You have the choice in how you behave and if you treat your SO like crap rather than remove yourself from the situation it's 100% on you. I also don't consider working constantly putting in that much effort into actual parenting. Sure you're putting food on the table but the kid's gonna see you as someone who wasn't around much.

I just meant it isn't fair to constantly berate someone that you chose to be stuck with. I mean take Gary and Amber, honestly I though Amber was pretty lazy as well, she didn't work or go to school for no good reason and I also thought that Gary was an involved father. Gary put in 100% (but Gary's 100% is far less than anyone else's) and got nagged to oblivion. These issues should have been sorted out BEFORE they even had the baby instead of punishing them for trying. I think these mums just went 'oh shit' I am now stuck with this person now i need to try and change this situation any way possible!

Oh yeah I didn't like that the moms expected the dads to do all the work. I do wonder about that too. I'd be really interested to hear the dads' perspectives and see how much of the choice to keep the baby was theirs. Of course now that it's been a while their answer might be different, especially with Jo since it seems that he would do anything for Isaac. It might skew his memory of how he felt at the time about keeping him. That's kinda why I wish they'd do a show about dads, or at least show their point of view sometimes. (referencing your comment above... I didn't wanna reply twice haha)

That would be so interesting! They should have called the show teen parents and shown both the sides. I think one of the reasons the mothers are so entitled and have the idea that all a child needs is a mother is because the whole show is literally about them! The show doesn't encourage children to be raised by both parents.

I don't for a moment doubt that Amber and Gary love Leah. But I wonder...in her 16&P episode, Amber didn't seem particularly excited to become a parent. If she hadn't been approached by MTV (and I think she was the first girl they approached after her brother dropped out of an episode of Engaged and Underage), I wonder if she and Gary would have decided to continue the pregnancy or give Leah up.

I think Amber was already in the second trimester when MTV came a-calling, so she had probably already decided against an abortion at that point. I don't think she would have given Leah up but only because she was resigned to the fact that she was going to be a teen mom. She probably never envisioned any other destiny. She dropped out of high school in her senior year, when she was just newly pregnant, when there was no reason to. She probably never did well in school and never even dreamed of going to college. Her family life sucked besides her brother (and her dad, who was an alcoholic but seemed to be very close to Amber), her town didn't seem that large or offered that much, and she was a party girl who ended up getting pregnant. I can totally see Amber just rolling with it because it was expected of her or something.

I remember watching an episode of this adoption show called "I'm Having Their Baby". One episode featured an eighteen-year-old girl who also lived in Anderson, Indiana. It just seemed like a sad, one-horse town with nothing to offer. At one point, she went to a friend's house or something and practically every girl there was either knocked up or had one or two kids already. It just seems like one of those places where you have to leave in order to achieve something great and meaningful (no offense to anybody from that neck of the woods. Maybe I'm wrong; that's just my observation).

i think this is a very insightful description of amber and what it was like for her at 17. when she found out she was pregnant she probably shrugged her shoulders and was like 'well i guess im doing this now'

CCB, you're pretty spot on. I'm from Indiana as well. Not where Amber is from, but a large sum of Indiana is like that aside from Indianapolis, and even Indianapolis somewhat. A lot of farm land, rural and small towns. Mostly conservative and seemingly lower income with very few options for jobs outside of business jobs, factory work, and little social life/events. Not that there's anything wrong with those things, but it's hard to branch out if you're 1. not motivated, and 2. struggling already with little support financially or family wise, like Amber. Or as you said, it's really all she knew.
I know a lot of people like Amber, and they followed a similar cycle. Of course not everyone does, but it's not uncommon and seems almost normal among the town I grew up in.
I always felt like the black sheep, didn't have kids, was interested in higher education beyond what was available, etc--and later moved across country after spending a lot of my life in one-horse town of the midwest.

There did seem to be a bit of stereotype with these girls... whether it was coming from a one horse town, broken family's, their own mothers having them at 16, absent fathers ect.

The only 2 I can think of that didn't fit the stereotype were Maci and Farrah.

I'd rather have open discussion posts than fluff posts, if by fluff you mean basically just reposting from their instagrams and stuff. I care about social media posts that incite drama, like most of the stuff Leah Messer posts, but not Jenelle advertising stuff or Kail traveling.

I'd like to have the open discussion posts available when there's no big news so people can bring little things here without it getting buried in an unrelated post - For example, I just saw that Leah posted right before Thanksgiving on twitter "She got the man and I got the boy." Not really worth its own post, but definitely worth discussion of "Is it about Corey? Is this something about TR and we don't understand it because she's still denying their relationship?" etc

I dig the TBT articles Tomlin's been doing because it gives us a chance to sort of look back with the knowledge we have and opining what went wrong. I enjoyed reading the Farrah article because I forgot that, underneath the brattiness and Anti-Christ article, there was a girl who genuinely loved her child and wanted to do right by her. It's hard to imagine that she would become so self-absorbed to the point where she would willingly abandon her daughter and justify it with "She's just doing her own thing". I'm really dreading Catelynn's TBT article because her initial episode was so, so devastating. As annoying as she and Tyler are and can be, their giving up Carly was really tragic. Probably one of the "best" episodes in term of reality and emotion.

*I'm not saying that you're against the TBT if you aren't. That's just my two cents regarding the recent articles detailing the original girl's "16 and Pregnant" episodes.

I really like the TBTs too! I love such a detailed look back with our present knowledge. I have a pretty encompassing knowledge of 16P/TM stuff but these articles always have even more info - like I'd forgotten about Gary saying Carol was too rambunctious for Kim - hahahahahaha!!! Good ol Carol

I also enjoy the TBT posts. I haven't watched the original episodes or 16&P episodes in a long time, so it's interesting to look back and see how everyone has grown up...for better or usually, worse.

I like articles at all rather than none. But I'd be interested in any open discussion articles for sure.

I love the TBTs too!
Tomlin, you had the great idea of making open discussion posts a few months ago:

I haven't seen any more posts like that, but I think to continue with them would be awesome! They aren't as much work as a big article for you and we would have some input for new discussions and wouldn't feel like there is a lack of updates :)
Good luck on your finals!

I'm glad you guys are enjoy the throwback articles! If there's not too much going on in the TM world, I'll post an open discussion article soon(:

Leah is still going strong with T.R., y'all, despite the lies she is spewing and T.R. even spewed to our own Megan! http://theashleysrealityroundup.com/2015/12/01/teen-mom-2-star-leah-mess...

I'm so shocked that Leah would lie like that ;)

I thought I saw photos of the girlses at Thanksgiving with two boys who were said to be TR's sons. I assumed that they were together this whole time, and just lying about it so Leah didn't seem like such a desperate dick hopper. Plus, then they can sell stories about it for pillses $$$

Are they still living together, or was that just a rumor?

Struggling super single mom sells better
Sharing house, responsibilities, finances and care for kids with a new man wouldn't make people feel sorry for her.
Plus, it shows that she wasn't that heart broken after Jeremy as she pretended to be. She gave up on him and didn't love him anymore for a long time. Otherwise, she could not have started a new relationship so soon.
But it seems like she is already on her Leah path of relationship destruction.

This is amazing.
Gary at the gym may have been my favorite part

Not that it ever escaped my mind, but I'm always enamored by the big spender Gary was on that $21 dollar engagement ring. #justgarythings

$21 hahah. I knew it was from Walmart, but I always assumed it was at least $100. These people are something else

Did you see the ring @Big Papi Javi? It was a pink cubic zirconia in the shape of a heart. Very classy.

This whole episode is pretty amazing.

"At least they're not married"
*Cuts to scene of Gary buying $21 engagement ring*

It's a little thing but it really bothered me when Amber and Gary left the room during Leah's procedure. It doesn't matter how much it sucks, your job is to be there for your child. It's ok if they needed to cry and be upset later, but at that moment they should have pulled their shit together and been there for their baby girl.

My son has had 7 surgeries since he was born (he is 5 now) he has had a lot of procedures done and been held down numerous times I will say NEVER have a left his side! It pisses me off too.

You know how in marriage, the vows go "for better or for worse, in sickness and in health" (I think those are marriage vows - never been married) - well, it is 100 times that with a child. When you are a parent, you have a commitment to be there through the worst of times and the best of times, you don't get to opt out if your child ends up having health problems, you don't get to run away and leave the room because it gets hard. As I see it, this is part of bringing a child into the world - no matter what life challenges your child faces, you have made a commitment to walk with them through every step of the way.
Ironically, at one point in time Corey and Leah were both very good at this - they would stay with Ali as long as they were allowed before a big procedure, then break down once they left the room. At one point, I would say they were above-average in the co-parenting department. Now Leah is such a mess. It's sad, because as immature as she was in her relationships, she did really care for Ali quite well for a time given her immaturity and stupidity in all other areas of life. I thought she held it together during some tough procedures and diagnoses really well for a time.

Love Shack- I actually agree with you about Leah. I had forgotten about that but now that you brought it up I remember, my daughter had to have caps put on her teeth (side effect from antibiotics given to her from when she was born). I was so scared, but they allowed me in the room with her while they put her under anesthesia. I remember thinking how scary it must be to a toddler to be in a cold sterile room with absolutely no way to stop what was about to happen. So I kept it together and sang to her until she was asleep. Then I walked out and cried so hard I couldn't breathe. Same for when she woke up. She was hurting and disoriented with dried blood around her tiny mouth. I pulled it together, kept the tears out of my eyes and rocked her until she calmed down. It's what you're supposed to do as a mommy or daddy! I couldn't live with myself if I had decided it was too tough and walked out. Who does that?!

I do agree with you guys that you NEED to be there for children 100% but I also think sometimes shit happens and to be the best person you can be you might need to get some help and then come back. Problem is Leah is in such denial that when she went to get 'help' she achieved nothing at all. Like GURL GET IT TOGETHER!! I mean Amber would have been a better example, she screwed up big time but at least she got the help she needed.

I totally forgot Gary worked in the medical field.
Gary's bedside manners must be awesome ;-).

Just imagine needing absolutely anything done, and having GARY walk in the room. I wouldn't even want him swabbing me with a cotton ball, let alone actually being responsible for something.

Gross! The image of Gary swabbing anyone or anything with a cotton ball has ruined my day. Thank you.

I can't possibly run into him here, poor USA you! ;-).
But I'm having a colon camera inspection tomorrow and I'm thinking about the possibility of gross 'camera assistents' now, thank you too ;-).

I'm loving the re-visit to the 16&P episodes. I'd love to go back and watch them - Leah's recap is the one I'm waiting for. I do want to mention, though, that I think Amber's mom's name is Tonya. Kim is Tyler's mom.

Ya know, I think you're right. I have no idea why I thought otherwise. And I wrote it like a million times lmao. I'll fix that when I get a chance!

I watched Leah's 16 and Pregnant episode in the last few months, and it was almost two hours long! Were they all that long in the past? I thought they were like an hour....

They usually were just an hour. There were a few that were two. Ashley, Leah, Caitlynn.

She probably got an extra-long episode because she was the first girl to have twins. Catelynn got an extra-long episode because she was the first girl to give her baby up for adoption. Ashley only got an extra-long episode because she changed her mind about keeping Callie after initial filming was over, and MTV thought it'd be neat to tape her "trial period" of parenting.

I agree that an open discussion would be better than no post at all. The more post the more people will regularly check into the site. You could even do a topic based open discussion to make it a bit more interesting,

Megan used to run a "This Week in Teen Mom News" bit when things were slow, so fluff pieces were still reported, but not necessarily at a rate that felt "spammy" or filler like to me. I kind of miss that; it was perfect to catch up on a lunch break that way. Maybe something like that should come back once or twice a week along with bigger stories and flashback reviews? I feel like discussions are a great idea! It's just that a group fluff post always seemed to stimulate plenty of discussion.

Tomlin, loving the reviews by the way.

Maybe you could bring back the fluff posts and title it "open discussion post", so the fluff would be seen as suggested topics for discussion.

That's what I was thinking.


Video from Jenelle's instagram where she and Dave look high AF, and he can be heard saying "Hey Buddy, let me take a hit"

I don't know what is more frustrating: that Nathan doesn't see things like this and demand custody and a drug test, that she thinks she's so untouchable that she can post videos like this without any consequences, or that her moron fans are STILL defending her. "Haven't any of u ever smoked weed? No one is perfect, can't mum's have fun?" Yes, they can have fun but they shouldn't be doing drugs when they have a 1 year old supposedly in their care.


I agree with everything you said except for Nathan demanding custody. He doesn't deserve that child any more than Jenelle does. Jenelle's high all the time, he's constantly drunk. Neither is ok for a child.

Maybe a better way of putting it would be that Nathan sees her behaviour and realises that he needs to be there for Kaiser so changes his own crappy behaviour and THEN demands custody and a drug test.

She's drunk, high, on pills, verbally or physically aggressive or she's on yet another holiday our outing without her kids most of the time. Two baby daddies she has already cut off completely but Whorey Tori gets to play paid nanny. How does she find the time to be online that much while she has a toddler in her care besides all of the above drama?
Such a good mom... right... it's ridiculous that she has more rights to be with her kids then the daddies do just cause she is the mom. She is just as crappy as a parent as they are. Only difference is, she has the money to pay help and she get's the support and public opinion on her side, just because she's the mom.
The fact that a mom carried her children and is a woman, doesn't mean she's naturally a good parent and a better one. The fact that the general public and the law in many states doesn't see that, that's ignorant.

I hear more and more here that dads get the kids after a divorce, not the mom and that's a good thing and really acting in the best interest of the child.

Oh I'm totally pro-dads! It disgusts me that they go from seeing their kids every day to every other weekend because moms are selfish. But in this case neither deserves that boy.

Both her and 'Uncle Dave' have replied. The comments are hilarious!

''uncledave01: Hahaaah I love how ignorant some people are on here! I'm so lucky to have such an amazing woman in my life who i can laugh and joke with! She makes me happier than I have ever been in my life!''

1. Once again why don't your kids make you this happy!!! Match made in heaven i guess..
2. These 'ignorant people' you speak of, 2 of them are you and your girlfriend.. Just saying.
3. Please please change your IG name it is soooo lame.


''j_evans1219: Please tell me if David said that why would I post a video publicly for the world to see ?! I'm laughing so hard at all of u''

1. You are laughing hard because you HIGH!
2. probably the same reason you spent the first season of TM high as kite :)

This, to me at least, proves that Jenelle reads EVERYTHING people post about her. She is a pathological liar, so I will never believe anything she says. She cares SO much about what people think about her dumb ass, and only replied to her "HATERS" instead of thanking the people her like her, which says a lot.
Uncle Dave (Creepy fucking user name BTW) is in it for the money, its very obvious that his chipmunk looking self is using Jenelle, just like Nathan did.

I love how when someone gives them valid criticism, the automatic response is to call the person ignorant. I doubt they even know what ignorant means. I was wondering about the Uncle Dave username too. So weird. Unbelievable that people are still saying she's a wonderful mom and has changed. She hasn't.

They are either high or they decided to see what happens when you rub lemon on your eyeballs. Would explain why she is keeping hers closed and his are so red and weird. I can't hear what he says but their eyes speak louder than words.

They are just playing a game of "lets see how much we can get away with" or they don't know what they are doing anymore.

Maybe she is trying to tempt Nathan to call CPS with this. Maybe they are acting this. CPS comes by, they find nothing and Jenelle and her beau can do whatever the hell they want to after that cause CPS will not take Nathan or rumours serious anymore and Nathan will never get Kai.
Best thing Nathan can do for Kai right now, sadly, is suck up to her to get visitation back and then build his case with hard evidence. And get his own life and priorities back on track, that first.

Jenelle also said that if everyone only knew what he was actually saying we would be laughing too...I feel like we have heard this from her before

The IG post from Dave sounds like Jenelle wrote it, calling other people ignorant is one of her favourites.
Both posts seriously remind me if the "lmao dude, if only you knew" posts from her heroin days. Apparently Dave used to be into heroin too (from the Twitter hatres, don't know how true that is)

My theory as to why Nathan is seeking custody or saying anything is because he knows they would both lose Kaiser if they do. He's no saint.

Thank you! People are giving him way too much credit. Watch in a year everyone bad talking this new guy will call him a victim of Jenelle and defend him too. :/

*Not seeking custody, I need coffee before I post.

I have zero sympathy for Nathan. He is almost as bad as Jenelle and just as abusive. Only difference is that I do think he cares about Kaiser, when he seems him at least. But TM2 has been on the air long enough for any guy to get a good warning about her. No sympathy.

I have had no sympathy for any guy Jenell has dated since that Josh guy (not elevated to soul mate but they did move in together after 2 weeks). It's not like it's hard to find out she's a psychopath. These guys all want their 15 minutes of fame and free ride, simple as that

i dont know if he said that i absolutely cant make out the words lol....but no matter what they said they are HIGH AS FUCK!

When I watched the video I heard babe let me take a hit, but same thing.

Anyone see the post that Jenelle retweeted about Nathan and Jessica possibly being engaged?!?!

In Nathan's defense at least they have been together for at least a year since he was seeing her while he was still with Jenelle haha

Yeah, she flipped out on twitter and said she was going to quit TM2 because it had "shifted focus away from teen parents". Like she's one to talk, she's never been a parent, teen or otherwise, and only wants to quit because she can't stand the idea of someone else getting attention and being engaged.

Wouldn't be surprised if she's at home right now trying to dig the Implanon out of her arm

Bahahahaha she would never quit TM2! She needs her weed money!

Poor Jessica.

As someone who got sober at 21 (now 28) and is a single mother to a 4 year old, as in not using ANY mind altering substances (alcohol INCLUDED), and goes to 12 step meetings... Amber PISSES me off. She throws that word around while sipping on cocktails. She was DRY at best before she started drinking again. And basically the message she is sending out is that alcohol is not a drug, when it is the most overused one in the country. Also, MTV GLORIFIES drinking on the show, among other shows they broadcast. YET tobacco use is frowned upon like the black plaque, "we can end this"!! BS BS BS. Now amber and her fiance want to open up a sober living facility, HA WHAT A JOKE! Maybe they should look up the definition of sobriety first. Food for thought...