16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Maci Bookout

16 and Pregnant

Hey folks! As I mentioned on twitter, I'm starting a series of articles that looks back on the 16 & Pregnant episodes that feature the members of the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 cast.

For the next several weeks, I'll be doing recaps and reviews of these older episodes.

I, myself, was only 15 (two days away from Sweet 16) when 16 & Pregnant started airing, so I know I'll be feeling some major nostalgia! This week, I'm kicking things off with the episode that started it all! Now let's get into it and see the beginning of Southern sweetheart, Maci Bookout's, story:


Overachiever, Maci, is a teen living in Chattanooga, Tennessee who does it all! From school to work to cheerleading to softball to dirt bikes, Maci stays active and busy.

Speaking of getting busy, Maci also has a boyfriend named Ryan.

He has even put a ring on her finger! As all of Maci's friends are gearing up for their senior year of high school, Maci is concentrating on graduating early and moving in with Ryan, and I'm pretty sure we all know why.

The episode starts off with Maci showing her high school friends her new digs. They all think it's pretty cool that Maci has her own place with Ryan. Maci brags about saving up her $7.00/hour paychecks to buy a couch for the living room.

She shows the girls the baby's room and we learn she'll be naming the little guy Bentley. They then move to the bedroom where we have some good 'ol fashioned staged conversation.

Maci told her mother that she was pregnant over text message and when she got home from school that day her parents were waiting for her at the kitchen table. Feels ensued.

The ladies get ready to go out for some sushi and Maci throws on some platform heels with her heavily pregnant belly and blue jeans... 'Merica!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 6.34.28 PM

At dinner, the girls discuss breastfeeding. Maci has decided not to breastfeed because she has heard that it's overwhelming and exhausting for the mother and makes your breasts raw.

She nor Ryan were breastfed as babies, so Ryan doesn't care either way.

Maci's friends are all very supportive of her and Maci hopes that Ryan's parents will be the same way.

She's concerned that her parents won't get along with her soon-to-be in laws, but Ryan thinks their fathers can find some common ground in talking about cars.

Ryan's parents have a small barbecue get together and talk about the pregnancy. Maci and Ryan both look uncomfortable, Ryan especially so. It's been about 8 minutes and we are already beginning to see this relationship come apart at the seams.

Whenever Maci (or anyone else for that matter) brings up Bentley, the engagement or baby related chit chat, Ryan shuts down.

Some things never change! Maci brings up how Ryan always gets off work at 4:30 a.m. but always comes home at a different time, Ryan is short with all of his answers and Maci is getting frustrated with his attitude.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 5.19.53 PM This pretty much sums up the episode


I'm going to take this opportunity to say that I used to think Ryan was soooo sexy! Like the tuning into Teen Mom just to drool over him because Maci's segments were the most boring type of sexy. But now that I'm looking at this old school episode, he looks like a dang embryo! I know this was all taped in 2008, but I really hadn't noticed how much the entire cast of this show has grown.

Chock that up to me growing up with them, I guess.

I remember these girls all seeming so much older to me at the time, but now they all look like babies who I just want to give a hug and a ride home.

Okay, sorry! I'm done now, back to the show!


Maci and Ryan go to Benihana with some peeps and talk more about Bentley's arrival. Ryan has never held a baby, let alone changed a diaper and his apprehension about parenting is palpable.

His lack of tenderness is demonstrated with his attempt at catching an egg on a spatula and breaking it. Heavy handed MTV editing at its finest!

The next day, Maci shows off her new accelerated high school. Although Maci doesn't care much about what other people think, the other kids are fascinated with her big belly. Other students in her class ask her a litany of questions about her pregnancy. Fun fact: Ryan is the one who picked Bentley's name.

One girl finds a meandering way to ask Maci if she ever considered having an abortion and Maci said that even though she knew it was an option, she never considered it. Back at home, Maci talks about what her parenting style is going to be like.

Much like her parents, Maci intends to be loving and supportive of whoever Bentley is.

Later that same day, Ryan and Maci bicker in the car on the way to one of Maci's last OBGYN appointments before Bentley's arrival.

The doctor tells the young parents that Maci's cervix is beginning to dilate and the baby could come at any moment.

After that, Maci and Ryan go over to Ryan's parents, Mimi Jen and Papa Larry's, house. Larry is surprised that Maci's parents haven't killed Ryan by now. They talk more about birth control and the typical 16 & Pregnant list of topics.

Then Ryan and Maci head out to ride four wheelers. Not too long into the ride, Maci doesn't feel very well and asks Ryan to stop.

While he's driving her back over to somewhere that she can sit down, she tells him that she thinks it's time.

Ryan responds with a priceless, "Time for what?" Thirty hours later, Bentley Cadence Edwards is born! Everyone is on that new baby high, even Ryan! Maci's only hope is that things stay that way.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 5.40.00 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 5.40.54 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 5.42.11 PM

When they get home from the hospital, Maci and Ryan learn the ropes of caring for a newborn. Ryan is unpleasantly surprised to learn that babies are not born walking and riding four wheelers. But he's a good sport about learning to change diapers and even switches to working the day shift so he can be home at night! Maci's friends remain supportive and all come out to see her graduate from high school.

But when everyone is ready to move on to the next party, Maci and Ryan have to head home to put Bentley to bed. At their house, Maci shows off the 1,300 big ones she got for her graduation and tells Ryan she'll hide it in Bentley's diapers because he'll never look in there.

She's joking when she says this, but in her voiceover she reminds us that a lot of truth is said in jest.

She hopes Ryan realizes that there's more to being a parent than tattooing your child's name on your body.

As if a job and 6 week old baby wasn't enough on her plate, Maci enrolls in classes at her local community college. She comments that the $650/month tuition is more than the rent she and Ryan pay! And on top of that, she joins a dance team at school as well. To keep up, Maci relies on her mom to babysit Bentley regularly.

Maci's mother has noticed Ryan's lack of involvement and comments on it. Maci thinks her mother should talk to Ryan about picking Bentley up, but Maci's mom has no interest in getting in the middle of it.

As of late, Ryan and Maci are barely talking about the wedding or anything else. Ryan manages to find plenty of time for his friends.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 6.02.40 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 6.03.28 PM

Maci and Ryan head out to a tattoo shop for Maci to get inked, against Maci's mother's advice. When they arrive at the tattoo parlor, the place is closed due to a plumbing emergency. Maci thinks that it may be a sign.

Instead, they go over to Larry and Jen's place. Larry talks to Maci and Ryan about the way things are going.

Larry thinks Ryan should spend more time with Bentley, because the baby will grow up before he knows it. (Boy he was right about that one! Benny boy turned 7 the other day!)

Around this time is when Maci's hectic lifestyle starts to take its toll. She decides that it would be best for her schedule and her pocketbook to drop the dance team. Ryan comments that she'll "have nothing to do now" and it's clear that he still doesn't get it.

Maci demonstrates that despite being a mother, she is still very much 16 years old in her head. She legitimately doesn't know if she should talk to Ryan about the things he does that bother her or if she should just bottle it all up and take it.

She asks her mother if it would be okay to move back home and takes off her engagement ring.

Maci doesn't want to break up, but when they sit down to talk about things it seems to be headed in that direction.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 6.11.08 PM Was I too young to realize that Ryan was being kind of a jerk or are all guys his age just kind of jerks by nature?

This is the scene where we get the most quotable moments from Maci's episode!

Maci: Well, it didn't change until I got pregnant, I mean, I don't think if we were in the situation we would be this unhappy right now.

Ryan: No, if we didn't have a kid, we wouldn't be together...

Neither of them know what exactly they should do, so they go back to the tattoo parlor for Ryan to get his Bentley tattoo shaded. Maci closes the episode with the usual monologue about how things are going.

She doesn't know where her relationship with Ryan is going, but says we'll just have to see what the future has in store for the two of them. And boy did we!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 6.21.58 PMcollage


"At dinner, the girls discuss breastfeeding. Maci has decided not to breastfeed because she has heard that it’s overwhelming and exhausting for the mother and makes your breasts raw. She nor Ryan were breastfed as babies, so Ryan doesn’t care either way. "

wow. i know she was a teen, and ryan was young but come on. this is why i hate when idiots have babies and say shit like this. even worse is than ryan didn't care either way. its your child, you should fucking care about his life. ugh, massive eye roll.

If I remember correctly, Maci was also the one who said something like "And I can't imagine having to wake up in the middle of the night and, like, breastfeed him."
I remember laughing during the episode, thinking, "And you think waking up, having to get a bottle, filling and mixing it is going to be any less work in the middle of the night???? GOOD LUCK!"

That just goes to show how selfish she was. I've been exclusively breastfeeding my daughter for 6 months. It's hard but worth it to give her the best start.

I don't think a mom is selfish for not breastfeeding her child; its more of a personal choice. You shouldn't judge her for that.

Breastfeeding is indicated in lowering risk for cancer for both mom and baby, so I think you're right, she may not have made the best decision for not even trying. BUT we shouldn't judge, breastfeeding can affect mental health and well being if Mom is not supported and I wonder if maybe she had her own other personal reasons, like maybe she was worried she wouldn't get enough sleep to function and that other people would be helping her to bottle feed during night feeds (she wouldnt be the first Mom for hoping Ryan would help!), or she may have heard breastfed babies wake frequently, or was worried about going back to work or college??? All Moms do their best with the info the have at the time <3

I agree. She was a little bit selfish. It's not about you Maci. Make the best choice you can for your baby. At least say you tried it.

Not breastfeeding is not the same thing as being selfish. Just because it worked for you doesn't give you the right to judge others.

I am pro choice. Your body, your call. Your breasts, your decision. It's certainly not like formula is shaking up crack and everclear in a bottle.

Hear hear.
I never breastfed. It would've caused so much anxiety in me which in the end won't be good for the baby either.
Both my babies are bottle fed and thriving. They're never ill and are both top of their class at school.

I'll get downvoted for this. I hated breastfeeding. For many reasons, but the lactation nazi's who hounded me in public places about giving formula didn't need to know them and had no right to ask me why I chose formula.
It always cracked me up though when they talked about formula like it was powder hand-created by the devil.

But you guys know that the second you get pregnant your mental and emotional well being ceases to matter, right? Feeding those poor babies that devil powder! (I want you to know that's how I'll be referring to formula from now on lol)

That's terrible that people would be hounded for feeding a baby formula. I'm so sorry to hear this. I mixed fed from day 1 and to be honest I found the stares worst when breastfeeding in public (I usually tried to hide in my car, it gave me terrible anxiety). But I do think most people mean well and mean to encourage others, not to put them down. Imo most people are coming from the "it takes a village to raise a child" mantra when trying to encourage others to breastfeed, and not trying to put down formula feeding.

i think Ryan's douchiness added to his attractiveness, at least to 13 year old me. He was that handsome bad boy that my teenage body lusted for. He was at his prime during this and the first few seasons of TM. He's still cute but I am no longer 13 and douches are a huge turn off so...

omggggg your use name hahahah

Rhiiiiiiiine really was hot back then. And I remember feeling so bad for Maci when the whole "If we didn't have a kid we wouldn't be together" conversation went down.

Haha she is so funny your having unprotected sex at 15 got pregnant at 16 and you still call yourself an overachiever hey maci how's your 10 year associates degree coming along ??

Ahh I remember watching this when I was 16! I thought they were all so cool with their babies and own homes haha. It is so weird watching episodes now at 21 and realizing how young they all really are!

Haha I was a senior in high school when this aired, my friends and I would get together every week to watch.

I've almost thought Maci as the most generally relatable TM. No crazy storylines.

I found Maci and Kail the most relatable in the 16&P episodes. And I was rooting for Jenelle to clean herself up.

I was starting college when 16&P began. I remember coming back from class and watching Kail's episode online. It's so weird that this was 6 years ago...and that I liked Kail back then.

I felt so sorry for Kail! having to live in the dam basement.

Lol I love both of your Jenelle inspired usernames!

I love that Bentley still has the same smushy little face he had as a newborn. So cute!

Rhine, however, lost his cuteness many seasons ago. I hope Bentley doesn't grow up & take after him in looks or personality.

anyone remember if Maci ate sushi that night? I hear its not recommended for pregnant women to eat, was just curious.

Maybe she ate veggie rolls.

I don't remember Maci's original episode that well to know if she ate sushi, but I'm pretty sure she ate sushi during "OG" when she was pregnant with Jayde. It wouldn't surprise me if she was pulling that shit when she was sixteen and at least had some excuse to be a bit ignorant about what you should and should not eat during pregnancy.

not all sushi is raw, I'd rather continue judging her for being a lush and a hypocrite than for things we don't know about

I'm feeling old right now reading these comments lol. I was 18 when this all started, and I'm older than all the Teen Mom girls (except for Amber).

Also, Maci's episode was filmed seven years ago! Damn.

Now please excuse me while I retreat deep into the depths of my quarter life crisis.

Ahhhh, I'll make you feel better shall I?
I'm 35. And I love this shit! ?

39 here. :p

Lol I was 22 and pregnant when this first aired. My son was born in January 2009 which makes the tm og girls so relatable to me.
Thanks for this Tomlin, I couldn't remember most of this episode!

I was in the same boat. 23 and preggo with my first born 2/22/09

I'm 38 and cant get enough of this shitshow. It makes me feel better about my life choices! (and slightly embarrassed to admit I am 38 and watch this show)

I know right? I'm more or less the same age as the girls (just turned 23) and was a senior in high school when the first season of TM aired, but then somebody farther up mentioned that they were 13 when Maci's episode aired and I now feel like a fossil.

I'm 24, but didn't watch these episodes until after the first season of TM.

My mother in law and I used to watch TM together, but she hated 16 & Pregnant because she found it too depressing. She's 48 this year, and the one who got me hooked on this crap, haha!

In other, off topic news, Leah admitted to losing custody, but blames everyone else, naturally.

She claims the girlses are miserable without her, and that Aleeah has already threatened to run away. Hmmm. Could it be that they're adjusting to having some fricking DISCIPLINE for once in their lives?

She also says that child support was the reason Corey wanted custody of the girlses. She's so PATHETIC! She has to tear down everyone around her. Here's the link: http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/leah-messer-corey-simms-wild-accus...

Oh my-lanta. Okay, let me entertain all of this for a minute. Leah claims that the reason Corey pushed for custody was because he didn't want to pay as much for child support. Yet Corey is only paying $800 a month compared to Jeremy's $1700 a month (someone please correct me if i am wrong on those numbers, i Just remember them being mentioned in previous TMJ threads). If anyone needs to fight for custody for their child to reduce child support, it's Jeremy.

And what is this shit with Gracie threatening to run away?! It's not like she was all of a sudden the 'golden child' in Leah's house! The girl would have threatened to run away for Leah, too, had Leah even attempted to create structure and discipline in her house, because Gracie has been off the chain for quite some time now. Not to mention, Miss Leah, like it's any better in your house where you spank your daughter. I'm certain that the Simms household is much more structured and disciplined with time-outs or privilege revocation compared to you spanking your child when you're fed up with her screaming so you can talk to your friend.

Not to mention the child support thing doesn't even make sense. I'm sure the cost of having the girls living with Corey full time and having to buy food, clothes, haircuts, etc. adds up to way more than $800 per month.

I hope Dr. Douche feels really proud of himself for enabling Leah because it clearly helped a lot. *eye roll*

Gracie in particular always seemed like she wanted to be with Corey over Leah. I remember there was one scene when she literally launched herself into Corey's arms when he was picking them up during a drop-off. Then there was the time she literally asked Leah, "Can we go back to Dad's house?" Maybe she is having issues with living in a more structured environment, but it's a safe bet that she's probably doing much better and likes living with her father full-time as opposed to her mother. At least in my opinion based on what I've seen and read.

I had hoped against hope that losing primary custody of the twins would be Leah's rock bottom and she would finally admit, "Hey, I really need help." But, nope, once again it's somebody else's fault. She'll never get real help or accept it as long as she keeps shifting the blame to another person. Mama Dawn is most likely saying this shit to her because she, too, can't accept responsibility for how her daughter turned out as an adult. Leah is at the age where she needs to start accepting her faults, but this behavior just didn't spring up over night. Her shitty childhood and her mother's shitty parenting clearly played a part in her current dilemma. Hopefully she won't be able to raise another generation of enablers. I'd hate to see how the twins and Addy would fare as mothers if they were being raised under the Messer family motto of "The truth will come out, ya'll!"

Gracie "threatening" to run away = ok
Adderall actually running away and having to be picked up by the police = NOT OK

Just more proof that Addy is the true forgotten child in this whole mess. Leah thinks it's worse that her one daughter is allegedly threatening to run away as opposed to her younger daughter, you know, actually running away.

I just wish she would fucking ADMIT HER WRONGS for once in your life. We aren't stupid and know you weren't being treated for "anxiety and depression" and that you're a shit mother.

Which makes me think she is still using because she is still blaming. Yes Leah. Corey and now the judge are out to get you. Shame on all of us for actually seeing you as the pill popping cheating whore of a mother that you really are.

Wow. The US Weekly interview is turning out to be just complete slander. How disgusting. I truly feel for Corey and Miranda. They need to be left alone.

Aleah either never actually threatened to run away or she did something bad, Corey disciplined her and she threatened to run away like every little kid does at some point! LOL I did that once and I made it two houses down before I turned around. Nothing out of the ordinary.

And I never really see anything wrong with getting custody so you don't have to give your ex more money. You're still taking on more expenses and you're actually giving time to your kid... Especially Corey! I'm sure he's paying a lot more for the twins now than he was.

i used to threaten to run way so often my mom once put me in my coat and made me sit outside on our front step LOL she says i never threatened that again

Aleeah probably told Leah she wanted to run away, meaning Aleeah wants to run away from Leah's house. I mean can you blame her? The kid is forced to fend for herself because her allergy prone, pain pill poppin, head hurtin, stressed, anxious, depressed, and narcoleptic mother is passed out on the couch! Poor kids :( Anyway, then Leah translated that in her head to, "Aleeah wants to run away from Corey and Miranda's house, let me sell a story about that so I can make some money to buy some more pillses!"

The US weekly or whatever it is interview is crazy. She is basically trying to insinuate that Corey and the judge got together and teamed up to make sure she lost custody. She has no grasp on reality and believes there is a big conspiracy among everyone to ruin her. I can't even with her anymore. She is so delusional. Someday maybe she'll wake up and see reality but I suspect that's still a long time coming!

I hope that Miranda and Corey are okay, it must be so frustrating to have to read Leah's delusional lies and be torn apart by her rabid fans. At least they know that they're doing the right thing by these girls, even if Leah and her family refuse to admit it.

If this isn't Leah's rock bottom, I'm actually concerned what will be. I really hope this doesn't end tragically.

Leah claiming Gracie wanting to run away to me equals Leah trying to get the spotlight of her child ACTUALLY running away and being found by the police by creating a slanderous lie about Corey

I still find it so awkward that Ryan's parents have Macis pictures on their wall still.... ( at least they did awhile back)

Bentley is their grandson yes, but Maci and Ryan are NOT together, maybe they have slept with each other a few times after their break up but all and all they are over.

Keep the pictures in an album or something so freaky.

Eh, I have an ex who's parents kept pictures of me around the house because they loved me a lot and I got attached to them. They were good people.

"Maci: Well, it didn’t change until I got pregnant, I mean, I don’t think if we were in the situation we would be this unhappy right now.

Ryan: No, if we didn’t have a kid, we wouldn’t be together…"

To me, this sums up Maci and Ryan's whole relationship. Ryan never seemed interested in parenting or even particularly interested in Maci. I wonder what their relationship was like before she got pregnant. Like did they hangout and have fun and do all kinds of stuff or was Maci someone Ryan just sort of tolerated. Either way, it's definitely for the best that they've both moved on. Although I still think Maci believes that Ryan secretly pines for her...

i would guess they had fun going to parties, riding dirt bikes and having a lot of teenaged sex but there probably wasnt much beyond that.

im not positive ryan is capable of feelings beyond that???

In her book she says Ryan was really sweet and caring, and they would spend all their time together. It was when they started having sex that things changed, she said. I think it's going to take a special kinda girl to get his head out of his ass!

if we've learned anything at all from 16 & pregnant and teen mom, i think it is just how important a strong support system is. maci had her parents, friends, ryan and his parents in her corner. similarly chelsea also had good friends, involved parents on both sides etc. the girls with little to no support have had a MUCH harder time, even with their teen mom money. (jenelle and farrah never seemed to have real friends, and while they both had parents involved the relationships were strained; amber had basically nobody etc)

i was rewatching leah's ep earlier today, and aside from kayla where did her "inseparable" group of friends run off to?

also my last name is bentley and i always wanted to name a future son bentley bc bentley is a cool last name and if i follow society traditions my kids would have their father's name........but maci kind of ruined that for me lol.


does my comment not make sense? i cant tell lol. my last name is bentley. when i get married and have kids i would like to pass my last name on as a first name to a future son, since my kids will not have my last name. i wanted to do this for years then maci named her kid bentley and it kind of ruined it as a first name for me.

Here's an amazing Jenelle-ism. I'm watching season 5 on this cold day, it's episode 10 where Jenelle and Nathan are at the court house for her heroin charges. On the way there Nathan is asking if she will be going to "gel"...so they have a recess and during that time Jenelle says this little gem:
"Well, either we come back out together or you are coming out alone." She's such an idiot! I laughed out loud at that one.

Jenelle Evans, captain obvious.

As terrible as this group of people is, Bentley was a super cute baby. I even say one of the cutest from the teen mom franchise.. Also did anybody see that Farrah has been using the hashtag #hurricanePatricia on all of her tweets even the sex toy ones, just so people looking for info and tweets about hurricane Patrica look at her lame tweets. #ShadyFarrah #ShamelessFarrah

I was a teenager when "16 and Pregnant" first began, and I remember even back then not really liking Maci. I didn't like Ryan, either, but there was something about her I just didn't trust. Admittedly I did feel pretty vindicated when her good girl cut began to disintegrate during the original run of "Teen Mom" and her true colors started to show. Even after having Bentley, neither she nor Ryan were ever expected to grow up and accept their responsibility as parents. There was always somebody to bail them out. MTV made sure Maci would always get to party it up in her treehouses and pay off the IRS instead of actually working to support her son, herself, and pay off her debt. Ryan's parents always get on his case about being a deadbeat dad, but let him move back in with them over and over again. Both of them are forever playing house.

If these TBT articles are going to be a recurring thing, does that mean we'll have to endure the pain of reliving Catelynn's "16 and Pregnant" episode? I think I only saw it one time because it's just too raw and emotional to bear a second viewing. It's just so hard to watch.

Farrah's episode is next and I'm already having to emotionally prepare myself for Catelynn's, because I know I'm going to cry.

I've watched it recently and cried my eyes out. .. good luck! :'(

Catelynn's had it rough, man. Seriously. I feel like she's been subject to so much emotional abuse it's ridiculous. Her mom, Butch, Tyler... they're all awful to her sometimes and it drives me nuts.

I sob through Catelynn's more each time I watch it. At first I felt so awful for her and Tyler, now I just feel awful for her. Tyler's yelling at the medical staff to take Carly away still bugs me.

If anyone has narcolepsy, it's Ryan.

Ryan IS narcolepsy personified.

Can we get a Leah article going or sumthin'?

I was 19, turned 20 at the end of the summer the show started. The first one I watched was a rerun of Ebony's episode which had just aired that week. I liked the concept and format and it showed previews to the next new episode so I made sure to check it out. Thank goodness for a rainy day at Myrtle Beach. Thank goodness Jenelle didn't live their yet. She was less than a month away from having Jace at that time, in fact.

Have y'all been drinking Maci's beers? Ryan was never hot. Well, at least he looked a little bit more awake than he does now...

Am I the only person who thought Ryan wasn't cute in their episode, but is hot now? Something about the silver hair and open disdain for Maci gets me.

This is so great! I was around 15 years old when 16 and pregnant started aswell and this brings back the memories. Oh geez, I remember thinking Rhinne was such a babe. He had that whole bad boy attitude that 15 year old me found irresistible. Now I realise he was just an incredible douchecanoe! Having read this, it makes me want to go back and revisit the episodes too!
Thank you so much for doing this Tomlin, given that Teen Mom 2 is now on hiatus and the lack of newsworthy stuff happening lately, the new articles have understandably been sparse.
This series of articles that you are doing is greatly appreciated by this girl! :) I very rarely comment as I do most of my catching up on the gossip and shenanigans of these girls on my downtime at work.
So thank you for providing me with some new reading material, giving me something to look forward to and keeping me entertained when things are going a bit slow at work. Just please don't tell my boss. :P