Gary Shirley Reflects On His Relationship With Amber Portwood

amber portwood

Gary Shirley did a bit of reflecting on his former relationship with Amber Portwood with InTouchWeekly and what he said really doesn't come as a surprise to us.

In fact, we could have guessed the exact words that would have been said in the interview. Nonetheless, we must report it as Shirley and Portwood have been down separate paths for years now.

"Originally, I really wanted to be with her. Now I've moved on," said Shirley, according to InTouchWeekly.

"If I were to change anything [about our relationship], maybe myself towards her. I would have walked away a lot sooner."

Yes, you read that right. Shirley would have called it quits much sooner if he could do that relationship over again.

It does say quite a bit as he could have said that he would have tried to make it work somehow. Instead, he would have skated much sooner.

The father of two will unfortunately be unable to grow his family any more.

"Actually Kristina had gotten her tubes tied. I would love to have more kids," said Shirley according to the report.

Luckily for Shirley and Portwood, they both seem to be in decent places right now in their life.

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