Only Jenelle Would Have an Explanation Like This for David's Insane Rant

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has a way of making things go from bad to worse, doesn't she? Is it because she really has to have David's back on everything? Is it because she's highly emotional and needs more therapy than the world can offer to contain her feelings? Is it because she wants the publicity because she knows all of the social media attention will help her sell more lip gloss? Or is she just high.? <<<<Sigggghhhhhhh>>>>>> Your guess is as good as ours and it could be any of those possibilities or none of those possibilities.

One things we're definitely not left guessing on, on this fine spring morning is that a full-on-out war has broken out among Leah, Jenelle and Kail.

As we informed you yesterday, it all started when David had to let loose (we're guessing he was definitely high) on Leah's instagram. But then, of course, Jenelle had to hop on the bandwagon with this video: 

So let's break down this video. 

First of all, we can't stop laughing hysterically about Jenelle's dog ears and nose. Yeah, yeah, we know it's Snapchat.

But did she think that having a pair of dog ears waving around would make her extra fearsome? As if warning Leah about how she can't go around talking on podcasts was likely to be that much more effective with a snout? Hahhahahhaha.

Okay, okay. So second, why are there so many segmented clips? Did she lose control of her phone, rehearse this or read off some lines or something? Why does she start and stop so often? 

Third, what exactly is her goal here? To defend David? To threaten Leah? 'Cause unlike her usual diatribes, is it just us, or does Jenelle seem a lot more aggressive in this video than in anything else she usually posts.

It's like someone fed her cocaine or something.

Now, moving on to Kail's response.

Maybe it's 'cause Jenelle started talking about Kail's podcast, or maybe it's just Kail being Kail, OR maybe it's 'cause we all know Kail definitely has an axe to grind with Jenelle, but Kail then happens to jump in on Twitter and call Jenelle out for talking trash about her.

Now, when Kail gets involved, we have to give her a lot of credit, because she's usually got some great dirt to throw back in Jenelle's face.

I mean, she really manages to pull out the old fights/facts/dirt and make Jenelle look like an absolute idiot. And sure enough, she succeeds again by pointing out Jenelle's hypocrisy:

You literally said i had a baby for ratings on a live podcast... but that’s ok? Get the fuck outta here DUDE.

Yep, you tell her Kail. 

Is it just us, or is this entire squabble MTV's way of priming us for Teen Mom 2: The Next Generation.

I mean couldn't you see Kaiser trying to take out Leah's twins with a bebe gun and MTV calling it "reality TV" when the fans point out just far gone its entertainment value has gone?

Fans, we'll have to keep you posted on the updates on this one throughout the day. 




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