FTC May Be Cracking Down On Teen Mom Stars Farrah Abraham and Chelsea Houska

It looks like sponsored posts without disclosure are getting Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Chelsea Houska in a bit of trouble with the FTC. When you posting a sponsored post from a company, it must be disclosed in some obvious way. If not, it is in full violation of the Federal Trade Comission's rules.

"Your post does not disclose whether you have a material connection with the marketer of Loved by Hannah and Eli brand clothing," read the warning to Houska, according to RadarOnline.

"Please provide a written response to this letter by September 30, 2017, advising the FTC staff of whether you have a material connection with the marketer of Loved By Hannah and Eli Clothing."

The rules when posting for a sponsor are pretty tight and letters from the FTC are a pretty big deal.

Chances are, you are given the opportunity to correct the post, while indicating to the FTC whether or not you have a partnership with the specific company.

"As for Abraham, 26, she posted a video of a procedure with the caption, 'Summer got me like... Love my secret @beverlyhillsrejuvenationlv #rejuvenate #summer,'" according to the report.

"Unlike Houska, Abraham listened to the letter. She added to the post, 'The following is an endorsement by @BeverlyHillsrejuvenationcenter.'"

So if any of you Teen Mom fans out there happen to be Instagram famous and are promoting brands, be sure to use the right tags and such.

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