First Comes Baby, then Marriage - The Real Reason Why These Teen Moms Get Married After Baby

Teen Mom 2

It used to be the case that you'd find someone, fall in love, get married then hang out for a couple of years together, and finally, get married.

But it seems that just about every teen mom loves to have a kid, and THEN, get married. What's with the pattern?

Chelsea had baby Watson, then married Cole. Maci gave birth to Jade, then planned her wedding to Taylor. And of course, Jenelle, well there just aren't enough baby daddies in the world for her. So what gives?

An interesting question is whether these teen moms need a source of drama to keep being filmed.

After all, "Teen Mom" is these moms' livelihood. Is it possible they've all signed contracts that stipulate the need to give birth every season?

The other big question, here, is do these baby daddies get baby trapped into marriage, or do they really not care about having to marry right after having a baby.

The whole cycle is bizarre and the only way to know for sure about what's going on, is to see what happens with these families after they go off air!

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