Find Out About Becky, Kail's Secret Lover

Marriage Bootcamp

Anyone else check out Marriage Bootcamp on Friday? Kail and Javi had it out for all of the other couples to see and it appeared that amongst all of the trainwrecks featured on the show, yes, Javi and Kail had possibly the most messed up relationship.

And what made it so messed up?

First, Javi and Kail bickered ALOT more than all of the other couples featured. Yep, these two nearly took each others' heads off and even surprised others in the house.

Second, when Javi and Kail completed the "re-marriage" exercise, yes, they actually had the most drama happen in their relationship. Why? Not only was there infidelity but the heating happened between Kail and another woman, Becky.

Now, Javi claimed that he was "over" this and upset about the fact that Kail cheated on him with 3 other men.

Meanwhile, Kail shot back at Javi that it isn't considered cheating when the two were separated, which of course Javi denied.

Third, Becky showed up! Now, who is Becky? According to Kail, Becky is a "really good friend." And it does appear that Becky is already "taken" given that she has her own girlfriend.

Still, when Kail did her routine "stomp out of the room," it was Becky who ran after her.

We're expecting the "Backy topic" to come up again...

<a class="image-credit" href="">Instagram post by Kailyn Lowry • Oct 13, 2017 at 6:10pm UTC</a>