In a Fight Between Kail and Bri Guess Who Wins? I Guess We Now Know

kailyn lowry

Twitter is definitely alive tonight with Kail's recent tweet that she didn't get punched and we should all just "relaaaaaaax." Well, according to the Ashley, it seems we can all do anything but relax, because it sounds like a fight certainly did go down between Kail and Bri. And that's not all, all of the other girls were caught up in the fight given that it took place during filming of the reunion while Britt, Bri's sister, tried to throw punches herself.

Even more hilarious, is that according to the Ashley, Dr. Drew and Jo River apparently took flight.

For some time now, we've been thinking that the entire conflict between Kail and Bri was just for show. Didn't it seem like maybe the entire relationship between Bri and Javi was put on? But after seeing Bri and Javi together, it's clear that Javi really did want to be dating Bri.

And seeing Kail and Bri together on this season of Teen Mom 2, we can't imagine Kail being that good of an actress. Not to mention Bri.

One thing we did see is the harbinger of Britt getting involved in a fight. Anyone see her getting in Kail's face during the recent Teen Mom 2 episode? We know she was dying to throw some punches. 

But according to a informant to the Ashley, it was Kail who initial approached Bri about fighting? Say, what????? Yep, Kail approach Bri backstage which clearly didn't sit well with Bri because by the time Bri was called up on stage, she decided to take Kail up on the threat and go for Kail herself.

However, it's been reported that no punches landed and all that really went down was some nasty hair pulling.

Hmmmm, so we're so not going to relax about this 'cause we're sure in the next 24 hours, someone is going to come forward and tell this story themselves. 

Oh yeah, and by the way, Jenelle wasn't there for any of it and is acting all proud of having avoided the drama. Hmmm, yeah, suuuuuuure. 




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