Farrah's Shocking Breakdown: Who Is She Accusing Now?

Another day, another breakdown. And it looks like this time, Farrah Abraham is at the heart of the controversy. Today, Farrah appeared with her moms, Debz, on the show "Face the Truth" hosted by Vivica A.Fox.

The goal of her appearing on the show was to mend her relationship with Debz.

Of course, we find it hard to believe that this would be a true goal considering that these two have appeared on reality TV before to purportedly address the troubles in their relationship before.

In any case, the incident in question that appeared to incite Farrah's breakdown was the finding that her urine test positive for barbituates.Naturally, Farrah was utterly bemused by this information, questioning what barbituates even are.

Vivica Fox kindly explained that if a doctor had prescribed such a thing to Farrah, it would make sense as to why these would be found in her urine, otherwise, Farrah's erratic behavior that Debz has been so concerned about might actually have an explanation.

Here's what Fox had to say afterwards: 

 "It's too bad that Farrah could not Face The Truth! We pray for her daughter Sophia and her mother! Maybe seeing herself on the show today will open her eyes and her heart!"

And here's what Farrah had to say on social media: 

"When your the only real person on stage & face the truth every day of your life #livingmybestlife some non credible host has 4 other women degrade, hate and act like their credible yet can't even show respect for them selves," she wrote in a lengthy post.

"Let's just say crap like this is disgusting probably already canceled & she has to pay her audience and guests heavily to even tolerate this backwards thinking," she continued. "What about women lifting women up? #timesup What about not putting down others to make your self feel better - my recommendation for all of these hosts is to get off tv, go find self love, take care of their own mental health, their stunted children & families & not one women was credible on the show as well I have no respect for women who have to lie, degrade, and be jealous of another amazing women."

"Stop talking about my sex life when you can't listen to the truth - if I'm a porn star so is every other person who f--ked a porn star.... oh wait that would be so many sports players etc...but hate on a women? All of their sex lives are a mess."

Abraham ended her message by writing, "I'm so blessed I make the world a better place one pathetic show at a time."

So, this is the typical Farrah rant that we tend to see where she's deep in denial about something someone states about her (even when it's on TV) and then makes insane counteraccusations.

But we suspect part of the problem here, is that Farrah herself doesn't know what's going on. While it's unclear what relationship Farrah could have to drugs, it's possible that whatever she took was laced with barbituates without her knowing.

This would be consistent with why she looked so baffled on TV as to what barbituates even are.

So how is this one going to proceed? Well, drug would certainly explain some of Farrah's recent behaviors but it remains to be seen how this one will play out. 


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