Farrah's Now Got Sophia Attacking MTV?

farrah abraham

Monday night was Farrah's fateful firing and it appears that the axing was the shot that was heard around the world since Farrah is still making her anger about the incident known on Twitter. 

Even more interesting, however, is that Sophia Abraham got in on the action. 

Here's her most recent Tweet:


Okay, so first off, we love that Sophia (should we just come out and call her Farrah, 'cause we all know that's who really tweeted this statement out) forgot her apostrophe on the "ones." Additionally, what we're utterly confused by is the question of why Farrah is so bitter about her exit from Teen Mom. It's clear from Monday night episode that she was given a choice as to whether she wanted to stay or leave.

SHE was the one who told Morgan Freeman that she felt she could do better and has a lot ahead of her on her career path to focus on.

As usual, Sophia is being put to work by Farrah to defend her honor and while a lot of mom's control their children's Twitter, we're not surprised that Farrah is using Sophia's social media presence to fight her own battles. 

Hmm, wondering if Sophia is going to be filing a lawsuit against MTV next....stay tuned!

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