Farrah's Ex Simon Saran Calls Kail Fat, Unloads on Morgan Freeman

Even though Simon Saran is no longer on Teen Mom OG, he's still causing controversy.

This week, he took to Twitter to make a weight joke about Kailyn Lowry. When Kail discussed doing a charity skydive for Teen Mom in order to raise money for hurricane relief, Simon wrote this:

When Twitter users hit back at him, Simon doubled down and posted a chart saying that the maximum weight limit for skydiving is 220 pounds. Kail has yet to respond.

Separately, Simon has been attacking Teen Mom creator Morgan Freeman.

Simon has come out as a strong supporter of President Trump -- at least since he started begging Trump for a job on Twitter -- while Freeman has been decidedly anti-Trump.

This has led to a one-way Twitter war in which Simon has railed against Freeman and the Teen Mom producers.

Here are some of the tweets Simon posted about Freeman and the Teen Mom producers:

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