Farrah Suing For MTV $5 Million - Does She Have A Case?

farrah abraham

In case you haven't heard the reporting, Farrah is suing Viacom (which owns MTV) and Morgan Freeman's production company for $5 million for wrongful termination.  According to E!Farrah claims this:

Farrah states Freeman and the entire production crew "harassed, humiliated and discriminated against, disrespected, ridiculed and sex shamed" her during the Oct.

30th meeting—actions she claimed were in response to her decision to pursue opportunities in the adult entertainment industry....

Threats were made against Ms. Abraham by Freeman about ending her career with MTV and sabotaging future deals Ms.

Abraham had in place with MTV, and defaming her," the lawsuit continued. "Given Freeman's hostile tone, mannerisms and body language, Ms. Abraham feared for her life....

"I am here to make a change for the LGBT and female community at large, and I'm proud I stay true to my identity as a business entrepreneur, reality star, and single mother," she said.

"I am a business women and female Celebrity leader who will not be shamed or discriminated against by Viacom, MTV, my peers as it's illegal for me to do the same to them"

Here's what Farrah says:

She also said this on Instagram:

farrah__abrahamI stand up for what is right so we all can be treated better and have a better world, if you want to continue this bad cycle then stay away from me & my family.

Start treating people better being racist, sexist, hate crimes, discriminatory, sexual harassment it’s awful and stop impacting generations with the hateful culture it’s wrong & will always be wrong #illegal

We asked a lawyer if Farrah has a case.

Of course, the lawyer couldn't comment on the merits of the individual circumstances (especially because we don't have the documents), but the lawyer did explain that many TV contracts have clauses that forbid people from certain behaviors, and those are generally enforceable.

Also, it's not discrimination when you're terminated due to a certain behavior, regardless of how you try to spin the case.

And of course, being disrespected or ridiculed is not grounds for a lawsuit (unless it involves making a factual claim that is false). Nevertheless, if there is merit to the harassment claims, those are serious.

What do we think? All we have to say is WTF??? You were "discriminated against" because you did porn? That's not discrimination, honey.

And to make it sound like you're standing up for the LGBT community because you are suing for being fired for porn -- that's just low.

Now, we do feel that Farrah shouldn't have been fired -- especially since Jenelle's still (technically) around. But this definitely won't help her case in the court of public opinion.

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Farrah Abraham on Instagram: “It’s about Sex Shaming not Celebrity sex tapes put a stop to wrongful terminations of employment because others do not conform to gender…”