Farrah Posting Nude Pics Again?!

farrah abraham

In addition to pimping out her daughter with Sophia being involved in as many cheezy product endorsements as possible, Farrah is at it again, attracting just as much publicity in the new year as she ever has.

Even more interesting, is that despite being off of Teen Mom OG, Farrah continues to wind up all over the media.

In any case, Farrah has stirred up some recent controversy by posting nude pics of herself. 

Now, to be fair, Farrah seemed to be on vacation and enjoying her life - gotta give her a little bit of credit for both pushing an endorsement of a product or place and loving her life at the same time.

Still, it seems that Farrah's pics have ignited the ire of all of her fans once again. 

In fact, Intouch is reporting that fans had quite a lot of shaming to do on Farrah's social media page:

 “Be a role model for your daughter,” one person wrote, while another assumed it was Sophia who took the pics. “Sophia is quite the photographer,” they wrote. “Shame on you for doing this in front of her."

We have to say, this is probably the least amount of shame Farrah has ever gotten.

Of course, one does wonder, who did take the pics of Farrah. Is it possible it was professionally taken since Farrah might have made money for pushing a certain hotel on her travels?

More up on Farrah later...

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