Farrah Celebrates Her "Vag Baptism"

farrah abraham

Well yesterday was a big day in history.

Barbara Bush died, Stormy Daniels released her drawing, and Starbucks decided to close all of its stores for a day. But there was one thing bigger than all of that: Farrah celebrated her "vag baptism".

That's right -- you may have missed it, but Farrah's vag is now a designer commodity.

Farrah has gotten a lot of surgery over the past few years, and she's used it to promote different doctors, but this is the first time she has gotten this particular procedure.

Of course, Farrah had to make it a point to tell everyone how she's doing all of this for you: "I must say so many ladies I know got this quick procedure & I have found it to be easy and enhancing what god gave me blessed I hope other women now Give themselves permission to do it for themselves as well".

And in case you didn't get to see it livestreamed, here's a pic:


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Farrah decided that she loves designers, and apparently that means she needs a designer vag.

She compared it to the brands Lamborghini or Gucci or Cartier. But she did make it a point to tell us all that she did it for herself, and nobody else.


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Luckily, for all of us who have been waiting to see Farrah ice her privates, here you go:


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