Farrah Abraham's Getting Her Vag Done...[Insert Joke Here] See her Surgery Pics

farrah abraham

Well I can't say that this is all too surprising, but it looks like Farrah Abraham is getting her vag done, as well as a bunch of other plastic surgery.

According to RadarOnline, she had a vaginal rejuvenation surgery, which "makes the vagina from the outside look youthful". Apparently, it fixes the clitoris and outside lips to make them less stretched out and long.

She also got the interior of her vagina done, which "tightens everything inside." According to RadarOnline, "it is beneficial for sex so you're not wide." Wow.

Farrah also got her butt tightened and a bunch of other stuff done. Radar got pictures from a "source" of her posing with her plastic surgeon, leading us to think that the "source" is likely her.

You may remember that a few days ago, Farrah was saying that the other Teen Mom stars need to be more classy like her...

You can view the pics here.

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