Farrah Abraham Break Up with Aden Stay: What We Know So Far

farrah abraham

Well that was short-lived.

Was it Farrah's public statement? Was the relationship always programed to fizzle out quickly? Who knows but one thing is for sure, Farrah and Aden are donzo, natta, broken up, which means the "power couple" that Farrah claimed they would be is no longer.

So what went wrong? Why did these two break up?

First off, it's important to recognize that Farrah and Aden were really only dating for a couple of weeks. This makes us think that they probably went on all of...one date, maybe?

Second, we STRONGLY suspect that Farrah's formal statement about the relationship may have caused Aden to go on high alert.

You go on one date with a reality star and she's making public statements about you? Even if these are celebrities, we figure a man is always a man is always a man.

According to EOnline, Aden Stay had this to say about the relationship with Farrah:

"A mutual friend set us up. We went on two dates but we were never in a relationship," Aden shared with E! News. "I don't care about fame nor did I know she had any. She's a nice person and I wish her luck in the future. Right now I'm focused on my career."

Hmmmm, interesting choice of words.

We have a strong feeling Aden realized just how cray-cray Farrah can get and decided that in order to avoid her coming after him with a machete in her hand and in her words, he'd need to play really, really nice about the relationship.

So, will Farrah make a statement about the breakup?

We don't know that, but we're sure that Simon is about to unleash all kinds of snark so meet us back here at Teen Mom tomorrow!

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