Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran Are Feuding In The Weirdest Way

farrah abraham

How does wishing someone the best in their future, then talking a little smack about them to a media outlet sound? Not so good right? Well, that seems to be what's going on between Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran.

The two Teen Mom OG stars are not together anymore and it has been one accusation and revelation after another.

Saran seems to be the major side that has been throwing some jabs at Abraham. However, Abraham didn't shy away from throwing one of her own.

"She just returned to America from working overseas," Abraham's rep shared with E! News.

"She is focusing on her upcoming business endeavors and spending time with her daughter and has no time to feed into negative situations."

Just when you thought that's all that needed to be said, in comes Saran to share his side of the former couples indifferences.

"I have no hard feelings against Farrah. We are just from two different worlds.

She likes the fake life, I want what's real. I wish the best for her and much success in all of her future endeavors," said Saran according to the report.

He continued to insinuate that Abraham was a fraud. As fans remember, Abraham blasted Saran on social media and accused him of mooching off of her.

"@SimonSaran why are you trying to get attention, your pathetic & im a great mother, professional, friend & women go STOP using me for money," she wrote via Twitter.

"FYI Simon is not in my life and really is hurt I've moved on free ride is over! Stop talking about me & tv if your over me lmao."

This drama seems like it will carry over into Teen Mom OG when it returns for it's next season. We can't wait to here more bickering.

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