Shocker -- The Fallout Begins: David Eason is Fired from Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans

Thanks god for the powers that be at MTV. Even though the average MTV producer has to stand there on Teen Mom making small talk with possibly some of the most intolerable human beings on earth (witness Jenelle and her recent backpedaling) they're probably all cheering now since David Eason is OUUUUUUUUT on Teen Mom.

Yep. It seems MTV has released an official tweet about the incident noting:

David Eason’s personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV. With six weeks left of production on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ effective immediately, we are ending our relationship with him.

Interesting. So, it seems that this whole time the crew had actually been filming Jenelle and David and likely documented all of their recent volatility for all of posterity.

That probably includes the guns, the homophobia and of course, more recently, the epic meltdown from both of them.

Of course, the "unofficial" Babs had the characteristic irreverant remark, "Boy bye, LOL." 

Hmmmmmm. Did Jenelle and David figure out, perhaps a little too late, that they're not too good for the paycheck they collect from MTV and not as invincible as they thought either? We get that these two have had their share of storming off the set of Teen Mom, so of course, they think that MTV will accept any and all of their recent antics.

We're thinking that all of the alternative sources of income that they had been collecting (e.g. Blue Apron, weight loss tea endorsements) had started to drop them and Jenelle was advised by her manager to recant.

And sure enough, it seems the internet seems to agree with this theory. 

Now, even if David is out, will Jenelle continue to be filmed? We suspect, yes. After all, Jenelle is the main reason that Teen Mom 2 remains watchable. No wait, scratch that, Babs, is the one reason that Teen Mom remains watchable.

On the other hand, Farrah got fired didn't she? Seems to us that both Jenelle and David's recent behavior has been FAR, FAR worse.

Let's also not forget, it was Jenelle who posted the pic of her shooting a gun, the day AFTER the Parkland shooting.

At the very least, David not getting paid by MTV is SURE to cause more conflict between him and Jenelle. After all, nothing like financial dependence to make David into a bigger ass than he already is...


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