Is a Teen Mom 2 Love Triangle Brewing?

Briana DeJesus

Uh, oh. Just when we thought the whole Briana-Javi thing was starting to work out, we get a shocker from the Daily Mail, which has pictures of Javi and Kail kissing each other at last night's Marriage Boot Camp premiere.

The two look to be in great spirits after the premiere, and at one point, Javi kisses Kail, and she looks pretty happy about it.

What will Briana DeJesus think? As we've written previously, Javi and Briana have been getting pretty cozy together over the past few weeks:

Javi and Briana just made things official in the last few days, giving their children a bonus trip to Florida together. Whaaat? Lincoln and Isaac met up with Nova and Stella? Yep.

And the photo above is the proof. But here's the part we don't get. Why was Briana's sister along for the ride?

First of all, what the deal with Briana's sister? It's clear that Briana's sister and mother get paid by MTV because they are ALWAYS around whenever the camera is highlying Bri's story.

But why are they necessary? Can we say that they add absolutely nothing to Bri's storyline, except for a tiny bit of snark?

Second, why did just about everyone and their mother attend this trip to Florida? If Bri and Javi are really making things official and getting together it seems strange that they would have wanted to make a trip complete with 5 extra people.

In fact, something seems a little fishy about the photo that Javi posted on social media of all of them on their trip. The whole thing is just a little too posed, don't you think?

What's Briana gonna think now? We'll find out soon...

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