The Exclusive on What Kail Had to Say about Bristol Palin Joining Teen Mom OG

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We're gonna give Kail some credit for this - she sure knows how to drop the meat in her podcast, Coffee Convos. In fact, we have a strong feeling that Kail holds back on her tweets just so her fans will check out her podcast and wait with bated breath while she drops the gossip on various topics that have been taking up time in the media. Of course, the only problem with Coffee Convos is that you have to wade through A LOT of ads as well as a lot of dumb back-and-forth on trivial topics.

As an example, Kail and her bud spent a bit of time on this podcast talking about their love of buying school supplies at the beginning of the school year.

It always strikes us as bizarre when teen moms don't acknowledge the fact that they were probably a little too busy growing up a child and being a mother to deal with school supplies.

On the issue of Bristol Palin joining the cast of Teen Mom OG, it's possible Kail is just have a convo with her bud or maybe this was a little passive-aggressive, but Kail first gives us a disclaimer, saying "I really don't want to comment on all of this" then launches into how "it takes a special kind of person to film on reality TV" and you "have to be fucked up." Hmmmmm. Are them's fighting words? According to Kail and her bud, not only is it a matter of filming but it's also incredibly difficult to cope with all of the attention, e.g. on social media, that comes with being on reality TV. "People are just jerks" and you get trolled so much. Awwww, boo hoo, you have a job that you'd otherwise never be able to have an earn more money than you'd ever be qualified to make, but you have to complain about it. 

Kail goes on to say that she's never met Bristol but they follow each other on Instagram. She points out that she doesn't want to comment on the addition since Teen Mom OG is a different show and she doesn't want to get involved in the politics side. She also notes that she really didn't want to make comments to the press about the matter either. Kail hypothesizes that maybe Maci is excited that Bristol is joining since they know each other.

Kail does say that Bristol's addition will do the show good. Lindsie also points out that Bristol is "sooo cute" and she could totally see herself being friends with her.

That's when both of them launch into more pointed promotion of their sponsored products.

So what do you think? Will Bristol do the show good or harm? 



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