EXCLUSIVE! Teen Mom Junkies Personal Interview With Debra Danielsen: Part I

Debra Danielsen

No doubt about it, Debra Danielsen is our all time favorite teen mom star. So when we had the chance to nab an exclusive interview with her to learn more about her re-release of Vapor: A True Story of How I Fell Victim to Catfishing, we jumped at the chance.

Did we fan-girl her a little? Yes, yes, guilty as charged.

But, more to the point, not only did we get Debra's perspective on catfishing at this time, we also managed to get the goods on her real opinion of Simon. Read on to learn more!

Teen Mom Junkies: We had reviewed Vapor in 2015 - is this a re-release? What's new with this version? What can our readers expect to find in this version?

Debra Danielsen: The major difference with this version of Vapor is the updates.

I've included a section of pictures of our family, provided an additional chapter on details of my love life and discussed my previous romantic history.

So readers will be able to learn a lot more about me and what's been going on with my family.

Teen Mom Junkies: Why did you decide to release this new version now?

Debra Danielsen: Catfishing has become an explosion in America at this time and part of the reason for that is our culture. By their nature, Americans are trusting, loving, kind people and we have a tendency to want to help people.

As a result, we think the best of other people. Unfortunately, there are people out there that realize that and exploit what is actually a great quality.

Teen Mom Junkies: What makes a person a prime target for catfishing?

Debra Danielsen: It's that sense of generosity. That desire to reach out and help others and have concern for the plight of others. Again, it's also part of the culture that we have in America to be kind.

Teen Mom Junkies: What do you say to someone you suspect is being catfished? For instance, let's say if you find out a friend or family member is being catfished. How would you approach such a person?

Debra Danielsen: Well, first, let me say that my heart absolutely bleeds for such a person. It's important to keep in mind that talking to someone who's been catfished is not about convincing them not to trust the person who's catfishing them, it's really about validating the person. When I was catfished, it was a tough time for me in my life.

I was missing my family, I had the feeling of unworthiness, I felt alone.

People who are catfished are really looking for that love they're missing and a sense of acceptance online. So giving the person a sense of validation and keeping love around them is really important.

Teen Mom Junkies: You discuss your feeling of betrayal by Michael in your relationship with him in the book - how did you move on from this with Dr.

David? What advise would you give to women who have been left by their husbands?

Debra Danielsen: Dr. David is such a huge supporter of women.

Michael had failed a lie detector test and had actually had 22 affairs.

This is something that can really affect self-esteem and cause a person to blame themselves.

So one thing I want my audience to think about and ask themselves is what am I ashamed of and why do I think bad things about myself? Moving on from a bad relationship is about finding your own sense of worthiness and figuring out what makes you feel good and taking care of yourself before you examine your readiness for a new relationship.

Check us out tomorrow for our next installment of our exclusive interview with Debra Danielsen, part II.

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