Everything we know so far about the Teen Mom OG reunion

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It's that time again. Yep, Season 7 of Teen Mom OG is headed for its reunion episode, which means that the dramz is going to mount that much more. So is Maci finally going to clobber Mackenzie? Will Ryaaaaaan's cheating on Mackenzie be brough up? Will Amber get more heat for her relationship with Andrew.


All of those are possible, but for now, we have a few sneak peak's into what's coming down the line in terms of Amber's response to her big breakup, Catelynn's reflections on her year of treatment and Ryaaaaaaan's questionable logic on just why he can't find good substance abuse treatment.

Farrah will be there for a short period with Dr. Drew, but we sort of expect this part to be a snoozefest.  

Here goes the rest:

First up, is Amber. 

It turns out that Amber really did take her breakup hard. In fact, Amber reveals that in addition to getting really bummed out, emotional and upset, she actually relapsed on alcohol to cope with her emotions.

According to Amber, she needs a release for her feelings and "drowned her sorrows" through use of alcohol.

Yes, yes, we're sure some fans are going to give Amber a lot of blowback for being consumed by herself rather than turning her attention to Leah but one thing we always appreciate about Amber is just how honest she gets about her being so human.

Next, we've got Catelynn. Catelynn gets all teary. No surprise there. We figured she'd have to go the emotional route in terms of reflecting on all of psychiatric issues this year. Of course, we're sure, she'll neglect to talk about any substance abuse. In any case, Catelynn gets upset about whether she's putting her kids through the same thing that her parents put her through in terms of traumatizing Nova.

I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed since you're a) a teen mom and b) you've documented each and every one of your conflicts for posterity just so Nova can watch these videos years later and recount how awful it was when you went to rehab. In any case, Dr. Drew decides to step in and convince Catelynn that the pain she's feeling is her own and not Nova's.

Hmmm. Not sure about that one, but okay.

Finally, we've got Ryaaaaaan. Surprisingly, here's Ryaaaan sitting on another couch without Chance next to him. That's an unusual picture. But, of course, Ryan launches into his usual spiel of defensiveness, with dumb ole' Mackenzie backing him right up. Of course, Ryan couldn't find great substance abuse counseling and it's all MTV's fault. It turns out no substance abuse counselors want to work with him when it's going to be documented for MTV. Hmmm, we find that hard to believe considering how fame hungry even therapists are out there (witness Dr. Phil.). Ryan goes on to shake his head about various options Dr. Drew brings up, like NA. Nawwwwwwww, that's don't work for me. Of course, not!!!! Ryan's just not interested in getting treatment folks!!!

Check out these sneak peek videos:



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