Is the End Near for Jenelle and David? The Scoop On the Split Rumors

Hey-oh! It's another week and another splitsville rumour that's circulating about Jenelle and her latest baby-daddy.

This one doesn't surprise us at all considering that Jenelle and her David have been getting increasingly insane with all of their social media posts and battles with MTV, (now beginning to run on the latest season of Teen Mom 2).

So what's the latest?

It looks like both Jenelle and David updated their social media pages to reflect the fact that they're both single. Yep.

These two sure act like their teenagers dating in junior high school don't they? According to reports, she was “single AF” on Facebook and changed her relationship status to “separated.” But now, it seems like David may be confirming that things are over between them.

In the last couple of days, David updated his Facebook to the relationship status of “single” while Jenelle has recently done the same.

Meanwhile, Jenelle has also stated that she's "separated," on her social media page as well. 

What's more, it seems people have been yapping all around Jenelle concerned about where the relationship is headed. 

According to Us Weekly, an insider reported: “What else is new? David and Jenelle are always fighting, he won’t come home for days at a time....I would be surprised if they weren’t fighting.

Now that would be shocking.”

Let's see if this one gets chalked up to "a drunken incident too" shall we?



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