Does Vee Want Out From Living in Delaware with Joe? Find Out Here...

vee torres

Last night, MTV aired its "Being Vee" special, and oh my god, was it boring!!! Other than Vee's wanting to liver her life in New Jersey there is basivally NOTHING going on in this girl's relationship with Jo.

Vee and Jo occasionally lazily refer to the fact that they've broken up and gotten back together before and Vee seems somewhat wary of Jo's plans to buy a whole bunch of real estate in Delaware but other than that, watching these two is like watching most of middle America lives their lives.

Vee and Jo also seem a little too gaga over Vivi, because after all, they do have another child...Isaac. Where is he? Isaac is shown maybe once or twice playing with Vivi and then spending time with Jo, but seriously, Vee is pretty much all about Vivi.

Vee also has to point out that Jo is much "softer" with Vivi than with Isaac.

We sure hope that Isaac doesn't wind up watching this special when he's a teenager because it seems like Vee is trying to say that Jo prefers Vivi to Isaac.

Other than Vee agonizing over starting a makeup business and feeling worried about Jo's new real estate business, there's not much to this special, however.

We're impressed MTV managed to take a nmber of inane interactions between Jo and Vivi and stretch it out to a whole hour. See our recap here.