Do We Really Need A Teen Mom NJ?

So as much as we love the Teen Mom universe for the outside drama it brings and all of the entertainment, we really have to ask ourselves.

Do we really need a Teen Mom NJ? Fans have already got a ton of stars to keep up with, is this Teen Mom overload?

Teen Mom is honestly one of the most long-standing shows because it has a core group of stars and has pretty much settled with them all.

So, it's crazy to think that there will be yet another group thrown into the mix.

Then there is also the fact that it's going to be NJ for crying out loud. MTV already has success with The Jersery Shore.

The show was good for the couple of seasons it was on but it just got to be a little too much. It is possible that this could suffer the same fate should it fall under the dull category.

"The show is expected to focus on South Jersey, although a Facebook page for "Teen Mom NJ" has yet to provide a synopsis," according to PhillyVoice.

At least there is a Facebook page so we know it's real. We'll have to wait and see if this Teen Mom NJ experiment will work or just fall flat.