Do Javi and Kail Really Hate Each Other? Or is a Reunion in the Works?

Teen Mom 2

Javi and Kail seem to have done nothing but sling mud at each other for the last few months despite co-parenting their children fairly functionally.

First, Javi went nuts about Kail's pregnancy. Then Kail filed a PFA charge.

Then Javi filed for child support.

Then both of them went to the tabloids about how the other had cheated on each of them.

And now, we find out that Javi and Kail are actually collaborating on "He Said, She Said," the new book series that Kail recently announced on her Instagram? What gives?

Yep, it turns out that Javi and Kail are actually making "He Said, She Said" a joint effort and the book will reflect each of their perspectives on their relationship.

We had originally thought that this publication reflected just Kail's side of the story but in actuality, it appears that Javi will have something to say.

So here's our thought: Are Kail and Javi getting along better than they make the public think? Is a reunion in the works?

As usual, everything with the teen mom is all about business. We bet Javi and Kail have the same manager and much of the animosity portrayed between them is a gimmick on the part of their manager.

And we're sure that the recent tensions flying high also has to do with the various projects/products/books they are hawking.

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