Did Track Palin Make it to Willow's Wedding?

Lot's going on with the Palins and of course, since Bristol is being filmed for Teen Mom OG, we're sure to be getting all of the most recent news on the deets with this drama-filled family. In the last few days, The latest and greatest, is that Track Palin was most recently arrested for domestic violence charges for the third time in 3 years.

What's truly troubling about this story is that Track apparently assaulted a female acquaintance, who when she tried to call the police, Track allegedly tried to take her phone away from her.

Shockingly, the last time Track attempted domestic violence, it was actually against his own parents, who called the police concerned he was on some sort of "medication." Oh, is that what they're calling it nowadays?

In any case, Willow got married exactly a day after the arrest, which leads us to wonder, "Did Track attend the wedding?"

Based on the fact that records show Track has remained in police custody, we've have to conclude it's a hard "no" on this one.

And we also have a strong feeling that Track would have been persona non grata at this wedding, anyway, considering his parents have been the ones to call the police on him.

Nobody wants an upset at their wedding, and we suspect that Willow Palin was no different a bride and certainly didn't appreciate the media circus that Bristol and now Track have created, right before her wedding.

So will Willow be the next to score her own reality show. We wouldn't be surprised if we saw more of her on Teen Mom OG anyway. 

Willow Palin