Did Matt Baier Physically Abuse Amber?

andrew glennon

Until now, Amber's appearance on Marriage Boot Camp has been pretty boring -- not because nothing has been going on, but because we already knew everything that has happened.

But now, People is reporting that on tonight's episode, Amber accuses Matt of physically assaulting her.  "That’s the truth! Why do you think I’m so angry? Because you put your f—— hands on me," she reportedly said.

There have been some hints at abuse in the relationship, but this is now on a new level.

To the point that the host of the show said this: "Accusations of abuse are coming from both Amber and Matt, and it’s clear this is an abusive relationship. "

Of course, Amber has a history of abuse with Gary, and Matt pointed that out: "Nobody’s hit you, you’re a liar.

Who went to prison for battery: me or you?" Nevertheless, Amber insisted that she was telling the truth, and said she would take a lie detector test.

We all know how that worked out before...

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