Did Kail Cheat on Javi With A Woman?!!

javi marroquin

Oh wow. Looks like this piece of gossip about Teen Mom 2 is a real shocker.

So Javi and Kail are set to appear on "Marriage Bootcamp," but the best part of their breakup being aired on TV is that we're going to find out more about what really broke them up.

And the answer might just be, another woman?

According to The Ashley, Kail apparently slept with a woman, who is Javi's friend.

And, that friend eventually got angry with Kail over quite the convoluted entnaglement - putting it simply, Kail ratted out the girl about her cheating on her boyfriend with Kail.

Now that's a lot of cheating. Although the footage from Marriage Bootcamp came from what was going with Kail and Javi 1 year ago, Javi already knew about the entire incident with Kail.

Another interesting tidbit here? The girl that Kail slept was has been on Teen Mom 2 before. If we didn't have reason to start watching reruns, we do now!

What does everyone think about this juicy piece of gossip? Does it sound real or is it just a rumor to drum up publicity for "Marriage Bootcamp"?

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