Did Jenelle Get a Nose Job? The Shocking Truth

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has not shied away from plastic surgery considering she's owned up to have breast implants and clearly has lip injections every so often.

But, more recently she posted on Instagram a pic of herself after get septoplasty which she says she got in order to address a deviated septum and to address sinus issues.

Here's what she told her fans on her Facebook page:

Mommas turn! Isn’t the prettiest picture of me, but I still wanted to share. I got a septoplasty and sinus surgery this week and still in recovery.

Had a deviated septum at 90 degrees and my canals to my sinuses in my cheeks were almost closed! Now I can breathe again like it’s the very first time! No, didn’t go to a plastic surgeon either.

This was done by an ENT after multiple CAT scans. #ThankGoodness #Septoplasty #Recovery #Surgery.

Of course, Jenelle also had to post the superfluous post of herself thanking David for "taking such good care of [her].'" Yeah, after you screamed at him to do it.

Hmmmm, Jenelle tends to be honest when she gets surgery but on the other hand, isn't the "deviated septum" the classic excuse that celebs have provided about their much desired rhinoplasty? Examples that come to mind are Ashley Tisdale and Jennifer Aniston.

However, Jenelle clearly did have a perfectly lovely nose that fit her face so it seems hard to believe that she would be going overboard on plastic surgery by starting with her nose.

Either way, we suspect we'll be seeing all of this go down on the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, which we have to admit, we're looking forward to..... 


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